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  1. I wish Chris Avellone all the best, and hope he'll still work on PC RPG's in the future. I wouldn't mind him helping out Bethesda with Fallout 4
  2. This here is such a small, but important, feature of the UI for me when controlling 6 party members and all their abilities in real-time Thumbs up Obsidian for your hotkey system
  3. It's not my biggest complaint (don't know what is, love this game), but yes I'd also prefer more spells that increase in power as I level up, and with a visual change to actually see that the spells have improved. Just like good ol' Magic Missile
  4. Yes, animal companions should be immune to fatigue - or same rate as ranger.
  5. It should be possible, and I've especially wanted this when playing wizard. It might be a small thing, but if Obsidian could somehow add this to the game that would be
  6. Two-handed sword with critical hit vs. ugly Wicht = GREAT FUN And yes flying limbs aside the story is amazing, and on a more serious note; so beautiful, especially at night time with fog and then with the beautiful and sombre music in the background. I love this game
  7. Nope, the description doesn't update the amount of endurance gained, but does it still work nonetheless? Edit: Combat log says it gives more endurance than before, about 33% it seems Guess it's just the description that needs updating.
  8. I think it's a beautiful game with a lot of old-time charm to it, I'm enjoying every second, thank you so much Obsidian
  9. This worked for me, 50 hours in, everything still runs fine: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72797-is-it-possible-to-disable-combat-music/ And I still get to listen to the rest of the amazing music, love it
  10. I like the stylistic ligatures, they're a nice little detail, and I'd welcome more of them
  11. It's kind of normal to release patches with so many bugs in the game. No, not normal. Mandatory. Either way, I'm glad to see this bug being fixed, so thanks for the hotfix Obsidian
  12. I'm also about 40+ hours in, and I'm still enjoying every second
  13. I think the design works great, it leaves room for a sequel/expansion in which we may get to see those higher level spells, and also adds to the feeling that world is bigger than what you see, there are more powerful spells out there Just as with Baldur's Gate where we can only get up to lvl 4-5 spells, and then have Baldur's Gate II to look forward where we can reach the almost godly lvl 9 spells, awesome
  14. I like how dark the story and setting is so far in Pillars of Eternity
  15. It's plain out logical that you have better teamwork when people are actually working together physically, rather than being seperated by distance. If you want the best and most accurate design of the product being developed, you put the majority of the designers in the same building
  16. Why would hitting the cap make things harder, other than you just not growing stronger? Say I hit the level cap half-way through the game (a guess) after that I do not grow stronger through level ups as a normal party would. Since the fights you face at the end of the game must be harder than the ones half-way through, the difficulty will increase more for a solo character than a party - the party would have increased their strength at the end, while I would remain as strong as say 20 hours earlier. While I like a good challenge, I could prob. do with the extra endurance near the end of the game. In case anyone finds a level cap remover, please do post
  17. I'm soloing and thus getting the XP bonus for not having any party members. Since I also search every nook and cranny of this fantastic game I'm bound to hit max level before the end, which will make soloing even harder... Anyone got a level cap remover?
  18. In one of my playthroughs I'm soloing as a Wizard on Hard, died more than I can count Anyways, I'm worried about the level cap, does anyone know when a solo character will hit level 12? Completionist here, and with the bonus XP from going solo are we then talking like half-way through the game? (no spoilers )
  19. The music and art design sets the perfect setting for each area, and yes I also love how dark the game is in some places.
  20. While some fights do seem fairly easy on Hard, in others I get insta-killed if I go up against the wrong enemy, also depends a lot on my class and build, love it
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