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  1. Now with significant funding and both InXile and Obsidian being part of the same company, this sounds like an even better plan, doesn´t it? (begging for an official answer)
  2. Or InXile can fix their own stuff for the first time ever. Well, it sounds just inefficient to fix something twice? In general, TTON seemed to have a more advanced, more fixed Uniternity-Version anyways... ...at least it was more Highres-Compatible then PillE and Tyranny and loading times were better as well if I recall correct. Anyways, this stuff is quite OffTopic.
  3. InXile does call it "Pillars of Eternity Technology", I prefer the term Uniternity Engine, but despite names: Obsidian, please start patching in new features to ALL your games based on that technology and hand over the work to InXile as well. Which would be NoBrainers and LittleEfforters at the same time? ResolutionScale: An easy way to give players with weak rigs the option to comfortably play the game nevertheless. And, at the same time, MSAA for all games: Pretty straightforward, isn´t it? Tyranny and PillE II have it, TTON and PillE I are lacking it. Newest Unity, DX11: Pretty straightforward, isn´t it? Except PillE II every game is lacking it. And which one would still be NoBrainers, but probably HighEfforters? Preload everything: Give users a toggle to let the game precache as many data as possible into the systems RAM to elliminate as many loading times as possible. Switch to Khronos Vulkan: Pretty straightforward, isn´t it? Switching to the most advanced API just makes sense for the long term. Thanks to MoltenVK it makes your games easier to handle on all three PC-OSes. TAA: Quite hard to implement, but good image quality results. HDR- and ICC-aware: Let the games know when the OS is reporting HDR-Screen or wide colour gamut to secure that the game doesn´t look off and reduce all user-fiddling with options. Okay, that´s the core part of the posting regarding the engine. But now some parts on content in your games. Please revisit your games running on UHD-screens and update every interface element that is too lowres. Striking examples would be the maps and loading screens in Tyranny and PillE I. Oh, and you should think of preparing your data to be rerendered in twice/ four times the current resolution and higher bitdephts to be able to Rerelease the games in Ultra-Fidelity for NextGenConsoles. I hope you can include all these ideas in your internal long- and short-time-roadmaps; looking forward to play through PillE I & II once they´ve got perfected!
  4. This would be a good way to balance out Tyranny, PillE and PillE II and set a groundwork for PillE III. Strongly recommended to Obsidian. Oh, Stoic had gone that way: Multiplayer-spinoff first so it´s secured that the combat systems work well...
  5. Well, might be true, but a port to UnrealEngine IV (and a rerelease on GOG!) would also be some good (and pretty riskfree) thing... (of course I´d prefer a remaster with higher ambition, remastering textures and animations as well and revisiting the balancing on Hard, but hey: Even a cashgrap remaster would be cool!)
  6. Well, it would a shame if such a game doesn´t launch on GOG, wouldn´t it?
  7. Well, recieved my CE-Box today (recieved rest of stuff some time ago)---and well, the map really is a pain to look at. In contrast with Ultima IX´s map (which wasn´t awesome, but good) this is a big ****. And yup, I was even disappointed although I´ve already seen the pics around Anyways, I It´s more important for me that Obsidian and Paradox got their messages: Obsidian should try to give the CE more financial power: Maybe cut away the regular boxed and do only offer CE´s! Maybe use a higher difference between physical and digital CE. I´m sure you´ll find some way---I´d be definitely be in for the next KS! Paradox---well, try to get better deals. There has to be a possibility to get a better map quality! Just don´t do one thing: Don´t remove the Map in PillE II---enhance it! Edit: Paradox seems well aware of that issue, part of a mail response: "yes, we have certainly having strong words with the manufacturer of the cloth maps (who otherwise did I fine job with the boxes etc)"Good thing: This doesn´t sounds like they wouldn´t go for Cloth Maps another time---if Obsidian want´s to continue the Paradox-Partnership for PillE II
  8. Which is part of the point. Why aim for something that is clearly inferior and then celebrate when you beat that mark? They were clearly talking about Baldurs Gate Trillogy, course near to EVERYBODY always talks about Baldurs Gate Trillogy when they say Baldurs Gate. If they don´t, they write Baldurs Gate I...
  9. Yes, but only in german: Same situation for me, except that I chose the playing cards AddOn! (they are quite nice, very good colour scheme! ) Idea: The Box will include the Manual, the postcard, the cloth patches, the map and the little notepad we get as an apology for the delivery circumstances and the so far missing MakingOf! And yup, the Ulta-Xtra-Super-Mega-Dupa-Specialsized T-Shirt seems not only big, but also great! Good printing quality!
  10. Was only able to play for a few hours, but what I´ve seen and READ was 5/5 in my eyes!
  11. Still no email for me---quite worried, cause it looks like so many others from Germany already got their CEs...
  12. Haven´t received my paradox mail whilst I´m living in Germany as well...
  13. Thanks! Let me talk to some folks. That decision involves a few people, but please don't be disapointed if the answer is no : / In other words: Soundtrack was a cooperative work? Or am I wrong? (course otherwise their wouldn´t be much reason for such a decision involving more folks then just you and the guy that´s handling download bandwidth control! )
  14. Let´s talk about AntiAlaising: Right now you got poorly working MultiSampleAntiAliasing, making it not only quite ineffective, but on top of that also INEFFICENT! Course why would you choose an AA-Method that doesn´t lead to good result?! (that´s no general problem with MSAA, but many of todays engines doesn´t support it very well anymore) There is a quite popular method to do AA these days: FXAA/ MLAA/ whateverAA, meaning PostProcessingAA. It´s ultra-efficient, but not very effective and tends to blur both imagery and interface when forced via external tools. If you do implement it, it would definitly help folks with poor hardware to get a better image on their screen! Most important: SSAA. This method tends to cause a big performance hit, but in return it also leads to great image quality. Especially the tiny structures,like the rings of the armors, the feathers, the weapons and so will benefit a lot! An implementation via modders is hard, (well, not really, but a GOOD one is!) but for you, the devs, it should be super-easy! If you don´t know how to do it I´m sure that Nvidia or AMD might help you out and hand in some implementation guide! Before somebodys asking: Yes, it is possible to do DSR/VSR/ GeDoSaTo-Downsamling in Pillars of Eternity. Not quite as intuitive as it used to be, but it´s possible. Anyways, these methods are actually working like hacks and mixing up the zooming a little bit, so they aren´t perfect to use in PillE! And they are wasting resources, cause mainly the chars would need to get some SSAA, the backgrounds don´t need the same level So yep, I´m asking you to implement SSAA on the long way! (not right now, as you´ve got more important thing, but please, on the long term!)
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