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  1. This thread needs to mosey on over to technical support, since it refers to an often discussed bug there. If a character is dead in either Story or Quest mode, you MUST forfeit the scenario or the character will permanently miss out on any rewards for that story/scenario, and if this includes feats, they will never be able to acquire them. Sounds neat, basically defeated characters should get partial XP. However, until the bug the OP was reporting, and others, are resolved, this will only make matters worse (since now you are missing feats AND have mixed-level parties, which makes you miss feats even if you live)
  2. Modified title to highlight the bigger problem, wonder if the original title made people just assume it was another of the cosmetic card award bugs, want to focus in the permanent issue rather than an inconvenience.
  3. To my knowledge, the mixed party issue has not been confirmed as a known bug (it's not the same as somebody dying). Any chance for official confirmation? This severely limits quest mode.
  4. That same argument applies to LOTS of cards. Why doesn't every character recharge encountering a Bandit? It's so weird that people say that "you applies to all players" for the warchanter, but nowhere else. Everywhere else in the game, the cards specifically refer to "all players" if "all players" are supposed to be affected. The warchanter's power should either be changed to "Before you act, all characters must make a wisdom 8 check. Any character that fails may not play spells with the attack trait or weapons" or it should be changed to be in line with all other cards (where You = The character encountering the card / reading the card).
  5. This usually requires manually dragging the card into the play area. It's a counter Intuitive uI quirk. No button, gotta drag.
  6. My experience is that if you do not win the quest, you do not get XP, so far never had any exception while trying out various new party mixes.
  7. I think when I did most of my playing, Displayed wasn't mainstream yet, which probably is what's throwing me off.
  8. I had always thought that a revealed card couldn't be used to power her discard ability either, and the app seems to support that, at least in how it works when it's not bugged out. By the same token, you should then be able to also discard (and thus recharge) any of her animals for their effect after revealing them.
  9. Hoping for either confirmation or if anybody else is running into this bug / has a workaround. It's leaving me very reluctant to play quest mode.
  10. I always play my story parties as static parties, never mixing and matching old and new characters. This seems more stable than shifting things around, at least for the time being.
  11. Any extra details? Story or quest mode, were they dead, etc? Enough people seem to not miss feats in story play that there may be some condition you're running into.
  12. I just ran into the same issue. Rolled a 1, so 0 cards, deck shuffled and now controls are non functional. Will reboot and post if problems persist, but hope it's just inconvenient. Edit: Simple restart of app fixes the issue.
  13. I get loot just fine on other parties. It seems very consistent, feats attach to characters, loot attaches to the party, and I get why. Bringing one new character shouldn't get you all the loot, that's too much. If you want more copies of the loot, use a new party.
  14. Yeah, a similar situation without the horde worked, so I think it was the horde, even though it was his turn, but the horde made another character active before I could use powers.
  15. Had the following Explored with Ezren, encountered a skeletal horde, he engaged his skeleton. Played frost ray. Since cards don't play until you roll, I rolled. I got a terrible roll (all 1s, ouch) and took 4 damage. Because I'm taking damage, no activation of expanded spellbook. I discard improved arcane armor, which Is playing it, no activation. I then reveal mirror image, which is also playing, no activation. Ducked all the damage, but all three spells should have given an activation (and the two defensive spells could be stacked). Had to end the turn rather than getting two more cards to keep going.
  16. Ran into a couple issues when I finished quest mode with a mixed party First was the Reward card shooting up off-screen (covered in this thread so I won't repeat here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86659-quest-mode-reward-bug/ ) The second, and more concerning, was this: Start of quest, Valeros, Lini, and Sajan (VL and S) were all Level 4. Seoni Was level 1. VL and S had gotten their first 3 rewards, so 2 cards, and a Skill Feat, so everything started properly. Upon completing the scenario, VL and S leveled to 6, while Seoni Reached 4. Seoni Got her cards, as did the others (took a little doing, see other thread). However, VL and S earned Power Feats, while Seoni should have earned a Skill Feat. The interface came up to allocate power feats to VL and S, and I did so normally. However, then the interface came up for Seoni. While the UI Defaulted to her Skill page, AND the red Plus circles were present, they were non-functional. However, when I selected the page for Power feat, the controls were enabled, and I was able to select a power feat and could then continue. However, once I returned to the party select screen, Seoni no longer had the power feat, but she also did not get a Skill feat. This leaves her in an inconsistent state, because she's passed the level to get her skill feat, but didn't get it. Pretty sure it has to do with the interface. No she wasn't dead or anything of the sort. I'm worried I'm going to have to delete her, but also a little annoyed if that means that all parties must be the same level at all times, to avoid running into bugs.
  17. I had a similar thing happen. I resolved it by hard closing, and re-opening, and selecting a different reward card for a previous participant. It took me a few tries to be able to collect all rewards.
  18. No, empathy only works on animals discarded for their effect. When using her power it doesn't trigger. She's still insanely good though.
  19. In Quest mode, what happens if you combine characters into an invalid party config? I'd experiment but I'm loath to play the mode right now with the turn issues, but I've always wondered how this is handled with the less structured nature of quest mode. Edit: Never Mind, played around with it myself. Looks like quest mode let's you do all sorts of invalid things, and you can have a character with 6 copies of one spell etc. as long as you never pull out of the box to do so. You can load up 2 characters in two parties with all copies of a card, and then put them into one party, and trade them across. I foresee bugs...
  20. Just got this as well. It sounds like the issue is that before you act fired before temporary closure, applying the difficulty modifier to close checks. I believe temp close is before you encounter, but either way the penalty shouldn't apply to people not encountering the card
  21. I use those spells the way you intended to frequently, so something situational was stopping you, be it bug or game effect.
  22. Honestly most seem to be from later packs, I have so many 6s I want to use...
  23. I also get this issue on Warchanter, but it seems to be a harmless inconvenience.
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