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  1. Hey, RadonGOG. Unfortunately our backer funding period has ended and we cannot accept additional backers. Keep on the lookout, though, because we will be opening up preorders soon. Also, the beta will only be distributed over Steam. There are many reasons for this, but here are a couple of big ones: This makes sure that there aren't multiple versions of the beta floating around at the same time. All backers will be on the official build when we discuss issues and bugs they are seeing. This may not seem important, but it can save the development team lots of time when solving those bugs. Steam makes distribution of patches very easy on our end. Essentially, we can copy a new build up to their servers and they will automatically generate patches for us. This means we can put out beta patches much more frequently on Steam. So although my order already got finalized (but not already payed) and it still got an order ID (SWDO65Q2VFW3Y) I won´t be able to pay the bill as I´m not allowed to? It´s O.K., no real problem for me (I´ll be buying it on release then and just handing a coupon to the friend of mine that was supposed to get the second key...), but it still looks strange as the order isn´t terminated yet... @Steam-Beta-Topic: Well, if that´s how it´s going on, I wouldn´t participate at all... ...you should really talk to GOG-team whether they could include a "Kickstarter-Beta-Section" at the Launch of its Galaxy-Service!
  2. In relation to this, I'd ask: why the decision for no XP for kills, when the vast majority of spells/abilities/talents are geared towards combat effectiveness? To me this makes little sense. You get a shedload of talents/skills/abilities that are geared towards combat, yet you get no XP awards for... combat. Note that I actually don't mind the XP system in PoE, but I'm wondering what the thinking was on this. No XP for kills is a general concept for freedom of gameplay style. If you are only giving away rewards for reaching goals (and subgoals) and not rewarding the steps on the path towards that point every way is at the same "experience value", as long as it´s reaching the goal at all! B2T: Only played the Beta at Gamescom, so I don´t know if that problem has already been adressed: Characters are flickering a bit and they generally doesn´t have that "perfect" look of the backgrounds. Could be solved by supersampling the characters. Would be more Power-Efficent then trying to force supersampling onto whole game!
  3. Two questions: First: Wanted to place an order today. Don´t have the money on my prepaid credit card right now, will fill it up. Will I still be free to buy it at Wednesday? Second: Is the Beta distributed over your own infrastructure or via Steam? Cause I´m not interested in a Steam-Beta... ...I know that it´s right now Steam-only, but what about the near future? Shouldn´t be too hard to get GOG-distribtion of that beta and it would be a good time to bring a direct preordering option to GOG as well...
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