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  1. I hang out at the Bioware site(I am bracing myself for the flames), and I am not even remotely interested in Jade Empire. I also don't own an X-Box too. Even if I did, I don't think I would buy that game. I voted Sith Lords and it was about 65-35 with Sith Lords in first.
  2. I guess so. I didn't think about size too. Gamers come in all kinds of sized and if they stocked the box full of larges or mediums some people would have huge shirts and some people would have really really small shirts.
  3. I am sorry Weiser, but did you really expect to find absolutely nothing that you consider a spoiler by reading these message boards? Plus it isn't that big of a spoiler in my opinion. It isn't like you found out where or when in the game you meet him or how you can interact with Darth Sion.
  4. Man, that Newbie picture is disturbing. I blame you for my lost sleep tonight. I think I might have seen that guy in the math lab at my old school.
  5. Is it just me, or does knowing that you can join up with the sith toward the end of the game seem like a major spoiler? Sure, it would be really cool to be able to do this, but for me this is something I would like to find out on my own while playing the game.
  6. Exactly. I have to admit that it would be great for us to see and talk to Revan, but it just seems like there are way too many variables to deal with (face, gender, alignment, size, etc...).
  7. I build models too. Right now I am trying to incorporate a solar powered electric motor into a corvette model I have been building. I also read, books and these boards (I do a lot more reading than posting), swindle my friends in Texas Hold 'em and that is about it besides gaming which is a given.
  8. BLASPHEMY! :angry: Tie Fighter was really good. Indeed. Tie Fighter was the first computer game I became addicted too. I had to have every gold medal in the training and do every mission. It was also the first game I ever bought. Anywho, enough about me. I think the best way to enjoy a Star Wars game is to try to make the best out of it. The game is what you make it. If you can't allow yourself to be immersed into a Jedi character, then I guess you have very good reason to complain about having to play a Jedi.
  9. That would be one helluva side quest. In the middle of saving the galaxy, you need to get a part time job at a fast food joint.....
  10. I am doing the same thing for this game and Episode 3 as well. I looked at the concept art and some of the screens that LA have on their site, but that is about it. As Frank Costanza once said, I like to go in fresh when it comes to big movies and games.
  11. Some of the evil options in KoTOR were entertaining at first, but they did get old pretty quick. You can only rob people and threaten them so many times before it is boring. Perhaps this is why I have only played DS once.
  12. Building an Ebon Hawk model seems like good times to me.
  13. I am glad they will make is specific to the planet you are on. In KoTOR, I always wondered why it was talking about Taris when I was on Manaan. I thought it was weird to learn more about a planet that had its surface converted to rubble.
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