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  1. Ok, at ten, I am going to start a new spree! My goal is 12 hours!
  2. The worse thing I did in KOTOR was to say "sleep with me" after Bastila says "what can I do?" when you select her! (w00t)
  3. Ok, From that room, go through the door opposite the one you came in. You pass through two more room and a hall way I think, and then you come to a junction. On your right is a door with a broken hk-50 droid. It does nothing for you. Streight is a door that does nothing. To the left, where you want to go, is a large room. Go throught the door, pass through two more rooms I think, and get to the end. In the very last room, is a console that starts the base reactor. Start it, and the doors will open. Go back to that room with the stuck doors, and fight the droids that come out. One of the internal doors opens and there are the codes for the shuttle. Go back to the shuttle area, and there is a tank droid.
  4. My three favorite characters are Visas, Bastila, and the Handmaden. Bastila's voice really got me hooked, and Visas is so cool and laid back. Handmaden is sexy and has a lot of fire. Man, I wonder if she is as good in bed as she is at fighting? (w00t) :D
  5. My top time for Kotor II is 11 and 1/2 hours of consecutive play. I had one or two breaks in there, but that is my top time. I got from peragus to Onderon as my third planet, with a lot of quests along the way.
  6. Instead of Vash in the cage/jail in the detention center, it is a twilek jedi, her apprentice. After killing the Revan vision and exiting the tomb, it gives you a chance to talk to Master Vash. Same stuff as the other masters(how to ends force bonds, where is everybody...) Sion walks in to the room, Vash force pushes you out the door and shuts it, Vash and Sion duel(not shown). If DS, I assume you can kill her, i havent tried it yet. Edit: Just installed it yesterday,works great. Cant beven tell its a mod. Seamless voiceovers, perfect lypsynch, correct animations. Oh Yeah, outside the vision tomb a Sith Assasin is using her lightsaber and drops a datapad explaining what happened and why she is in the tomb. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Where can you get it?
  7. Man, you'r no fun! And you are just like my sister! Always correcting! I want to scream and grab a Mandalorian heavy repeater and go to town!
  8. Or worse; Darts/rockets for Mira when Hanharr is in your party <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or when you get heavy armor on Telos and really need it, but don't have the feat!
  9. What I hated was on Telos fighting the mercs right before you go into the base. Once I kill the first four dudes that mess with me, my team runs after a guy to the left, and I get my ass handed to me! I usually just put them on stationary, but then you can't use them, and you need them! **** you Obsident! Weel, not really, but the random loot generator was a pain in the ass! I think trying to bypass the language filter is prohibited... -Battlewookiee In my most memerable game, I got this: 9 padawan robes, both light and dark 15 heavy durasteel armor 6 short sabers 8 heavy blasters 19! jay shal armor and why do you always get repair kits when you don't use droids?! Sorry... "hangs head" "but has evil grin" Also; Triple posting isn't needed... Edit is your friend -Battlewookiee
  10. Some one should put Atris up there. She really deserved her fate. She was a cold, hard bitch! +
  11. Here is one: What planet does Revan say he/she is from when sexy girl asks?
  12. When I first played KOTOR 1, I was stunned by the excelent graphics, the sound, the characters, the story. It was crisp and professional. KOTOR II came out, and I nearly wet my pants waiting for the price to fall. In the end, I gave in, and bought it for 50 dollars. I took it home, and it did not work. I had to use a much older computer. When I finally got it running, I expected the same quality as before. I was very dissapointed! Any way, why does KOTOR I seem crisp and professional, when KOTOR II seems like a cheap mod with sound? It is not good business to sell an incomplete product!
  13. I had the exact same problem. I fixed it by using a much older computer of all things! I think if you tried to change your video card, like get one from e-bay or something, that might help. But I know what you mean. I bought it for 50 dollars (a lot for me, since I don't work) and it installed fine, but try to start a game, and it craps out on me. I hear sound, but no picture, and it closes after a wile. I'm sorry, but I just don't know of a true fix for it.
  14. Kreia says something like she was one of many master to try Revan, but only she understood Revan completely. What a bunch of crap!
  15. Yeah, and next time, be at least level 30. And have master storm, and master speed, and master lady magnet! lol
  16. LOL! You don't quit do you? Ok, These or some of mine:
  17. Yeah yeah we all know the game is imcomplete. Why must every one rub it in? Just appreciate the enormose potential that it has.
  18. I could do some voice over work. I am a guy, old enough to be of use. I can do a pretty mean yoda, and have a mic.
  19. Where is the bastila roolz thread? Has it been removed, or am I going crazy?
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