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  1. Yeah, some games like Doom3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein were 55 bucks, but most are always either 50 bucks or less. And from what I have noticed recently a lot of games go on sale the week after release to 40 or some kind of combined sale thing.
  2. I was thinking the same thing, but just assumed that Obsidian had assigned the names to corresponding numbers. I figured they did this because, lets face it, names are way more interesting than numbers. The only thing that threw me off was that Form VII, Mace Windu's style is known as Vaapad in Shatterpoint, not Juyo.
  3. Form V. My Revan's were usually Guardians, and that one just fits best with the Guardian class in my opinion. But you still voted didn't you?
  4. I can at least shoot their eyes out. That is enough for me! (w00t)
  5. Which obviously led to his downfall. As far as Sith always admitting that the Light is stronger or regretting their choices, that does get kind of old. But, when you believe in something and think it is right winning an argument, or in this case a battle, and having your opponent admit that he/she was wrong is an excellent feeling. So even though the remorseful sith thing is a bit played out, it still has a bit of value for me.
  6. I am going to use a Red Rider BB gun. Sith can't stop that!
  7. Seems like you aren't the only one....
  8. The game looks cool, but the console only thing makes it lame. Until I see that I can have it on PC, then I will say I think it is lame. Yes, I am bitter. Get over it.
  9. Well, for me when I choose what my character says it is a reflection of what I would say. This is always true for my first play through. As you all know it is very easy to get involved in a RPG and this was very true for me in Kotor. I knew the decisions I made were in a game and purely fictional, but there was always a sense of consequence for me. I only played DS once just to see the ending, and it was the least amount of fun for me since I had to detach myself from the game.
  10. Revan's accomplishments are pretty damn impressive. He/She was able to rally support for the Republic in the Mandalorian Wars and defeat the Mandalorians who were dominating every battle. I think Canderous even said that there was no way the Republic could have won without Revan.
  11. Which game are you talking about? Fable?
  12. They already said they would. Us PC folk will in theory be safe, but there are several jackasses in internet land. Best bet is to avoid this place like the neverland ranch.
  13. Fixed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My words! They changed! There must be some foul play involved! :ph34r:
  14. I have to agree with GhostofAnakin on this one. In the first game there was loads of talk about the potential Revan held. Perhaps even more so than the praise that Bastila received for her battle meditation abilities. One of the Dantooine masters even refered to Revan as being the Prodigal Knight. If my character even comes close in ability to what Revan is/was than I will be disappointed. If my character is so badass, then why were we so hung up about Revan's power and why was Bastila so important to the war? We could have just looked for the exiled Jedi and asked him/her to help join the cause. If the new character is more powerful than Bastila, that will be ok because the only thing forced at us about her was Battle Meditation which is something we can choose to have. I expect my character to rank high among the living Jedi, but not so high that he/she creates a legacy greater than that of Revan. And 5 years isn't nearly enough time to say that the "time of Revan" is over.
  15. I am buying an Xbox and as many games as my credit card will allow because being in huge debt is cool!
  16. Do they go to a warmer climate to relax, or a colder climate to reflect?
  17. I would only get the guide for that DVD. All of the walkthrough stuff is easily found online, or even on these boards.
  18. Either that or they are really good at engineering flooring and roadways, but when it comes to buildings they are average. I think it is just an old screenshot and like someone said before if Onderon was bombed it wasn't an orbital assault like Taris and Telos, but a bombing from ground warfare.
  19. Ya atleast he could be funny <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ya, that would be even more reason to have him around during those parts. It is pretty funny when a scruffy looking dude insults prissy folk in a formal setting.
  20. I know most of the people here don't like the NJO, but in Traitor, Vergere was able to take Jacen Solo's ablity to use the Force away from him. I had thought about this possibility, but Jacen was around Vergere the whole time so I assumed he had to be near Vergere for it to work. I guess the fact that lack of use will cause it to diminish works. Kind of like Kyle Katarn in Jedi Outcast.
  21. The thing I am having a hard time understanding is the whole detached from the Force thing. I don't understand how that can happen. From all the books I have read, the Jedi explain the Force as being an extra sense that they have had all their lives. To me a Jedi losing his ability to use the Force is like one of us instantly losing the ability to hear or something like that.
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