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  1. Who do you think should play Revan? Malak? Revan has to be a very strong actor, and I would say Hayden Christenson if he had not played Aniken. May be the guy who played Neo in the Matrix. Malak, I have no idea.
  2. My Male Revan is mostly the Guy with the sallow skin and the short spikey hair cut. I always use two red sabers, even as light side. I always use the mod for the full Revan cut scene with mask. My female is the brown haired white girl with brown jedi robes.
  3. I think Revan takes the cake with his very dynamic character. He was an evil person, but even deep with in the dark side, he had a very clear mind. He had a vision of the true Sith, so in order to save the galaxy, he had to conqure it. Malak f**ked up his plans, but he got revenge. Yeah, he may not have been the best swordsman, or the mostest badass, but he was better than any other.
  4. Yeah, I think Vrook was the hardest fight in the games. He constantly used force heal, and never seemed to run out. It took me 6 reloads and 42 minutes just to beat him on my first run through. Man, don't you wish you could erase your memory like Revan and play the games again!? I love the suspence the games keep over you!
  5. Malak was easy! I just ran around and drained all the jedi while he just stood there like the ****ed up moron he is(was!)
  6. I did that a long time ago and it really cleared up many of my problems until I got to Malicore V, and then it started to act weird.
  7. Visas all the way! She rocks so hard! (w00t)
  8. I like K. I also like B and C. Or even D. (w00t)
  9. Ok, would you mind doing what I mentioned before? Dark Red, spikey letters? "Lord Revan"
  10. Ok, I have a killer pic of revan, but I was wondering if you could put a cool back ground on it? And then put Lord Revan in spicky dark red letters? Size does not matter. Thanks,
  11. First off, I thin kthe very idea of techi Bao-Dur becomeing a jedi is just plane dumb. But I have never had trouble with him. I just get alot of influence (2 on Dantooine) and once on Nar Shadda, then bam! I have a weak, **** wad jedi with horns and a fairy's voice!
  12. Do you have a auto save from when you entered the map? If you do, then you can just reload it. As to the door, I ahve never run accross that problem.
  13. Revan: Hey, I got two tickets to a Metalica concert. Want to go? Bastila: Uh, noo. Revan: Why not!? They cost me a fortune! Bastila: I don't like Metalica! They are so ...violent! Revan: Violent!? Metalica, violent!? Bastila: Yes! Metalica is violent! It...it might ..uh..remind you of a few things!
  14. I like blue, red, and silver. I usualy have my party with sabers of those colors.
  15. In the star wars data banks, it is stated that the ship was a master peice of OLD REPUBLIC design! So that means that the Leviathan was old republic until Carath stole it. The other ships that look like it were just made in the star forge with old republic blue prints.
  16. Well, Wisdom is really nessesary for the consular at first because he is physicaly weak compared to the other classes. The whole point of the consular is to rely on the force more than brute strenght. All charisma does is lower your penalties for the opposite force powers. It also allows you to talk to the ladies and persuade them to come see the Ebon Hawk!
  17. I had the same problems. The game would not work on my (then) brand new Dell that had all kinds of crap, so I put it on a 3 year old computer with out a problem! Weird huh?
  18. I have thick skin. I am not a writer by any form of the meaning of the word. My sister is the writer, I'm the math person. Since she thinks star wars was shot out of GJ's butt, she will not write about it. So I did. But, yeah, I will find some place else to post my work.
  19. Look, come on ppl1 I take my precious time to post quality work here and I get no constructive critisim here! What do you think!?
  20. I don't mean to get your hopes up, so I may not be any help. Have you ever played the game past that point before? What I think might have happened is that something on your computer pissed the game off. Did you install anything recently? You may just want to delete all the game files, wipe the game from your hard drive, and start over. Its really is not that bad. I had to restart a game that when I had just completed my third planet!
  21. Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Did not think of that. Oh well!
  22. Whats Baldurs Gate about? And NeverWinter Nights? I heard they are good, but I want to hear some ravings before I slap good money down for them.
  23. Do you think the enclave was, well, destroyed enough? Sure a few stones were displaced and the lower level had some cave ins, but if it was really attaced by Malak and his full might, would it not be wiped completely from the map? I mean, the battle would be terrible as jedi defended themselves, and Malak, as a sith, had already destroyed Tarris, and would not hav e balked at destroying Dantooine. I mean, come on! The enclave lookes like it had been abandond for 500 years, not just recently destroyed!
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