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  1. Didn't I hear somewhere that Jawa speak is based on Swahili? Just curious what VOOTEEDEE means. I think ti means 'Great shot kid , one in a million, now lets steal this droid and get out of here'
  2. Well maybe Shadows of the Empire was wrong. IIRC thermal detonators have a tendnecy to knock enemies off their feet , perhaps the thugs in Jabbas palace had spent several hours doing their hair and pulling their gladrags on and weren't about to get a crease in their polyester suits?
  3. not on malachor. A) because you'd be unable to install it, as, if I remember correctly there are no tech benches from therin. and B) cos I DEFNITELY had one before Malachor. I *think* it might be somewhere on Nihil's ship
  4. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And what is the Exar Kun war ? Is that other name for the Mandalorian wars? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No its a war before the Mandalorian War, Exar Kun was a powerful Dark Jedi, who waged war on the republic and the Council, IIRC he made his temple on Yavin 4, and a Jedi fleet had to bombard him from orbit or something to take him out.
  5. Because Light and Dark are not defined by being Sith or Jedi, and what Bastilla is trying to do is turn him back to the Jedi Code, even if she doesn't realise it, matters of light and dark are secondary to her motives. She has bought into the Jedi party line, beleiving only Jedi serve the light and others must be 'fallen'. Just like many RL religions think all those who do not worship in their temples must be 'lost' regardless of how they conduct their lives. The Jedi Code is just that, a code. Light and Dark are not defined by doctrine, just as adhering to the morality of most religions does not really require strict adherence to a stone tablet or a set of scrolls. These things are there for those who are unable to make their own decisions about what is right and wrong, without some moral yardstick to refer to. The reason Jolee is not entirley light side is a given as allowing himself to be emotional in ways Jedi will not, leaves him open to darker emotions. but so what, he feels them and he accepts them. The Jedi and Sith ideaologies tend towards extremes, and hence when a Jedi fails more often than not he embraces the opposite philosophy, assuming that, as the light has not proved to be the path he had thought it to be, then the dark must be the correct cause. Many of them forget that what matters in life is to feel. to live. to breath. And that emotions such as hate must be understood, not denied. But.. basically I'd say on pure motive alone, Jolee could pretty much be seen as orientated to the light, he just depsises dogma and extremism Good question. I dunno
  6. Dunno, man, I popped there for the first time and it seems to be one of the worst places to go in search of answers. it seems all those too immature for these boards end up posting there. got a link to it? cos most official posts about the product SEEM to end up above the main post sections, last I checked there were 3. 2 of which were OLD posts about the ongoing development before release, the last of which was about the patch, way back in Feb. I'd imagien they would post it there for consistency
  7. sifted through ten pages then got fed up LO> so if this has been pointed out, sorry. I am liking this theory so far, and there's another point, that whole 'Loading ramp' thing with Visas, this backstory would go a LONG way to describing why Kreia has issues with Jedis having children, and also why that is the FIRST thing she assumes when the Exile meets with Visas, its not like you've been wining and dining Visas, she just makes the assumption immediately, like its something that is altready on her mind.
  8. Nice post. Wish i was able to retain that sort of knowledge, I was aware Neitzche is misinterpreted a hell of a lot though. Another quote people quote a little too much is 'When fighting monsters we must beware not to become monsters.' and 'When staring into the abyss (now here my memory gets foggy its either.. ) beware lest the abyss stares back at you.. (or) be careful it does not pull you in' or words to that effect, if ya can clear that one up I'd be grateful lemur *Slaps forehead* and now I gone and quoted it... :"> (w00t)
  9. Erm. I put myself down as Jedi on that census " *shrugs* It was as much a statement of my own very much patchwork spiritual beliefs, as much as a statement of how little regard I hold such things as these census things. And all that happened was next time (in 10 years) there will be a little number code on the computer system for 'Jedi', rather than it getting put under 'Other'. Its funny cos you can be taken to court for ANY false answers you give on the census, but the one question you can't is religion. Well, obviously. Nobody has the right to tell me what I beleive, even if they think I am yanking their chain. well they do have that right but they can't lock me up if they don't beleive me. Hmm maybe they should. Anyway back on topic, there wasa post way earlier which pointed out the Zen Buddhist thing and there's been a few more since. I think that's a close approximation. He even lifts lines from buddhist philosophy and uses them in Episode 2, where Anakin tells Padme Jedis are supposed to have 'Compassion but not attachment' That is one of the core buddhist beleifs, that all unhappiness comes from attachment, its why most buddhists lead lives of ascetism and celibacy. As do Jedi. If you look at one of GLs main influences it was the director Akira Kurosawa, who directed Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and Rashomon among others, a lot of the concepts he put forward were influenced by those films. Jedi beleifs have a lot of philosophies borrowed from Bushido, and a lot of spirituality from Eastern esoteric religions. (In case anyone wonders, esoteric is a religion which centres on the individual in relation to the world around him, rather than focusing on a perceived exterior influence (say.. God) and its implications on the individual. Correct me if I'm wrong there I didn't get that from a dictionary but I'm pretty sure that's correct) Don't forget Shinto either, a very animistic religion. One of the core beliefs of the Jedi is that even inanimate objects have 'life', and that each are bound to each other, that basically all matter is Life, not just vegetation and animals. That's animism in a (very simplified) nutshell for you.
  10. I think Revan will wake up at the beginning of KOTOR 3 and realise KOTOR2 was all 'just a dream'.. then pick up where he/she left off "
  11. Not exactly. Traya didn't have any contact with Revan since the Jedi Civil War. I don't think she realizes that Revan isn't the same person anymore =P <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And its just her personal opinion, and we ALL know about opinions don't we forumites?
  12. Even Lucas himself withdrawed from his midichlorian idea. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *chokes on midichlorians* I was hoping I'd never hear that word again. *gags* Does this mean the Special Edition remastered version of Episode I (In glorious 3dimensional smellyvision as Lucas originally intended it) will have midichlorians removed? hopehopehopehope
  13. Yeah good point.. Ok, in defense of the theory in many respects Nihil could have an intellect based originally upon the Exiles, and then maybe a gestalt of everything he has absorbed... Not in a omniscient uberconsciusness way, more that the original kernel of the Exiles psyche that existed in him was bolstered by the absorption of other force sensitives.. maintaining a shred of humanity with which he can comprehend others around him. But in many ways I see him as not... lacking intellect, but just that he works on a scale that is so huge he is hard to define in 'human' terms. Through his understanding of the force he sees the fleet, and those piloting each vessel, those working on each aspect of running the show as extensions of his will. Whether the Sith that fight for him do so out of loyalty or fear, or because he controls them like a puppet, matters not, because he is close to becoming a god. or perhaps the antithesis of one. hmm thats a thought, maybe the part of the Exile's essence that was torn from him absorbed the essence of many of the Jedis that died at Malachor 5, which would go a long way to explaining how such a being might have formed from 'nothing', and have come to be so powerful in such a short time. He's kind of like the death scream of Malachor and every living being, and more importantly, Jedi (many of whom would also have been fallen) that was on the surface, personified through the lost part of the Exiles own essence. He's become aware in that moment firstly on a global scale, and exists only to recreate that. Born of oblivion, his purpose becomes to bring oblivion to all worlds, and as more worlds fall his awareness becomes wider, until, as Visas says, he no longer senses things on an individual scale. He sees the galaxy, he sees all this life and he wants to feed on it, because he hungers for more power, as much as he is oblivion, he can't truly die because he's tied to the Exile, so he will consume everything until there is nothing left, unless the Exile gets to him first and makes him part of herself again. Again this just points out to em how much better Nihil could have been
  14. To an extent, yeah they may have been wary of that. But as a counter point, try and pick a story that hasn't been 'done before'. there's around a dozen story archetypes you can narrow most tales down to. The whole KOTOR1 story with the player being Revan has been 'done before' but that didn't stop it being great, because they built it up right, they implemented the story in a well crafted way. And further, I'd have thought it was more about life and death, existence and oblivion, empathy or apathy. I mean the Exile can be evil or good if you want to divide things up that way. Nihilus is just empty, I didn't get the impression anything he did was becuase of evil intent. he was simply hunger personified. I was seeing the whole thing more as symbolic of the Exile's reconciliation of what was done at Malachor 5. Does she accept she went too far and decide to use her powers for the protection of others again. or does she stand by her decision and discard her guilt once and for all, decidng might makes right and if the galaxy's fate is at stake she will do anything to maintain order. The alternative being give into the hollow echo in the force she created and do. NOTHING. Become nothing, just like Nihilus and let it happen. If you want to narrow the story down to its consituent parts, in a lot of ways its a mixture of the heroes journey and the prodigal son, with a little smattering of Gawain and The Green Knight. The point with many creative endeavours, especially in the roleplay environment is that many things have already been done many times. the point is when you do it, can you do it justice? I got the feeling, up to a point that Obsidian had it in them to do something like that, indeed there were many pointers that suggested that was a likely resolution. Then for the last 2-3 hours of gameplay it all fell to bits becuase it was obviously rushed.. suddenly the questions which had almost been answered were left unresovled, or alternatively there was no confirmation of the suspicions that everything else had raised. it was like they were signposting to a huge outdoor rock concert all the way through the story then suddenly they cancelled the concert a half mile before you got there, and stuck on some jugglers and a one man band.
  15. I have no idea how I missed Dreads post (w00t) yeah ok I'm an idiot. :">
  16. I was also of the opinion Nihilus was Revan for a long time, but getting closer to the point where I first fought him (i.e. in my first run through the game) an alternate theory came to me... I thought maybe Nihilus was the Exile. Now before you start calling me an idiot. hear me out. The two were 'wounded' in very much the same way as a result of the cataclysmic events at Malachor 5. So I got to thinking.. maybe the wound in the force echoed within the Exile, being the perpertrator of events, his/her connection to the force was ripped away in that moment... and in some way the part of his/her essence that *was* the wound took on physical form, becoming Nihilus. The Exile is spiritually wounded, as part of her has been torn from the core of her being, and Nihilus IS the wound, consisting of every part of her being that she has lost, every part she is unable to face. The two are unwittingly seeking each other out to be reunited, the Exile is the part that could reconcile to the human that he/she had been, and Nihilus represents what would happen if she gave into oblivion. They become flipsides of the same coin... the Exile like a parasite upon those around her, weaving their personalities and forming symbiotic bonds with them, (and if you go DS, even absorbing the essence of those she slays, much like Nihilus). Nihilus is the hollow thing he/she might become, feeding hungrily on the essence of all sensitives he finds, slaying everything in a desperate need to live, long enough perhaps to find the other part of him, and then what.. absorb the Exile? Then absorb all life? As the Exile is met by Kreia and her connection to the force increases, Nihilus becomes aware of her existence once more, and has to find her, till then he had just been a predator not knowing why he did what he did, merely doing it because he must. So, the two are slowly drawn together again for a confrontation. Whichever wins determines the fate of the galaxy as they have become inextricably entwined. if Nihilus wins all die, the echo becomes so loud it causes the death of the Force. if The Exile wins, she becomes whole again, and she and the galaxy may begin to heal. And then there was the whole... well who wins and how. It seemed beleif was critical to the storyline here, so a physical battle is irrelevant... the point is Nihilus would succeed if the Exile gave in to apathy. If the Exile had strong conviction, either to serve the light or the dark, or even to follow her own path, then Nihilus will fail, and the Exile will reforge her spirit anew, stronger than ever before as she has learned to exist without the force. If however she chooses oblivion then she and Nihilus join to become the most terrible thing to ever face the galaxy. And THAT was what i thought Kreia was trying to show the Exile. I mean the evidence is fairly good: 1) Nihilus piloting a broken battlecruiser from the Malachor V graveyard. I was even thinking the ship was going to turn out to be the Exiles own command during the war. 2) The Nihilus like powers a DS player shows when slaying Jedi Masters. (Haven't played it LS fully yet cos Dantooine keeps crashing on me *groans* still this is not about THAT can of worms. ) 3) Nihilus 'becoming one with the force', well maybe Nihilus never truly existed, and once the exile had defeated him, his physical form decayed. 4) not really evidence, but that thing with Visas looking at the body and saying she saw 'Just a man' smacked to me of something unsaid, like she was hiding something from the Exile. Then again maybe I am just running with the ideas I had in my head at the time. Which brings me to the original point made which was the difference between what it was being suggested Nihilus part might be and what he actually turned out to be. which was an average opponent, fairly unimportant to the plot. Something never added up with him for me, I'm fairly sure there was intended to be more explanation, everything seemed to be building up to their battle, like it was not just a meeting of two Masters of the Force, but rather the completion of some great cycle. Or maybe just like many others i thought he had so much more potential
  17. speaking of HK47, right around that point theres an HK47 you can repair, who follows you for about 12 paces then explodes leaving no items to collect... what was all that about?
  18. You have no idea how much I envied you when i read this. The person who invents the memory eraser will have my undying gratitude, I'll get to watch the trilogy for the first time AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.
  19. Personally thought he was the best of all the Jedi Masters in the Game. The rest were pretty wishy washy characters and didn'tr eally compel me. And the fact he seems to draw such extreme reactions from people seems to back up that he was an engaging character. I hated him, whether I was playing lightside or not it was SOOOO tempting to strike him. I just think he was just a perfect example of the Jedi Arrogance that Kreia kept going on about, as another said, VERY anal abaout the code. The fact i hated him didn't make him a bad characfter, if anything it says the opposite.
  20. On reflection the words may have been groin rather than balls, but funny nevertheless (w00t)
  21. Going from memory here, but there was two that stuck in my mind.. First was Dantooine, when giving a pep talk to the Soldiers, my character had NO persuade ability, and the speech went along the lines of. 'Its very likely you're all going to get shot, one of the most painful places to get shot is in the balls, and chances are many of you will be shot there.' Will have to try find it again sometime, not sure I have a save game there to use but will have a look. Second one was when the Bounty Hunters arrive to attack the Ebon Hawk, while the Exile is off on his own to meet the Exchange, and Barad-Dur says 'I'll take the stupid one who spent his time talking instead of shooting at us'
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