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  1. Me too. It seems like a lot of info we learned about the game a while back is becoming very important to a lot of the theories we are thinking up.
  2. While I agree with you that it would suck really bad if you could train all of you party members to be Jedi, I think it would be cool if you could train only one per game. Each character has his/her own identity and it would be very interesting to see how each one reacts to the Jedi training. The rarity of the Jedi would still be intact if you could only train one party member per playthrough. And you would have to develop each character as you had to develop the romance in Kotor.
  3. I thought that was just because it is supposed to be a mirror image.
  4. Are you implying the possibility that all of the party members have Force potential?
  5. good theory.ive got a feelin its an asassination plot.or somethin even more devious. :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, like the whole assassination activation thing wasn't an accident. That sounds pretty reasonable especially given the fact that you are the last known Jedi and are hunted by the Sith Lords.
  6. I had the same problem, but I just deleted my cache and it worked fine.
  7. I meant characters that don't walk away from it. I should of said characters that actually die.
  8. Massive speculation from usually tiny bits of info. Need I say more? Just so you know, the game comes out next month for the XBox folks and in February for PCers like me.
  9. Yeah, and this one didn't even have a "laser".
  10. Care to offer a link to where they said that they promised DLC? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The first 2 big magazine previews said it, among others. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Akari said it too. I think it is in the last weekend programmer. Good find funcroc!
  11. I am glad the dialog and character creation screens are similar to K1. As for first character, I will be playing sentinal. They said it wouldn't be lame this time, so I am going to find out right away.
  12. Kumquat is right. Hella jedi in a party is lame.
  13. Thanks, I was the one who came up with that theory :D I like it as well. Ties in with what Sidious did in the OT and PT. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I had thought it was you, but I wasn't sure, so I didn't mention who came up with it.
  14. Either he was painted, or Revan decided to chrome dip HK so he could be more blingin'. It looks like that screen was at the beginning of the game. And I think that the crew members that are dying are no names like soldier #15 or whatever.
  15. I remember seeing the wookie thing somewhere too. It might have been Akari, but I am not sure. We are getting info from so many different places it it hard to remember where everything was posted.
  16. I said two free force powers. I just think it would be cool to start out with a couple extra powers.
  17. I thought it was that the PC will know exactly who he/she is.
  18. Since my experience with RPG's is limited to Kotor and most of the NWM official campaign, I hope that the game isn't harder combat wise, but harder in terms of problem solving. When I first got Kotor, I had a hard time with combat and stats (and I am still not too proficient). I don't want to be able to beat the game just by running around and killing everything that is hostile. I think with all of the new combat features that we will see more combat in order to use all of the feats, powers and stances that we will choose. I don't think that it will be any harder because (as someone already stated) as we get higher in level, so do our enemies.
  19. I think this theory could be logical since we don't have much info on this MSG. But I don't think you have it right. I agree with Jedi Master D Murda. Bao Dur just seems to not have enough significance as an NPC to be tied to the guy that might be the end boss. The theory I like the best which adds more mystery to this character is the one where he was the Sith behind recruiting the Mandalorians to fight the Republic.
  20. I am pretty sure that Visas Marr is the Miraluka. But you are right about Kreia being blind. Perhaps she uses the same powers, they just are learned unlike a Miraluka.
  21. Sion, Kreia hmmmm..... Makes sense to me. With all of the main characters this time around you would think there would be a few connections. Is this confirmed? And if so, where did you get this bit of info?
  22. I use the name generator and usually change the first or last name if I find one I like. My first character (which was female) was Male Lana. All my other characters were just mixtures of names from characters in the New Jedi Order series.
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