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  1. Man, here are many folks which aren´t quite in Crowdfunding-Spirit, are they? Crowdfunding games is about creating ART that wouldn´t be able to create otherwise; Backers are there to SUPPORT this and bring in there own opinions. It is not about exclusive ingamestuff (Hint, Obsidian, HINT: Don´t do preorder Items next time!!!),it´s not about beeing the first to get that product to play; it´s about MAKING the product playable for everybody! Regarding to this principles, I don´t see what Obsidian made wrong in the last days... ...MAYBE except of no preload for GOG; but who cares about ~0,5% more waiting-time?!
  2. I´ll go with GOG. As I´m a strong supporter of DRM-free gaming this isn´t a surprise, is it? :D Because Obsidian got no way to offer the installers as a download from their own side! (they don´t got that massive bandwidth)
  3. Whenever I read post like this, it make me laugh. I waited for another game like this, for almost 13 years. Few days more will not make me go berserk or anything, and of course if Obsidian will do another DRM free kickstarter with physical collector's edition, I'll throw my money at tham again and again and again! Keep up the good work guys! Yep, exactly what I was thinking: According to the previews Obsidian done everything right and that´s why I´m definitely going to back the next part as well!
  4. Loving the new character models, waaays more athmospheric! Why didn´t you share those nice pics BTW rpgcodex got from you in your update, too? http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/pillars-of-eternity-kickstarter-update-88-release-date-march-26th.96495/
  5. Thanks for the answer, (as well as for the one via mail!) the interesting question now is which way you´ll be choosing! Locking new pledges or enabling upgrades for anybody---> both variants are possible ways for you to go! Although I belive your choice will be the first one...
  6. You can open up NEW orders with tiers containing physical items with ease, but cannot upgrade an existing order to another tier! -> fundamental problem: This cannot be intendet!
  7. Right you are, click on the 2. That's... not great web design. I'd be curious if it actually lets you complete the order. Anyway, I obviously can't answer your original question. Click on the support link and ask. I´ve opened up a support ticket... ...curios what will now happen! Obsidian has different ways to go... BTW: You can actually even get to the StripeCheckoutPage; it seems like everything is still possible right now!
  8. Pics or it didn´t happen? So here you go! Starting at the "manage pledge"-bar, continueing to BuyAddons and then clicking on the "2" you get to that "NewSide"---> you might remember that one. And yes, that´s not only some non-working mockup that has been left behind, it really is still working; you CAN place orders up there!
  9. That´s a fact---but it´s not consequent if you remeber that you can still place NEW orders containing physical items! Or, in other words: The one Dollar backer can "upgrade" (by placing a new order) to PhysCollEdtion for 145$, the DigiCollectors can do it for 145$---> there´s something wrong with this, isn´t it? Either Obsidian should remove that option---or give all backers "real" upgrade capabilities!
  10. It would be allright if Obsidian simply says "Well, as crowdfunding is over you can´t! Sorry!" But that´s not the case right now: You can open up new orders, although crowdfunding is already over. You can buy AddOns---but you can´t upgrade your pledge?! That doesn´t make ANY sense!
  11. Interesting to see that there are plenty folks around who´ve been for a waaays longer time than others whole livetime!
  12. Well I think Obisidian has done what they should! Backer Beta only tests core gameplay features, nothing storylinerelated, as IT´S NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY! The storyline isn´t something we would be able to change NOR should be able to change at all! That´s how you do an early BackerBeta! Doesn´t spoil anything, but they can get valueable feedback regarding combat mechanics!
  13. So, double excuse now: I was wrong. It is possible to buy addOns, YES. But it´s not possible to do a simple upgrade course site doesn´t understand that wish and wants me to do a whole new order for it! :(
  14. Nice trailer, but nothing if you compare it to the big numbers in this year, like... ...StarCitizen CutlassTrailer, Witcher III PreorderTrailer, Torment: The ChoicesAreYours, HumanResources PitchTrailer and so on! Too many brillant trailers this year for you!
  15. First of all nice to see that you made it! Preorders are now availible for public; in a DRM-free as well as in a DRMed Version. Now to the bad part: Weren´t you promising that we would get some (but pricier) upgrade options back in? Personally, I´d like to upgrade on the PhysicalCollectors--it looks kinda sweet and I wanna have both Pillars and Tides-CE! Will you add that function in the coming days? Or is it really gone? Would be a sad news...
  16. SSAA is almost completely useless with this game... not needed. Nope: It´s not useless cause it´s... ...massivly enhancing the characters. Of course this also makes them fit more perfect in the backgrounds, which is a discursive stuff at the moment. But, and that´s important: Obsidian will fix the style of the chars, it will only be a positive Aspect! Oh, and with the use of the LanczosDownsamplingFilter SSAA could resharpen the whole image. It´s a very powerful solution; and it enhances Zooming BTW! (zooming seems to fit in more perfect!)
  17. As Linux Support has been added to GOG (one month ago) the search for a DRM-free distibutor should have ended, shouldn´t it?
  18. I´d think of something like what has been done in the DSA-System, but less complex and more intuitive: Spells and Skills have to have there own attributes they benefit from. Like an EarthMage needs Might to control the heavy forces, a fire mage needs a high amouth of constitution to do not be confused by the heat of his own spells, a waterMage needs something like dexterity to adjust the forces so they can be as fitting as possible and so on! But one attribute like wisdom pushs them all, but not so ultra-strong... You could create a very nice and diserve system with this design sheme!
  19. Well, support isn´t answering; so I´ve just payed the bill. And look there: It worked out fine!
  20. This sounds like the first basic rule of bureaucracy: We always did it that way! And that´s no argument, everybody who ever dealt with bureaucracy knows this BY HEART! :D Look at other things that are basic elements of cult role playing games: Might and Magic: Killing respawning enemies instead of advancing the plot. What the hell?! Dungeons & Dragons in general: Rolling dices to get better BASIC attributes. What the hell?! PlanescapeTorment: Some spells are scaling on the nameless ones attributes, some on his level, some on nothing. What the hell?! If I´d had to choose one basic thing that has to be learnt in the history of arts, then I´d chose this one: Something that is new isn´t automaticaly good, something that is old and got tradition isn´t automaticaly good, either. Just because something never has been done before or has always been done before in this way doesn´t increase its value!
  21. It´s now dated information. GOG got Linux-Support round a month ago, so this passage should be updated to "DRM-free Gnu/Linux-Version will be publsihed via GOG, too!
  22. Definitivly right. I´ll try out & thanks to you for this (quite obvious...) suggestion!
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