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  1. Second time today I've needed this image... https://assets.listia.com/photos/2099e1cc6150a0e3dba5/original.jpg?s=320x320m&sig=4ee8f7378452216a&ts=1335268663 Also, isn't last lancea sanctum from NWOD (where the system is crazy broken regardless)? And Sabat vampires were cool until you remembered that paths mean you should have negative humanity, and humanity 0 is "can't be mistaken for a human in a dark alley." Pretty much everything senses that you are wrong. Demon and Mage were more my bag. And changeling, if you wanted to play in the world of dimness as opposed to darkness, although the "everybody forgets eventually" tones could be pretty soul crushing.
  2. I'm not sure how much people would be able to help you, since your current bug is built on top of another bug.
  3. So offline mode ends up being more a copy of the real game instead of the real game with awesome upgraded cards. Still, I happen to really like my treasure cards helping my campaign/quest runs, so I will concede that point. Here's hoping they find a better way to lock down gold without letting all the pretty, precious, shiny treasure cards be online-only. My biggest thing is that the treasure cards are something that they accept money for. Regardless of whether or not they're needed, or people choose to use them or not (since you can turn them off) they accept money for them, so making them online only turns a portion (in fact, the most costly portion) of the game into online only. Otherwise, they should call it a charitable donation to the company, rather than a purchase.
  4. Already posted! I'm beginning to think this forum is powered by irony, as this bug is not on the newly posted list.
  5. Dont forget that not only can you not earn gold offline, you can't encounter treasure too. So for much of the content, it IS online only.
  6. I will again state that selling static packs for a set amount would solve this. I dont like the gold system and this is baggage with it. If we had static packs they could be available offline too and no need to get gold involved in the game.
  7. Normal cards should never be tradeable, if they ever added trading. Only treasure cards. Which I also don't think should be tradeable.
  8. They've already discussed a desire for the app to be a chance to go above ad6 in general. Quest mode is a good way to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if they go higher.
  9. Before that they need to address the fact that it will take years of play or thousands of dollars to have anything worth trading. However, I agree that trading probably isn't a good idea. Opens a whole new rmt market.
  10. Any chance we could get the quest mode levels for all cards both for planning and to hunt bugs? I actually thought you guys just bumped it to level 4 or 5 given how good it is.
  11. I'd use 3 as a good guideline, but of course it's preference . They don't disappear.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if the damage step is just a separate "check" right now. Trying to remember if I've been able to play two items in similar vein.
  13. Send a pm would be my take. Not all threads get attention and a lot of this kind of thread is resolved by the community.
  14. Pester Aarik until he checks your account. He'll need your Id (found under settings)
  15. Once characters settle into a good build, you should be recharging a lot of cards rather than discarding them. Casters especially, like ezren. Only blessings and allies should really ever hit the discard unless you make a goof. This varies a little between characters, of course.
  16. Keep in mind that story mode is the classic mode, from the physical game. Quest mode is new for the app, and is intended to be an open ended experience. The level concept was made up for quest mode, originally there were no levels, just unlocks. Also, as a warning, ad# isn't always the same in quest. Some cards were ruled too weak or powerful and moved to other levels. As you level, better cards should appear, but quest mode is intended to be very slow.
  17. Also, you may be confusing party progress for character progress. Have you completed all three with a single character? In general, until you're comfortable with the game, don't change your party.
  18. They are added to the possible cards you can find when exploring, so you add them to your decks indirectly.
  19. Yeah, expansions are different than just adding new cards into the same set. CCG's have two major differences, once a set is released, they don't add new cards to it (they may add more sets to the game, but each set is immutable) and the second major difference is that CCG's don't have an infinite number of cards in a set (as in copies of a card). Oh, and also trading. The ability to trade duplicates would make a lot of the giant problems with the treasure system go away. Trading? I hope not. Played BloodBrothers/D3 before and I tell you trading will be bad and will just be another problem. Many cases (mine included) where I traded/goaded a highvalue card for something of less because I was new to the game or didn't research. The intention was to point out the difference and showcase that without trading, other considerations for how to resolve the gap need to be in the game. I agree actually, trading also invites account theft. A mechanism to fill in the gaps solo is much preferred.
  20. Yeah, expansions are different than just adding new cards into the same set. CCG's have two major differences, once a set is released, they don't add new cards to it (they may add more sets to the game, but each set is immutable) and the second major difference is that CCG's don't have an infinite number of cards in a set (as in copies of a card). Oh, and also trading. The ability to trade duplicates would make a lot of the giant problems with the treasure system go away.
  21. I'm not trying to tell people to stop buying. I'm only trying to tell others to stop panicking. Pathfinder Adventures is a very generous F2P game, and an otherwise very good paid game. However, treasure chests inhabit a "worst of both worlds" middle area between the two. Go enjoy the actual game for a while and wait for the dust to settle on how treasure cards work. Gotta catch 'em all! wasn't a key component of the physical game, and the digital is 100% complete, whole, fun, and playable without the treasures. My main concern with these responses is that this game isn't early access, it's launched. They're taking money, and none of this information about the chests has been previously available or posted anywhere but here. As Nathan has mentioned, their transparency leaves much to be desired and will be costing them customers. I expect this from early access, not retail. This info should be in the app on the chest purchase pages. For those that wonder why I even stick around, it's because I like the game and want them to fix it. In customer service, you learn something important about customers who complain, at least with specific complaints. For every person that tells you what you did wrong, a dozen left without a word. Negative feedback is important. I have friends who loved the physical game and gave up on the app after a week, never willing to give obsidian a cent. Collectibles are a huge part of modern gaming, which is why Nathan mentioned that in his post as well. Had I known that they would be continually moving the goal line, I wouldn't have spent a penny until they were done. I have thrown away dozens of duplicates because at launch the card pool was miniscule. Worst of both worlds is the best way to describe the implementation of the treasure chest system. At least ccgs don't move the goal on you.
  22. I gotta wonder what obsidian's take is on the number of people trying to convince their customers to stop buying. I notice a lot of people don't argue that the system is good, and instead argue that the system is optional.
  23. And before somebody says you don't have to pay, that is 400,000 gold, or 533 hours at 750 gold an hour.
  24. Nathan, You still don't really address the fact that if you continue to add cards to the available list open-ended, it will become increasingly costly to even attempt to get the newer cards. Does the list you post cover the comprehensive set of cards that will be added to this ever-growing list, or when you finish with this list and decide to add new ones, will they just be thrown into the pot along with all the others, forcing us to often buy hundreds of chests to get the new items because there's still such a high chance of getting an older card? Please tell me that chests will at least be divided into seasons so that once you finish this set, any future set will be separate. Another idea would be to weight draws toward cards you don't have. The people who defend the current system arent thinking through the math. With a 1/40 chance per draw of a legendary, and 40 legendaries in your domain, you have a .0625% chance of getting a specific legendary in one draw (or more accurately, a 1599/1600 chance of not getting it, or 99.9375%). In other words, if you have the whole set, and you guys add one more legendary, and I buy 960 more chests ($400 worth), I only have a 45% chance of getting the new card. This chance goes down with each new card. Basically, every card added is hundreds to thousands of dollars to try and get. Not even ccgs are this bad.
  25. Your analogy is better actually, so for that I agree. On this phone, every time a new app IS developed, you have to buy every single app released so far to get the new one. That sounds exactly like this. And they could easily build as they go, just using different sets of chests. New cards, new chests. Or the all or nothing option, but I'd rather chests with small domains.
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