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  1. I found this http://home.alltel.net/jls31/index.html. Hope its helps.
  2. I thought the thread was about the MLB wild card race for a second lol.
  3. I heard on the news that 40k homes are flooded (w00t). I just hope those ppl can get back on there feet.
  4. Im getting EverQuest 2 next week woot :cool:. I played the trial version the game is amazing.
  5. 20 but turning 21 next year Woot.
  6. http://www.crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/displayi...up&cat=0&pos=27 (w00t)
  7. http://www.byond.com its free and ppl make there own games.
  8. I played for a couple months and got glowy and when I heard that it takes 6 months to a year to become a Jedi I said Hell no im not grinding one prof for that long. Most ppl buy that game to become Jedi. Instead they can buy KOTOR or KOTOR2 to become a Jedi. And the game got boring so thats why I quited. I mastered Brawler,MarksMan,TKM,Fencer,Medic and Pistols. I played on the Eclipse Sever before I quited the game. My SWG was Titosros.
  9. Dragonballgt Tranformation also thinking about buying NCAA football 2006 from EA Sports.
  10. 1. Inuyasha 2. Dragonballz 3. Trigun 4. Rurouni Kenshin 5. Yu-Gi-Oh I heard lots of good thing about Naruto its comming to America heard thats better then dragonballz.
  11. 1.Smallville 2.House 3.Law and order series 4.Chappell Show 5.South Park.
  12. From Foxsports.com The sides met for 24 hours starting Tuesday afternoon to hammer out the collective bargaining agreement that will return the NHL to the ice on time in the fall. In February, commissioner Gary Bettman canceled the season, making the NHL the first North American sports league to lose a year because of a labor dispute. If all goes according to plan, a scaled-down draft is expected to be held later this month and training camps will open from Vancouver to Miami in September. Real NHL games will be back on the schedule come October The sides met for 10 straight days in New York, and it became clear Wednesday morning - the 301st day of the lockout - that they weren't going to leave the room without an agreement in hand
  13. http://crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/displayimage...up&cat=11&pos=6
  14. 1.KOTOR 2.KOTOR2 3.FF7 4.Golden Sun GBA 5.Golden Sun The Lost Age GBA
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