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  1. I don't understand your fix. The only fix I have found is making a new rogue, which is bad, since I lose a ton of xp.
  2. Same problem, this is the worst. I'm at a very specific quest that needs a lock pick.
  3. We are in a radical wave of opinions this decade, jokes aren't allowed anymore. At least they don't have to ask for backer money for the expansion(possibly). I will absolutely give them money through more classic means so they can operate independent of peoples' opinions.
  4. So here's a positive post. I made this account specifically to reply to the vast majority of this forums negative comments. Although some might be warranted, people usually only get on a forums to complain, painting an unusually negative picture of reality. With the small amount of cash they were given to make this game, I am thoroughly impressed with how much content and production has gone into this game. I'm 40+ hours in and I'm still in act 2. I will probably play this game over not just for the expansion they're making, but to get a different flavor with the different companions and play a different class. Thanks for making this game. I look forward to the upcoming expansion!
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