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  1. So after opening lots of chests this morning, I noticed a couple things as started to salvage the ones I have a lot of (I like to keep 2 of each, unless its a upgraded blessing then I keep 4). First I noticed that no matter what the rarity of the card, it only salvages for 2 gold. Is that intended? I would have expected higher rarity cards to be worth more than the common ones. Second, the Feature Request: Can a quantity selector be added to the salvage pop up so that we can salvage multiple copies of the same card in one go be added? In a couple cases I wanted to salvage 4-6 copies of a single card, and it became kind of tedious. Last little side note, the art for Improved Arcane Armor(an arcane card) has the cleric on it and Improved Guidance (a divine card) has the sorcerer on it. Maybe the arts should be swapped? They both have similar shimmering barriers in the art. Just a thought.
  2. Wohoo! Thats going to be a great patch! Thanks guys!
  3. I assume thats the same thing then, as in my case using the Caltrops should cancel the Crossbow? Keep in mind that the card getting stuck was also only one piece of it. As if the card had been canceled it would have also dropped the DC back down to 8 from 11, and had me defeat the skeleton and not evade it.
  4. So I ran into this one this weekend. Kind of an odd use case. Setup: I was playing a 4 man party in story, normal diff, no pass and play, no perma-death. I forget the scenario, but it had Ancient Skeleton Henchmen as I was fighting one when this happened. The part member involved was the bard, but I don't think it mattered to much. First, I revealed my Heavy Crossbow, to you know, kill it. But then I noticed, hey I have some Caltrops that I picked up earlier, I can just use that to defeat it and move on. So with the Crossbow still in the revealed position, I dragged the caltrops to the banished spot and thats when things went sideways. 1) the caltrops ended up evading the skeleton because its DC had increased due to the weapon (which I had assumed would be dropped back down to 8 from 11 because the crossbow would not be used.) And then 2) after the animation for evading was played, the crossbow was never returned to my hand. When I ended my turn after doing one more explore, my hand was filled back to 6 now counting the crossbow. The crossbow card remained in the reveal window for the remainder of the adventure for all 4 characters, and if another card was revealed it would be placed on top of it. While I could not drag the card anywhere I could tap the crossbow card to have it zoom in to examine its text. I was still able to complete the adventure, and the bards discard and deck numbers were always correct as if that card was not in either. My worry was that I would loose the card after the adventure, but that didn't happen. When I got to the deck reconciliation stage, it was their as if it had been buried. I have been meaning to try this kind of scenario again, but I suspect the main cause is revealing a weapon then using a card that auto evades/defeats the bane. Thanks Dev team for the continued hard work!
  5. Haha, yea now that you mention it, I noticed that this weekend while playing some more. I have a huge appreciation for the complexity of this game going digital, as its so easy to miss an aspect of one of the cards, even when playing it physically. But thanks for the point out!
  6. Ok I have another small UI bug to report. First noticed it a day or two after the last patch came out that allowed us to get into Quest mode. Given all my attempts to get in before the patch had seemed to create lots of clones on lvl 1 experienced characters, I figured well I should delete all of those so I can have a clean slate to work with. What I found was after I deleted the first character, their portrait at the top disappeared, but the art for their paper doll did not. Then when I selected the next character, their paper doll would appear onto of the old one. At this point no other actions would compute, how ever I could still bring up the '...' menu. I also could not select any other character. I could how ever hit the main menu icon, which allowed to go back to the main choose your adventure screen. Then I could go back into the party management screen, delete one more character, process would repeat. The delete did happen, but the artifact left behind definitely caused the issue. Then last night I decided to delete my sorc because she had died in an adventure and not gotten a skill (it was for the end of the B track, so not far in) and noticed that it does also happen in Story mode, and that promoted me to write it up this morning. Again I am on an iPad 4 none retina, with the most current IOS. Thanks guys!
  7. So I ran into this bug last night, where if you have an ally who is at a location that has a failed Collapsed passage sitting on top of their location deck, and another ally encounters a Goblin Battlechanter (that name might be off, warchanter maybe? Its the one that makes everyone make a wisdom check or not be able to use attack spells or weapons) cause the round robin wisdom checks, when it comes to the ally at the location with the Collapsed passage it wont allow that ally to roll. I assume that this is due to the interaction of the Collapsed passage. If I exited the game and came back in, it would continue the game with the beginning of the encounter happening and the bug would appear every time. I ended up having to start from the continue and immediately forfeit the game so that I could start a new and not be locked in. Stats: I am on an ipad 4 non retina, using the most current IOS. I had a 6 person party playing the 4th part of chapter 1 on normal difficulty, no permadeath, no pass and play. I don't remember the locations, but I do know that the Paladin was alone at the location with the failed Collapsed Barrier and that the Druid was alone at another location that triggered the round of wisdom checks. Side not, I have noticed a handful of times that some times the Collapsed passage will be ignored and I will be able to just draw the next location card anyway (when this happens, the collapsed passage card is to the right of the location deck and not on top of it.) Figured I would just mention that as I am guessing that this bug has to do with that card.
  8. Hey everyone, we are currently looking into the issue, but it appears that Deadfish's workaround will work for now. Thanks a bunch and sorry for the inconvenience. So we have another thread running about this issue over at http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86763-stuck-at-rewards-after-local-heroes/. In my case, it wasn't to do with Local Heros but instead with a quest much like Deadfish's issue. His work around however won't work for me, as it does exactly that but its happening when a character is receiving a spell card reward. So I don't have the option to choose a different kind of reward and definitely am stuck from being able to play quest anymore. My specs and details are posted in the other thread. But after seeing this thread and what people have run into, I would say Aarik it prolly does have to do with the spell rewards... But given that before that spell reward was given and it does the card jump up, I had three other characters that got to choose a boon type for a lower level reward, in my playing with it, I could get any of the reward types none of them would break, and yet then when the 1 higher level character got her spell card, it jumps off screen. So it may also have to do with the fact that I had characters of different levels in the party, and I have been noticing across the threads that this seems to be the case with a lot these kind of bugs people are running into on the rewards screen. Just my fellow dev 2 sense, keep up the good work and hope this gets resolved soon so we can get back to questing!
  9. So I have encounter this as well, but in Quest mode. Upon getting to the rewards screen, I had a total of 3 card reward selection screens to go through before I could do a skill selection to finish my rewards. Getting to the 3rd round of card selections I only need to have it reveal a spell card for one character. You see the card animate in, then it jumps off screen above the portraits, and you can see the sparkles coming off the card, but it is not tappable so their is no way to proceed. This also locks out all other ui elements and the only way I could proceed was to close the App. If I then continue or go to quest mode again, it just takes me back to the beginning of the rewards screen for that mission and it all happens again, making Quest mode unplayable yet again. I can still load up Story mode and play. I figure the fix can be 2 fold, one fix the card flying off screen, but also make it so that during the card reveal stage, you can click anyway to move forward. Honestly if that section of the rewards were more stream lined I would be ok with it... the delay for the animations is a bit much anyway. Editing to add my specs: I am on iOS (most current), iPad4 none Retina Gameplay: I was completing a Normal difficulty Quest mode adventure with 4 Character (Fighter, Rogue, Druid, Sorc). All but the Rogue where 1st level, and she was 8th. So for rewards, the 1st level characters all go an Ally Card, then a boon of their choice And would receive a skill feat if they had gotten that far. Then the Rogue got just a spell card reward, and its that card reveal that bugged out. Happy to help with any other information if needed. As a fellow software dev, I fully understand the development cycle and the challenges of working on an awesome project like this with a smaller team. Keep up the great work, loving the game so far and hope to see lots of content for it over time!
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