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  1. One thing I know 100% for certain is that Obsidian is actively developing new cards for the game (see Hawkmoon's song, named after OUR forum member Hawkmoon). As well as actively integrating cards from other sets. This is all in addition to just adding new Adventure Decks. They are not deliberately withholding cards, they are releasing them in batches as they get made. Additionally these are all cards that are not in the core game, and are not required to play. You're missing the point. Every card they add into the same set as an old card means that your odds of getting new cards drops, as you may get repeats of the cards that were in the older set. They should have new chests for new cards. You're basically confirming that they are adopting a strategy that solely exists to milk as much money out of the few that will pay. Also, I'm tired of the "not required to play" dodge. It's available for purchase, they accept money for it. Would you just shrug off a poor quality phone because you don't need one to live?
  2. Yeah, these threads about the odds shifting and cards being added to the pool later only renew my disdain for the ccg elements added onto the game. New cards should be in their own set, rather than expanding the pool and forcing future purchases to be bigger to get the new stuff, since the old junk is still in the domain and is just garbage at that point. I agree with the earlier poster that, bug or not, this feels very dishonest.
  3. You shouldn't be allowed to play the same shield twice (because then you should be able to play it an infinity number of times) - there's a FAQ at Paizo : http://paizo.com/paizo/faq/v5748nruor1gk#v5748eaic9rtf Ah, ok. Looks like you CAN play twice, but it can only be one reveal, so if it has a reveal and play (and says can be played if you've already played an X) it should work.
  4. This could also be a good area for wildcard effects. Poison damage causes you to bury a card etc. That allows them to introduce cool new things that aren't directly in the original because wildcards aren't really core game.
  5. The rulebook actually specifically calls out the scenario that if you play a type of card on a check, you cannot play that type of card on the absorb. They use spell as an example, but armor counts too. Whether or not it's the same card isn't relevant. It's also an advantage of shields. There are shields that can be played even if you've played other armors, so you can use those twice, or two different ones, etc.
  6. Actually, that first thread says the opposite, based on the phrasing of the rule, but is then clarified to be the opposite of that, without actually changing the errata. The problem stems from the fact that the word MUST is problematic "You may explore your location once each turn without playing a card that allows you to explore; this must be your first exploration for the turn." So.. if this is the rule, then if you play another card to gain an extra explore (thereby forgoing your free explore) then you have actually violated that rule as soon as you have taken it. The reason for it is that by doing this, the first exploration for the turn is NOT exploring the location without playing a card that allows you to explore (since you played the card and created a paradox). The rule that would make this work is actually "this MAY ONLY be your first exploration for the turn." Now yes, further on, Mike says "Another way to think of this is "You can only have one exploration at a time." Since you already have a first exploration pending, if you make another one happen, you still only have one." but that isn't another way of thinking about it. That's actually a completely different way of thinking about it. Ultimately, what this really showcases is that the card game is too complex to easily boil down to a simple set of rules. Take a look at Magic, which had so many card interactions that they blasted entire card types out of the universe to try and simplify things up. "Opponent Loses Next Turn." Either way, however Obsidian chooses to implement it, the main thing is this: Detect Magic is not an explore, it's an encounter, and at least for now you can't play allies for extra explores until you take your built in. Frankly, I'm amazed people aren't complaining more about the way they've implemented blessing dice, instead of this thread.
  7. Detect magic is explicitly NOT an explore. There's a rule that doesn't come up much that prohibits banking of explores. Since you have one at the start of the turn, you can't gain another until you've used up the first one. Detect magic says that you can look at it, and then encounter it if it meets certain conditions, but it isn't an explore. It doesn't trigger things like Ezren's extra explore power for that reason.
  8. 4 here. More just makes the game too busy for me, and you rush to get through it all.
  9. I stopped playing the "wrong caster type" game. Greater Aid has Seoni casting a divine spell etc. They were using a single shot magic item. Remember, they CAN cast the spell, they're just not good at it.
  10. Aarik I sense a feature request in this! I think it would be very valuable/essential to allow players to self-service remove their cloud data, just in case.
  11. You could try turning off network and nuking your save files. Here's the location on android Connect the Android Device to your PC. Open Windows Explorer and open the device Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files Then start up and see if that helps. I'm taking you at your word that you're considering nuclear options.
  12. Thank you for the reply Nathan. I was hoping that my concerns were coming across appropriately. I am one of the people for which living card games were a great idea. I would gladly spend freely on static content over random, and these concerns have never been about wanting more for less money, rather more for more money.
  13. One thing to throw out there, losing purchases is not a worry. when you unlock the character with gold or money, there's no attachment to any party that you're running. Unlocks happen at the account level, so if you're worried about losing characters you bought, that's not a worry. You could uninstall everything and start a brand new game with every character you purchased and unlocked. Progresson rewards are tied to the party. If you start an entirely new party, with new characters, you can get the rewards again. As far as getting your specific save/party back, that I can't speak to, but the worst you should be looking at is starting a new party, but with any characters available to your account
  14. - adding new cards this should happen on it's own. How many games have you played? The odds of any one card appearing are pretty slim. Some of the base cards from the game have 2-3 copies and I go through dry spells. However, you should eventually see it as long as you're in a circumstance where the deck is appropriate (and you confirmed the card is a B) - different decks The decks are added, so campaign 1 has both B and Adventure 1, campaign 2 has all three. Once you get to campaign 3, the system has a culling mechanism in place to reduce the odds of seeing some of the older cards. You may just be running into poor luck, I think AD 1 only has a few barriers to begin with, so you may not see them for a long time. once you get to AD 2 or 3, you should have had enough time to see 1 more often etc. Quest mode puts level 1 villiains into level b parties just for variety, from what I can tell. also, obsidian moved some cards around because the deck numbers weren't always in line with the power of the card. C cards get added to the available cards same as B cards overall, you seem to have the right idea for how it's supposed to work - villain with 2 combat Undefeated. you must defeat both, unless the card says otherwise. - mixing old and new character no, for the app you are pretty liberal in mixing. you would then need to replay the scenario with the new character for them to get credit, and Loot rewards are only awarded once per party, so you can't get those again even if you mix and match.
  15. IF divine is an option on the check, then the evangelist forces the check to divine when I play, even if I want to add 1d4 to another check. Changing it back to another type of Check cancels the evangelist. It comes up on blessings where you might rather add 1d4 versus 1d6 and Converts to divine.
  16. I would also love a full-text summary of current powers without needing to click on the icons etc.
  17. There's a thread around this. The current fairly widespread theory is that if Magga eats a card to finish the scenario, then you will not get credit. Try to have the scenario end because one of your characters collects the last card.
  18. Any chance for backporting the extra salvage amount? The incredible amount of repeats means you cant wait to salvage for the prive to correct.
  19. Agreed Kami, as somebody who wants to play later pathfinder card games, like skull and shackles etc. On the app, I am worried that the f2p allowance, combined with low price on the season pass, will leave this a dead game in nothing flat. I personally feel that nothing about the game but the first 2 characters should be free. The later content should only be pay unlock, and the chest content should be available, for purchase, in a non random form. Any claims that I'm saying the season pass should have more for the price are just ignoring posts to argue against an imagined enemy.
  20. Given that one of the release notes is that salvage value now calculates correctly, and salvage values have always been only 2, I'm guessing it's a bug that they're all still 2. I've never seen what they should be.
  21. Noticing that quests aren't giving me gold prizes either, running normals.
  22. Defeated a monster at Sandpoint cathedral as lini, went to recharge and was going to recharge a favor of pharasma. The game went funny... I could now drag it anywhere on the screen and it would stay there, for no real effect. I can cancel the action just fine to progress, but it was weird.
  23. Presumably at the end of the card process, the display would turn into a discard/banish/recharge, but overall it might make the most sense to split the "take damage" step into two steps, first is "Reduce Damage" where you can PLAY cards, be it to discard, banish, bury, recharge, etc. (spells and armor) and the second step is "Take Damage" where you discard cards because you are damaged. That way, if you want to just use an armor/spell etc. as a Hit Point and not for effect, you skip the first.
  24. Do you mean when you use the 'Forfeit' button? Because that makes sense in conjunction with the original bug, as the Magga is eating all the cards, while you're spending empty turns. In theory, yes, but in practice, I don't think Magga eats if you forfeit. Nothing seems to indicate that she's actually consuming cards when the game burns the deck. However, I honestly think that any scenario you forfeit should be unwinnable by default. This is the only scenario I know of where "time out" doesn't automatically fail.
  25. No, it's just not intuitive. It needs to be better clarified. Obsidian will probably do it at some point. Yup, the whole game could use context tooltips explaining common scenarios, so it's good to point it out even if it's just awkward and not broken. Too many of us are relying on a strong knowledge of the physical game to enjoy this game, and long term that's not good for first contact players (which you may or may not be, just a comment).
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