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  1. I thin Kreia's was the best, because it contained many different facets of Keria's past life, but it always gave you no furthar info on where Kreia came from, or Revan for that matter.
  2. Sometimes I kill the Jedi masters easily, sometimes they kill me easily. It's hard to see any pattern there, as the game is supposed to spawn them to suit your character's level. Maybe I put too many points in non-combat areas in the beginning. But yes, with Vrook in particular, I often have to use regular attacks, plus all the shields and boosters I have. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Vrook was very hard, because he always used force heal. I really had a problem with my Consular, because I was on my first planet and had a very low defence.
  3. Do you have any mods? Or are you using x-box? I have a problem with a Bastila PC mod, and it killed my game at the Raveger. You may just have to eat the problem and restart. Hey, at least your not almost done. That would stink! Oh, try to disable videos and see if that will help. And the Visas scene is triggared by a certain number of light or dark side points.
  4. Uh........what if you were a pretty good person, and you found out you were responsible for billions of deaths, AND the memories of it start to come back? I am putting this in my story. (second chapter almost done) I think he was very smart to leave all those he considered friends, including Bastila.
  5. Ok got it! The Lunar Shadow's crew members are Nikito. Go to starwars.com and go into the data banks. Look under species.
  6. No, Squibs look like a cross between a dog and a doe.
  7. Weequay <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I thought they weren't Weequay. The Lunar Shadow crewman said that their captain (who is Weequay) could enter the Jekk'Jekk Tarr, but they could not, because their species was intolerant to the gases <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, the captain was a Wewquay. What about that little creature right outside the bar and pazzak den? I think that is a Chadra Fan, but I may be wrong. And the Whato looking creature is a Toydarian, and the Gand in the Jek Jek tarr are assassins and force users.
  8. Chewbacca...I also grew up with him, and I always want to know what exactly he says in tough spots! (Wookies are notorious potty mouths Georgei boy said. That's why there has never been a translater in the films.) (200 th post!) (w00t)
  9. Malak was vary arrogant and did not spend his time getting stronger: he relied on the Star Forge too must for his own good. And he did not make damned sure that Revan was truly dead.
  10. I would liked to have lived in the early days of the Republic. It's like Tolkien's Silmarilian: the back story that really rocks. I would have started my own order of Sith, and would have built things on a huge scale.
  11. Ok good! So I am not "abnormal"! I use flurry excessively, and I am really attached to it. I do use power some times, and I max them out to deal with different people.
  12. I really like Jolie. I love is crusty, dry humor and his attitude. "Oh I get it! Let's mess with the old man's head! He's half senile anyway! Then Carth is pretty cool, even though some say he is anoying! Canderous is awsome, being a war vet and very good in a fight. He's the sourt of person you would want with you in a dark place. Then I like Bastila, but I won't go into that right now!
  13. You mean the voice for goto was the same for Pinky?! God, I forgot about that show! Man I use to watch it ALL the time!
  14. I use master flurry alot, though lately I have grown fond of critical strike, and master power with Hanhar cuts through anything!
  15. Journalists kill war making ability. Look at what happened in 'Nam. Tv and journalist protested and kept up pressure to edn the war when all the president needed was a little encouragement and a spine enought to bomb Hanoi.
  16. Yeah, I guess that they are a mix of several different civilizations such as the Spartans, Japan, and maby Korea.
  17. You may want to mess around with you computer's sound settings. You also could try to drop the others like the music and the voice sound levels to counter the low sf volume.
  18. I did the exact same thing at first! I was like "where is it man?" and I got flamed here for asking about it!
  19. Just use a save game editor and give her 100 influence. That will get her to be open to suggestions. You can also mess around with the global variables and make the game think that you have sparred with her three times. Save game editor
  20. Oh for god's sake! Havent we had enough of these!? I mean, all we do now is ask who is hotter or the most bad of asses, or the sexiest! Come on ppl! Expand your horizons! Oh, by the way, Handmaiden is the hottest!
  21. Uh........this is way off topic man!
  22. Ok, I have heard that you can kiss Bastila in KOTOR I. I have never been able to figure this out. Can it be done, and if so, how? Thanks
  23. Yeah, Kreia never changes from middle of the road. That's because she is too strong to be won over your male charm! :"> " :D
  24. " Gives us Selkath raw, precious! You keep nasity chips!" Gollum
  25. Well, I don't go that far, cause I am in college, but I still think about it some times.
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