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  1. Just as more rambling, not only can Mira fire rockets at opponents, but her launcher can also do the same things with grenades. There's also single-shot darts that can target single opponents as well. And aside from her plunging neckline special ability, if she's running over mines and not setting them off, it's not a bug, it's just another of her special abilities. There's times where you may need to beat feat over a mine field, and she's the best one for the job.
  2. More designer rambling: Awareness (or "[Awareness]" as it is now sometimes called) is a little different than in the first game - now it also acts like Sense Motive in conversations, allowing you to pick up on what someone is feeling or why someone is acting the way they do. At points throughout the game, you may get [Awareness] options pop up in dialogue, just like you would for Persuade. Other skills may cause additional conversation options as do statistics, so you may see things like: [intelligence], [Wisdom], [Repair], [Demolitions], etc, etc.
  3. I know the devil has a gotee but didn't Jesus both have a full beard as well? That messes up the evil/beards rule. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> maybe Jesus was secretly evil? but just pretended to be really good to throw people off?? hmm .. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, one of the (uh, male) PC heads looks a lot like Jesus. He's a tester favorite.
  4. This isn't a spoiler, but there's been some questions about what happens if you choose "I don't care" or "I don't give a !@$!@" about what happened in K1 when talking with Atton at the beginning. If you choose this option, then the game will assume that your character in K1 was male and took the light side path. So be warned.
  5. The reasons for exile are many, but the principal reason is far, far worse than simply following Revan to war. The reasons for exile will be revealed in the game. More rambling - much like in the Clone Wars, many Jedi took on leadership roles during the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, rising through the ranks in Star Wars fashion to become Generals and Admirals. You'll meet some of the soldiers who served with you and under you over the course of the game, for better or for worse.
  6. That is not Canderous. The giveaway is that in the screenshot, he is not pushing stims on you, with the first one being free.
  7. From the Casting Doc we sent to LucasArts... PC - varies, depending on what you want your character to look like. Atton Rand is 29-32. Handmaiden, Disciple, and Visas Marr are all 25. Kreia looks 50, but like Yoda, who knows. T3 was built in K1, so he's only had 5 years of hard living. Mandalore is 63 in Mandalorian years. Mira is 23. The others are not specifically referenced, but you can probably backtrack from their histories in the game to figure it out.
  8. Just rambling on Force Sight since I was running around using it a lot this morning, and it makes the game world look cool. In case you guys were interested, Force Sight was originally set up to be one of the first person views in K2
  9. You're not frozen, just really, really hurt at the start of the game, and you wake up in a kolto tank (like Luke Skywalker in the bacta tank in Empire). You also don't have amnesia, although you're not exactly sure where you are at the start of the game.
  10. T3 has at least two side-quests in the game, as well as backstory and secrets to unlock. He'll play a vital role in the game, much like R2 did in Episodes IV, V, and VI.
  11. We have workbenches in the game; between Bao-Dur and T3, both of them combine to make a full portable workbench you can access at any time. As Akari said, Bao-Dur is a Tech Specialist. T3, as the testers have discovered, kicks incredible amounts of ass. His droid-specific items are pretty good, in addition to his other skills and abilities. He's far from useless.
  12. The Ebon Hawk is not considered a planet, although a lot happens there over the course of the game.
  13. Well, we can't take credit for K1, we didn't develop it. K2 will try to stay in the same mold and stay true to the conventions of the first game, however, so I will accept your criticism. I thought K1 was pretty damn good, fun, and it felt like a Star Wars game. There is a good portion of TOTJ material we are incorporating in K2, including Dxun, Onderon, races present in TTOJ, and other sources. It won't matter to people who don't know the EU, but to those that do, I think they'll appreciate seeing those references and recognize them. As for laziness, I have read all the X-Wing and N
  14. The voice in the trailer is a temp voice, it's not supposed to be anyone in the game. The power in the trailer is Force Crush. Glad to hear you guys liked it - give your kudos to the guys up at LucasArts for putting it together; we liked it a lot, too. Chris
  15. Where did I say that? I thought the first game's story was awesome, and I don't recall ever saying what you've quoted above. I *know* I've said (1) it's a tough act to follow and (2) it was so good that I felt royally "screwed" when trying to think of a story for the sequel. The story'll be different, that's about all I'll say.
  16. We do not condone the murder of planets in K2. I mean, hasn't there been enough death? Hasn't there been enough destruction?
  17. That was indeed a stipulation, among a list of other requests that we have done our best to uphold.
  18. There are no Gungans or Ewoks in K2. Anywhere. Look all you want, but you will never find them.
  19. We thought about adding more skills (Bargain, Astrogation, Crafting among them), but we weren't sure how much mileage these skills would actually get, and to be honest, Bioware seemed to capture the core ones in K1. We eventually decided rather than just adding skills, we'd just try to refine the existing ones so you could get more use out of them. For example, Awareness now doubles as Sense Motive, Repair and Treat Injury factor in more strongly since you can use medpacs and repair kits on other party members, etc.
  20. From what I saw, there weren't really any spoilers. It showed that new bounty hunter, Mira, in action, as well as I think the white haired Jedi. None of the plot or storyline was shown, and none of the end bosses or returning NPCs were shown. Yeah, the E3 demo "storyline" had nothing to do with the K2 game - it was a conscious decision. The white-haired chick in the demo isn't Arren Kae - it's just one of the female PC heads you can choose. I don't think the "white haired chick" was in any of the E3 levels, and if she was, then she's a sneaky one.
  21. I doubt we'll able to show belts or gloves. Armor will still restrict various Force powers.
  22. How about Ewok Jedi? Jawa Jedi? Ewoks or Jawa, period? No Ewoks or Jawas. Or Gungans. Or any of the pod-racing aliens.
  23. Yes. Can't talk about any of them yet, though.
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