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  1. I was able to become immersed into the game, so it wasn't that bad. I also don't notice audio quality that well. I will listen more carefully during my next playthrough. After reading all this I have one question for you. Can you return a game for a refund after it has already been opened? Any store around here, you can only return opened software for the same exact thing. It must be different in Canada.
  2. There is a difference between short hair and that hairstyle that the lesbian cops have. Just like, "Hi my hair is short and cute." and "Get the hell away from me you disgusting three-legger!"
  3. Even more reason for me to never play Darkside. Hanharr was annoying as a non party character. I don't even want to imagine him being in my party.
  4. I thought I was the only one that thought it was annoying to post the same topic in different forums. Perhaps this is the extra sketchy version were we can say spoilerific stuff.
  5. Is this supposed to be a royal rumble type thing with them all fighting at the same time?
  6. Even before I played the game the big question was, "Who and what the hell is this guy and what makes him so badass?" When I went up against him and defeated him, I didn't feel like I had just faced the biggest baddest planet killing mofo out there. As the game progressed I don't really feel like my questions were answered. I have no idea who Darth Nihilus is. Perhaps that was intentional, but I still have some kind of grudge against him. This is probably because the concept art made this guy look like he would be the person to beat in order to defeat/takeover the sith. My expectations were way too high for Darth Nihilus.
  7. I leave this place in december with Topaz Quasar making polls galore, and I come back after beating the game with 2 polls on the first page. I am glad things haven't changed much. :D
  8. And another dimension for development speculation. Everyone seems to agree that Malak was the Guardian, muscle type character. As far as Revan goes, I would say Revan would be a Scout/Consular/Watchperson Exile would be Scout/Sentinel/Master
  9. Talking to Nihilus was like talking to a dog. He barks and you answer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And then you beat him with very little difficulty. *I am not saying you should beat your dog (or anyone elses dog) though.
  10. Hmmm...I never even thought about the levels of possible returning characters. Thanks Chris.
  11. I figure it is better than saying he is whiny. It is all people say. I can't even begin to count how many times I have seen someone either here or at Bioware say that Carth is nothing but a whiner. There are no other reasons to hate on him. He wasn't even that whiny. As others have stated, his whole life was destroyed. If there is a reason to complain, that is it.
  12. My visits here have become less frequent. I figured I couldn't quit cold turkey, so I am taking baby steps. Wish me luck.
  13. His hair. That sissy curl in the front drove me crazy. I just wanted to cut it off the whole time. (w00t)
  14. I didn't know what to expect, that is why I was reading through it.
  15. I knew it! Hades_One now has a programmer for his non-Jedi Star Wars crpg. Designers and artists had better watch out!
  16. Ya, I read this whole thing thinking a dev posted too! I want a refund.
  17. Yavin 4. With all this Sith talk in the game it just makes the most sense.
  18. I don't care. I thought we were past the useless poll phase.
  19. These are cool reads. I figured they would make us wait more time inbetween each part. I am not complaining though.
  20. Doesn't sound like it to me <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Me neither. I don't think Zalbaar will make an appearance at all. I have yet to encounter someone that actually liked and regularly used him.
  21. Jump to conclusions on these boards? No way!
  22. I have read all of the clone wars stuff so far (except for the two that were just released), and I must say that Cestus Deception was probably to best of the lot. I recommend it to everyone!
  23. They have different XBox's. I think we have NTSC screen format and they have PAL. The games aren't compatible unless the unit is modded. I am not bored waiting for this game because school is keeping me quite busy, but I am sick and tired of seeing all these people with the same damn Avatar. It bugs the hell out of me.
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