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  1. Bastila is beautiful, but her attitude needs some work. She is quite the lady, but is a little childish. (w00t) :"> :D
  2. I love Sodier and gardian. It cuts enimies down like a saw through pine wood. I also like sentinle and scout.
  3. Don't you go dissing Revan Man! His robes mirror what he is. A bad ass sith lord that needs some kind of protection. I can't see how some plasteel armor and a mask are tacky!
  4. Yeah, I have to agree with you. KOTOR Two should have come first. It felt out of place.
  5. I discovered that on Peragus, in the med bay when you are looking at the med logs, the woman mouths the announcer sayig that the tunnels are collapsing.
  6. When you say stuck, how are you stuck? I have done it before. Its not as fun as either light or dark, but it is do able.
  7. I like Jar Jar. "Mesa dona know. Mesa start day fine munchin, then bam! Mesa here! "Ye gods! What the hell is mesa sayin!
  8. LOL! My sister looks so much like bastila it's not even funny. If she put her hair up in pig tails she would have even more guys drooling in her wake!
  9. How can I find out what drivers I have , and where can I up grade them? I have the good 'ol start a new game and get the "windows needs to close problem" (I acualy got it to play on a 3 year old machine!)
  10. I hated Malak's attitude. That's one ****ed up b*****d! (sorry wookicookie, but its true!) He has a chip on both sholders! <_< Malak = A**
  11. That or activate cheats (ask if you don't know how) and type in "heal". Or "invulerable". or "givemedpack". That should do it.
  12. Yoda is cool! I can sound just like him. Is backwards grammar add to the character I think. That and his size. I think the bartender had the worse. But (to those who have played it) once Kyle kicks butt and gets the blast sheild open, and thrusts his saber i the guys face, the chiss starts talking normaly! The grammar was just a ploy.
  13. When you walk into a bar and ask for Coreillian Wiskey on the rocks. When you ask your friends if they want to play a game of pazzak. When you go to Wallmart, create a save point and then go rob it. When you tell the school bully "don't mess with me! My defence roll over rate is higher than your! When you make 19 lightsaber handles out of what ever you have in your garage. (like me!)
  14. I did this once. Unde the quick save slot, go to globals, and it should be listed in there. Click on it and reset it if you can. Also, once I beat the red eclips and nothing happened, so I ran to the docks, and then to the pazzak den where I beat the champ and then got the message to return.
  15. I knew it! I was right! I thought he was a Chadra-fan.
  16. They are both very good characters. Bastila is the better looking, but a mod that mad Visas have the handmaiden's body was very sexy. Bastila is a little more developed than Visas, and I got really frustrated at Visas for saying the same stuff over and over again. Ina fight, I don't know. Bastil is good, but so is Visas.
  17. I acualy remember thinking that was really imposible!
  18. What I found funny on the Endar Spire was that you start oun on the Port or left side. you work your way to the bridge, and find that Bastila is not there. So you run to the other side of the bridge, (right, or starbord) side and head back. So you fight to the escape pods and join Carth to abandon ship. He says that you are the last surviving member of the ship, and that it is the last pod. The cut scene of the pod being launched is of the portside, not the starbord side that you were on. So that is a mistake. [/code]Hmmmm bad mistake yes...
  19. I think it may be a bug. Have you gone to see the whistleing creature yet? Try the pazzak club to see if you can do any more. Then just start going back to the area at intervals and see if it triggars.
  20. I liked the saber battles. I usualy kept my character weak to make them more intersting. I liked the really long battles where you had to go through half you supply of med packs to just make it through alive.
  21. I have never really fixed a problem. Thankful I have never had too many, but I still have some anoying ones.
  22. Mandalor. He has had so much battle experience that he could probably beat even jedi in a fight.
  23. Whats up with Galaxies? Iv heard that its good, I v heard that its bad. I mean, I could never play it, 'cause I only have dial up and I can't afford the 60 usd's a month just to play online.
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