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  1. Yeah, that's too true. Any way, This is what I am going to do Takes place after KOTOR II Bastila is on Corescant to try to track down some info for Revan after he sent her an encoded transmission to try to look for something. Revan is on the last world he needs to find the clues to the Sith empire. I am going to put in some back story about Bastila and Revan, such as they get married soon after KOTOR I, but Revan's memory starts to come back, and he remembers what drove him to the darkside in the first place, and has to leave. Five and a half bloody years later, Revan is close to his goal, along with his new side kick, Fey Alisto. Bastila has a child of five years, and he is at a secret location, but is kidnaped by slavers, and Bastila is forced to do two things at once. Well, she is a woman, so she can multitask!
  2. I could not find one smaller. And I can;t edit it because it has to come from a web site. Crap!
  3. I like LS, but I have gone completely DS, I mean killing everything in my way! I am manipulative, and I lie, cheat steal and murder my way to Malicore!
  4. Ok, I was on Nar Shadda, and the Red Eclips guys were giving a light work out for my DS male, and I noticed a funny thing: in the "med bay", there was a Lab station! But once I killed all the slavers, it was gone! How weird is that?!
  5. To get the whole story, like four play throughs for each.
  6. Yeah, I'm one too! (oh by the way, how do you get that pic of the "burning man" on your post to stay there. I mean, how do you permanitly attach it?) Thanks
  7. I like card games, but I also like the turret. That is fun! Kick some rear end! The new swoop bike is better than the last, but mine are all bugged because when ever I finish, with out hitting anything, the race guy says I had a nasity wreck!
  8. Yeah, GOTO is like the Selkath. Very arrogant s.o.b.s! I wish that a Death Star would blow Mannan up! (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  9. As battle cookie said "run like hell". Use all the verpine shields you pick up, and a lot of stims. Force powers really don't work on him, as he has a very fast attack cycle, and can hit you twice in the space it takes to cast one force attack. And run like you've got mom with homework after you! I even found that grenades are good. Use a thermal detonator, and then hit him with a plasma. I had my sabers all liquered up to 21-25 each, and I had a stength of 20, so that helped me. The other times I have done it with cheats :D " .
  10. I have two songs that stick in my head: the King of the Hill theme song, and I keep saying the words to the hyme Rock of Ages.
  11. I was watching a H channel program on the Spartans, and it hit me. Well, not literaly, but in a flash: the brutal Spartans could be the model for the Mandalorians. They have the same love of battle, the same honor code, the same shunning of weakness and pain, and the ability to kick rear end where ever they went. Tell me what you think
  12. I use the KSE, and get the kill blasters and kill stick. They kill instantly, and are good for tight spots. I use Visas, Handmaiden, and Atton the most. I have never gotten Mira to go jedi, but I guess from what I hear I am not missing much!
  13. Well (spoiler) He is guilty. He kills her. If you want to make him guildt, go to the Republic Embacy, and in the computert room, go to a console, and access the security logs. You will find a recording of him killing the sith. Or, you can make the pazzak player lie, and make the Rodian in the hotel say that he was forced to put the war medalion there, and he should get off free.
  14. Ok, so you all know I am writing about Revan's farther adventures, and I need some ideas. Here are a few I have: Revan and Bastila had a child Revan is looking for a planet that holds the key to finding the Hidden Sith Empire Bastila is fighting hidden sith assassins on Corescant I want to also follow Canderous on his quest to unite the Mandalorians This takes place about two years after KOTOR I. I may add the exile in it (in a non involvement role) Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks
  15. Bastila is the sexiest bar none! The hand maden is cool, and would probably be less reserve in bed ( (w00t) ) but I would still go with Bastila.
  16. Yeah, I think LA is running out of ideas! I mean to think that HK-47 would survive 4 thousand years with out maintenence or power and be found on an old ship on Mustafar of all places is a bit far fetched!
  17. Yeah, I think it is a cut scene that was never used. Wow! Big shock!
  18. Yeah, use a save game iditor, or go to www.pcgamemods.com. I'm sure there is a mod for it.
  19. Audrey Hepburn WAS the hottest! I Nearly cried when she died! She even looked good for 63! I mean come on!
  20. I think Marisa Miller and liv Tyler are the hottest. Well........at least right now!
  21. I think swoop raceing was the best. I like the new tracks, and the money is good.
  22. Nihilus was week! Yeah he could control minds and all that, but it took me 6 master flurry attacks to hand his ass to him!
  23. I think that Revan was purposly made the bad ass of the series. He is suppose to be the all powerful sith lord brought back by a sexy jedi girl.
  24. I have a problem with my dell. When I try to play a older program such as star wars jedi knight: dark forces II and sid myer's alpha centuari, I get this pop up that says "This program is not suitable to be run on a MS-DOS and Windows application. I says something about 16 bit I think. A dell I have that is a year older, does not have this problem, and this computer has just developed it. How can I fix it? Thanks,
  25. Ok, I think we can agree that goto is the dumb ass of the game. Now, can we move on to other characters?
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