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  1. Wow! I have not posted here in ages! How is the forums going?
  2. That's very cool! I made one of my own, but it was not very good.
  3. Slusk was a Quarren from Mon Calamari. So was the Nar Shadda slave boss.
  4. I had the same problem, and could not fix it. I had (at the time) a nearly new computer, and I found the answer by hauling out a 3 year old dell and it worked without a hitch. I know that's not much help, but you now know that others have had the same problem!
  5. And I would go with HK-47, I love his "wamp that ass!" attitude.
  6. Probably would've been better to not have a poll since there's so many options. Although I think HK-47 would win easily even with Carth on the list! Hk-47 vs C3-PO is like "the mighty robots of Battlestar Galactica versus the gay robots from Star Wars" - Simpsons Bi-Mon-Fi-Sci-con <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's fitting, considering that the actor for CP3O is gay. gross!
  7. Woot! Ashes of Angels is back! For those who don't know what it is, its a text based web space trading game. Awsome in the extream!
  8. I always found the fight on telos surface- czerka camp with the bounty hunters. They used shields and heavy stuff, while my party was still pretty low lv.
  9. Taris seemed better put togather than Peragus, which seemed confusing and not very...well...playable! It seemed forced.
  10. Hmmm I just though u got star forge robes, not revan's robes and mask. I know there are lots of pc mods for the mask and robes on www.pcgamemods.com.
  11. I had a similer problem. U know how I resolved it? I played iot without hitch on a 3 year old dell that i had in my closet! Worked like a charm!
  12. I seriously doubt that's the reason. He's probably getting D's. Here's a tip: Having an education makes games BETTER. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> D's Huh? Well, for your information, I have a 3.79 average in school right now. I have been accepted to three colleges: Embry-Riddle, Va Poly Tech, Georga Tech. I walked into my room one day and found the place gutted. I had a lot of games I was going to sell, but wanted to keep the KOTORS. Mom threw them all away. I just want a copy of TSL if any one has a spare or if they don't use it any more. And no, they were not pirated!
  13. Ok, My mom threw out all my pc games. I was wondering if any one has quit playing tsl and or had a spare copy of TSL I could have. Thanks
  14. Visas is the best I think. She is very dynamic and just over all cool. Her voice could make a preist want to throw off his vows and get it on. Mandalor was also cool, cause I liked canderous.
  15. To me, GOTO neither adds nor takes away from the story. He could have been cut and nothing would have been lost.
  16. Because I wanted to noob! That is the reason why!
  17. Hey! I am finally done with high school, so I have time now to post here! So what are the hot topics now adays?
  18. To me, I had the most problems of Nar Shada. Telos planet had some problems too. Dantooine had five or six.
  19. Bastila take the cake! She was so hot! Too bad she is only a digital creation! Well, maybe it is a good thing or I would be picked up for stalking! (w00t) (w00t)
  20. I love speed! I use the sge and get it all the time, and I heard of a simple mod that allows its use with armor. (just a rumor). I get two extra attacks per round, and I also can move around the map much faster!
  21. Very nice pics. But I think the male reven should look more like this: Long, narrow face, very sharp features, black hair, I think long, almost like the Evin style. That is what I envision Revan as. Unfortunantly, I cannot draw to save my life! Could some one here draw that? thanks,
  22. Yeah, I think you are right. As I have studied the poem in great detail in college, I can see the similarities between the raven and revan.
  23. Nihilus was a wimp and a moron! I was soo dissappointed because Visas had hyped him all up as this great threat and a monster of terrible power. In fact, he was a cheap basta*d who I killed in 2 minutes! I mean, the storm beast was harder!
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