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  1. Ok, I am so sick of this not knowing what happened to Revan thing, that I have decided to write the continuing story after Revan leaves the Known regions. I want to make it a first person, blow by blow account of his travels. I want to make it cannon or LS male. Any ideas would be helpful. Any thing you want to see, or think that should happen, please let me know. Thanks
  2. I like robes best. I always have a high constitution, so I usualy leave the heavier armor to the Handmaden( (w00t) ) and that loser the Disciple. :ph34r:
  3. Ok, My favorite Sith Lord is Revan. I sometimes play with cheats, and I got this list of all spanwable items. Under robes I see everything from Jolee Bindo robes to the kitchen sink, but no Revan robes or mask. You might say that they don't want to seem out of place with the robes of such an important character, but the have Lord Malak's robes. Any way, this really stinks!
  4. Yeah, you use a mine. Try to use the weak sonic mines, not the deadly (if you still have one). And the others are right; there rarely is any thing good in them. :cool:
  5. Silver and blue for me. I always use two sabers, and I upgrade them. I got on up to 15/12 once.
  6. (Atton to female exile) Atton: Hey, I have noticed you working closely lately with the Disciple. What the hell for!? Exile: He just needs some work Atton! He's just misunderstood! Atton: Misunderstood my ass! Look, Exile, you can't polish a turd! And thats what the Disciple is! A blond turd with white teeth!
  7. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hey, How can I put a pic on my e_mails? I tried to do it on my control panle, but it said I did not have admin permission. Thanks!
  9. How did you do that? That pic of Bastila at Paraguas? In a slave dancer too! (w00t)
  10. I think Bastila, Leia, Visas and Mara Jade are my choices. (w00t)
  11. Ok, I have played Kotor II through 9 times, and never has the transit button even shown up on the map screen. Am I doing something wrong here? I am getting tired of running around because I can apparate! Thanks,
  12. visas- i can feel you but i cant see you exile- really thats because you dont have eyes visas-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good for nothing Nihilus stole them Exile- well, if thats all he stole, then I 'm good with that! Oh, by the way, I can't seem to get the robe off. Want to help me?! (w00t)
  13. Reven has this shroud of mystery that IMO is the coolest SW "bad guy".
  14. How about Franka Potente as Bastila? Look at the end of Bourne Identity when she has her hair in those double pig tails like Bastila. Morgan Freeman would be awsome as Jolee. Ralf Moeller (that big guy in Gladiator) would be awsome as Canderous. Russel Crowe is too old and his voice is too deep for Carth. <_< The chic that played the blue twillik jedi in the Revenge of the Sith would be great as Mission.
  15. As I said, I only happend once, and there was nothing but broken pixles underneath, not like that. I think the top just tried to materialize, and did not make it. But to think!
  16. My SECOND favorite glitch was when I some how got two Visas and two Handmadens! (w00t) I was on Onderon as my second planet, (after telos and dantooine). They just filled in the blank character spots. My all time favorite was when I equiped handmaden with the dancer outfit, and she only managed to put on the bottom! (w00t) ! It only lasted one time, but that was .........................................! Ok, I also managed to equip Visas with the out fit too, though it went on over her existing clothes.
  17. (Onderon soldier when he sees the Baskilist war droid in Iziz) (Trooper) Yes commander! I can see the baskilist now! (Commander) Well, whats it doing!? (Trooper) It seems to have mounted the Handmaden! Oh, my virgin eyes! (Commander) Get me a pic right now! (Trooper) No way!
  18. I had to use another computer. Try to first upgrade your driver. Go to My computer icon in the start panel. Right click on it, go to properties, and then click on hardware. Click device manager, and find display adapters. Clicking on this should show you what driver you have. Click on the driver name, and a window with options should appear. Surf through this, and find the driver update button. Thats all I can think of. Good luck!
  19. Yeah, But it does not work. I still get it. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it, no movies, but it still did not work. Any other bright ideas? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This may be of some help. I got it to run on a much older dell. I just had to use the provided resource cd to upgrade the drivers. Very simple. May or may not work.
  20. Yeah, But it does not work. I still get it. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it, no movies, but it still did not work. Any other bright ideas?
  21. Oh come on! There has got to be some people that have had this problem and gotten past it! It really sucks that I can't even play the game after I saved up for five months to buy to stupid thing!
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