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  1. How can I put a pic on my posts? I have several pics that I want to put on. Thanks
  2. I always used sheilds and stims, and I found by using force push, I could get one ore two of the sabers to back off while I ran down on of the walkways. One ore two would follow me, but I use speed, and I can have enough time to heal most of my health before it arrives. I did have a jacked up saber though, like 21-19 or something.
  3. I thought the academy was hard. The rest was crap and easy.
  4. I thought it was a good game. The plot was **** in some places, but overall, the game continued the spirit of the first. I really missed the romances, and bastila's indignant anwers to Revan's advances! :D (w00t)
  5. You may have just maxed out his dialog, and something is not letting you talk to him. If you want a lightsaber, just get a save game editor from www.pcgamemods.com. That will allow you to give your self a lightsaber without cheating. :D
  6. *BARF* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats not nessasary!
  7. i How can you turn him into a jedi? All he says to me is "Yes General"? like a ****ing retard.
  8. What I do is to spar with her as soon as I get her. (w00t) After each planet you finish, she should spar some more. After three times, she will say that there is nothing more to teach. Then you ask about her mother, and she will tell you her family history. Go to The witch(kreia) and she will say her mother was a jedi. Go back to handmaiden, and say you mother was a jedi. She'll say she already knows, and you say "the force is strong in bloodlines or something like that. Then you just follow from there.
  9. I have never even put GOTO in my party. He is such a basturd and I hate his gangster attitude. T3-M4, though cool, does little for the general good. Hanhar is good, but very slow. I have to always stop and wait for him. Kreia is week, and she is always saying " why did you do that?" and "Echo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run!". Oh, and Bao-Dur is pretty useless. I always use the Hnadmaiden and or Visas. Canderous is cool, but is also very slow. Atton has some good points, and HK-47 just rocks. I love his attitude! What a pesimistic jerk! :D
  10. I like two blue sabers, or a red and blue saber combo.
  11. Visas for me. She has this subtle intrensity that I like. A real kick asser (w00t)
  12. My favorite glitch was in the prologe, it went through the little intro, and then, instead of T3, there was my character! He had replaced T3. Another on Onderon, Dagon Ghent Started to talk wookiee. On nar shadda once, on gotos yatch, after my party met me at the audience chamber, goto was still there.
  13. I have a good pic of Kreia, but have no scanner yet. I have to get one for school, so I can post my pics here.
  14. I think you may have a bug. That some times happened to me when I used cheats. I would go dark, and they would go light. Then I would go light, and they would go dark. I think you have to "keep the pressure" on the handmaden( (w00t) ). Keep her in your party all the time. And do bad thinks around her. This usualy works well.
  15. Does anyone has a screenshot of DS Mira? I never saw her darkside... You have not missed much. Her hair gets a little darker, rings appear around her eyes, and her skin goes a pasty grey color. Oh and her lips go black like there frost bit or something!
  16. Visas' veil kept disappearing into her shoulders and I wasn't able to change her armor/robe. You can change her robes and armor. You just have to get her to heavy armor feat, then her robe will disapear.
  17. Goto is a round droid who runs around with a holovid display that he made. He apparently has several variants. I wanted to see the "attractive female" variant, but no... Thats what I thought. I noticed it from the cut scene at the beginning of Nar Shadda. Sly bast*rd!
  18. Ok, I'v played TSL through 13 times in various forms. But I have never seen what happens to goto himself. I get his retarted droid(which I never use!) and see his ship get oblitereated, but what happens to the albino moron? Now, don't go saying "cut content' because is you do, I am liable to get violent. Also, I can never get the Hutt on Nar Shadda to send fuel to Telos. Is there a bug or a patch for this?
  19. Can you ever get your lightsaber back from Atris? I have played it both ways, killing her, and sparing her, but never have I gotten my property back. Theaving b**ch!
  20. I tried to get onto pcgamemods this morning, and I got some stupid movie review website. Has anyone else tried to get on and failed? Has the site been moved? Please let me know! <_<
  21. [ I have read some of the dialogue from the cut ending (boy, is it hard work) and found it very interesting. I was wondering is it all just dialogue or does it contain some cut scenes and how can I access it from my computer? You just have to go through all the script and read the .txt. files. And yeah, its a lot of work!
  22. You have to kill Nihilus and finish "The Ravager". It then takes you to a cutscene where you talk to Carth for about 10 seconds. " Thats never happened to me before.
  23. Ok, I have played the game through many times, and I only get to Bastila through T3-m4. Now some one said that she comes around again after talking to carth. How can you talk to Carth? Thanks
  24. OR you could use a cheat. If you are set up for cheats, then pull down the console, and type " giveitem a_robe_26. This will give you the armor of Lord Malak. {01}Clothing a_robe_01 {02}Padawan Robe a_robe_02 {03}Dark Padawan Robe a_robe_03 {04}Baran Do Novice Robe a_robe_04 {05}Matukai Apprentice Robe a_robe_05 {06}Zeison Sha Initiate Armor a_robe_06 {07}Jal Shey Neophyte Armor a_robe_07 {08}Jedi Robe a_robe_08 {09}Dark Jedi Robe a_robe_09 {10}Norris Robe a_robe_10 {11}Jal Shey Advisor Armor a_robe_11 {12}Gray Jedi Robe a_robe_12 {13}Jedi Knight Robe a_robe_13 {14}Dark Jedi Knight Robe a_robe_14 {15}Matukai Adept Robe a_robe_15 {16}Zeison Sha Warrior Armor a_robe_16 {17}Jedi Master Robe a_robe_17 {18}Dark Jedi Master Robe a_robe_18 {19}Baran Do Sage Robe a_robe_19 {20}Jal Shey Mentor Armor a_robe_20 {21}Ossus Keeper Robe a_robe_21 {22}Natth Cowling a_robe_22 {23}Arca Jeth's Robe a_robe_23 {24}Aleema Keto's Robe a_robe_24 {25}Sylvar's Robe a_robe_25 {26}Darth Malak's Armor a_robe_26 {27}Jolee's Robe a_robe_27 {28}Thon's Robe a_robe_28 {29}Crado's Robe a_robe_29 {30}Nomi's Robe a_robe_30 {x01}Handmaiden's Robe a_robe_x01
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