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  1. There will be no instances in K2 where you will be prompted by the game to ask a CNPC what's wrong. Any issues or problems the CNPC has can be brought up if you ask them, or will occur in a context-relevant event. There will be instances where they initiate conversation with you, but it won't always be about their companion quest or whatever problems they're having.
  2. I wouldn't mind a Selkath (there are no Selkath planned for K2, however), but there will be no Rakata in K2. I thought the Selkath were pretty cool - that creepy voice made them perfect.
  3. Not really - most of our questions for Bioware have been technical ones. K2 builds upon the events of K1, but it doesn't follow any paths or arcs that Bioware laid out in K1.
  4. There will be a retractable gun turret below the Ebon Hawk that will see use in limited situations. Think Empire when the Millenium Falcon is tearing out of Hoth, and you have the general idea.
  5. I can safely say no, though there may be moments where most of them are trying to pound the crap out of a particularly bad foe, but having full control over all of them won't happen. Chris
  6. The "Sith" Revan leads in K1 seem to be composed of corrupted members of the Republic that follow the teachings of the Sith - like Karath and the fallen Jedi that Revan led into war; there's no indication that Revan contacted the Sith Empire, only that he came across their teachings and chose to follow them. How he was able to corrupt so many Republic officers and soldiers so quickly is probably because he/she is a total badass with a 25 Charisma, and because most of them became loyal to him/her in the Mandalorian War. Probably. Chris
  7. No mini-game is critical path. There may be times where "failing" a mini-game may have other consequences, but it won't stop the game or penalize you.
  8. Correct. There will be points in the games where certain companions (or a group of companions you select) branch off and accomplish side missions. The effect is intended to be like the sequence on the Death Star in Episode IV, where Luke, Obi-Wan, and the Droids all go about seperate missions, then reunite later on. It was done a little less effectively at the end of Episode I, but you get the idea.
  9. Honestly, although it would interfere with the plot, it's mostly a question of time. We're already pushing the limit for what we can do as is.
  10. I don't like to lock CNPC quest down to romance quests - it's more like we have relationship quests in K2, which aren't tied solely to romance but how much you are an example to your allies and how you treat them. Things like building friendships, loyalties, developing grudging respect or contempt, and occasionally the need to strangle the life out of each other will occur. And you can cheerfully shut them all down and ignore them if you want, though your companions may occasionally lay into each other without prompting.
  11. Actually, you don't go in search of your lightsaber because it hasn't been lost - when you get exiled from the Jedi Order, they just don't let you keep your lightsaber. Sure, you could make a new one. But you're right, yours is special and worth reclaiming... if you choose to.
  12. The new Jedi/Dark Jedi/Sith robes (and the new armored flight suit) were showcased at E3; those aren't the base clothing for the character, however.
  13. You know, about Critical Strike, it actually was pretty powerful as it stood - when we were looking over revamping the rules and feats from the first game, Critical Strike was one we didn't want to mess with, since with the right combo of lightsaber crystals and repeated use of Critical Strike, you could plow your way through hordes of enemies without too much trouble. And that's without any Force powers paralyzing your opponents.
  14. I'm afraid there is no connection between the two.
  15. New feats are being added, definitely. We'll need to check with LucasArts to see which ones we can actually talk about right now, though.
  16. No, although the Ebon Hawk is in bad need of repair at the start of the game.
  17. Compliment the other artists if you will, but please don't puff up Brian. Brian "I'm a rockstar now!" has got a big enough head as it is, trust me.
  18. Calling them "prestige" classes might be a misnomer - they work differently than prestige classes in the normal d20 system. That's all I can really say now, we might address it in a future designer diary.
  19. Chris Parker - Producer Ferret Baudoin - Designer Mike Gallo - Producer, LucasArts Me - Wandering the Show A lot of guys from Obsidian will also be coming up for a while on Wed and Thurs to walk around and check out the games.
  20. Currently, yes. Any of the starting classes can branch into any of the prestige classes.
  21. Currently, no. The prestige class acess are not solely determined by level.
  22. Only Atton Rand is allowed to have a pink lightsaber.
  23. That way leads to the Dark Side. You will be able to go beyond Level 20 in KOTOR2: TSL.
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