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  1. Got Dark Side Devotee I can see that the dark side seethes within you, and your will is quite strong. For one such as you, the path of the Sith is not one you should take. But, as a dark side devotee, you will become more powerful in the dark side than you can even imagine. You will rule the weak and the frightened with a cruel hand, and carve your dreaded name across entire planets.
  2. World Of Warcraft. Level 52 Rogue on IceCrown Sever Level 20 Priest on IceCrown Sever. Guild: Death To The Alliance.
  3. I still don't understand why Clark dad died hes in the cartoon and the tv series that use to be on. I wonder if his mom marrys someone else later on.
  4. I play on the Icecrown sever on WoW got to level 50 today with my Horde/Rogue Character.
  5. Reinstall the game see if that helps.
  6. Playing World of Warcraft and KOTOR2.
  7. I have to say more force powers and being able to picked a subtitle.
  8. Most of the time i have to change the graphic settings to low to high and if starts lagging again change the setttings to high to low .
  9. Offensive build for me my highest light-saber build is I used double bladed Light Saber 33-55 +55. With items on its 41-63 +57 thats with Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weapons Master build. Light Side Mastery Strength +3 Items equipped Bavaker Strength System Sith Power Gantlets GNS Strength Enhancer Baran Do Sage Robe Matukai meditation Band Nomi's ArmBand Characters ArmBand Health 460/460 Force 351/351
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