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  1. Lots of caffeine. And Chris Parker looming over you like a shadow.
  2. That's true of games, too. It's also good to know what plots, quests, etc, etc have been done a million times over and not do them again - or at least try to put a new spin on them. Although sometimes it's fun to take a traditional cliche, then do something else with it. It all depends. Execution matters a lot, too. If you take F1 and summarize the plot in two sentences, you'd probably roll your eyes. But the execution and the details are what makes it a classic. And then there's the whole Batman issue. Batman is a guy who dresses up like a bat and fights crime. His arch-enemy is
  3. Maybe we should just change it to Project: Charade. It has a nice ring to it.
  4. That guy's voice in Session 9 was creepy. I didn't think I get so freaked out just listening to someone getting interviewed. I don't know if it was as creepy as the Donnie Darko voice, but still.
  5. When you see a brothel in a game, do you really care anymore? "Aw, man, I can't wait to get my pixels on!" :: Porn music starts playing ::
  6. Jessica's not being obnoxious, it's the way she talks normally. She doesn't mean any harm by it. Well, unless she's got another side, a manipulative, evil, inflicting-suffering-through-news-banter side that I'm unaware of, which I suppose is possible.
  7. Aside from saying that everything Feargus said is wrong (have to say it out of habit), also be sure to use the many game editors out there to make fun levels and missions, then throw them out there and buckle up for the feedback from other players. Doing a complete NWN module and then posting it to get feedback will probably be more of a learning experience of what a designer has to do everyday than anything else I can suggest.
  8. I used to GM a Warhammer Fantasy RPG where Griffin used to play a sinister wizard called Blackmoon. During a heated game session, Blackmoon bought the dust, and while it has been many, many years, Griffin will never let me forget. Nor should I.
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