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  1. Ah now here we get into a moral minefield. it very much depends on your point of view. Some would be of the opinion.. the end justifies the means. Therefore in the case of Obi Wan, he was doing so to avoid bloodshed, and indeed to further the cause of the liberation of the glalxy. However. he interfered with the free will of another to do so... Some would say regardless of the good he achieved by doing so, on a certain level the very thing he does is a small evil, in many ways he has forced another to do his will. Subtly yes, but he has done so. he has taken advantage of the weakness of another.. weakness of mind in this case... Which is why such powers would very easily corrupt the user. they *seem* inoccuous. but being able to do that could gradually undermine your ability to humanise others, they could become tools to you.. That's why simply using it to do good is no excuse.. the user ought to be very aware of the responsibilty such a power brings. Or alternatively they could throw caution to the wind and make random strangers strip naked and run around old people homes. (w00t)
  2. slightly off topic, but can anyone tell me how you get visas to sacrifice herself? I have only played this far as DS so far. Or is this another storyline thing that didn't actually happen?
  3. I'll second that I happened to increase my memory to 1GB a week after bying it. problems vanished *snaps fingers* like that
  4. Don't forget the pointy hat! Sex is just fun to me why do you have to have a kid everytime!? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the pointy hat is very important yes. I expect the argument would be if these people are having sex for fun they will be going to hell anyway, so why worry about them having aids? <_< Very Christian attitude. I'm sure the man himself would have been proud.
  5. Two stereotypes in one sentence. How efficient. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> " Least he wasn't discriminating
  6. The woman outside the Koobah (sp?) building on Dantooine?
  7. wow. i really am surprised so few are most excited about the return of Darth Vader.
  8. *raises hand* " Why am I not on this list?
  9. Wasn't saying all religion is lies, just that those running them are questionable. rather. you will find no truth in dogma. It is the institutions I have no time for, for all I care they might as well be telling me God is a blue alien who lives in the walls and eats his own navel hair, and if I don't crawl on my belly thanking him for all the navel fluff he deigns to throw on my carpet I will have to sit with my nose in the corner of the room for the rest of eternity. If you want proof of how questionable religious doctrine is, look up the Apocrypha. The Book of Enoch explains why there was supposed to be a flood, it explains why the fallen angels fell, it explains why Hell was created. Why is it Apocrypha and not accepted by the church? because it also goes on about giants running rampant around the planet causing havoc and killing humans. Google it. book of enoch you can find it in pdf form all over the place. YOU are your own God, or Goddess, whatever it is you feel an affinity to in yourself, and YOU know what you feel is right and wrong. Heaven and Hell are concepts invented by people trying to scare you into sticking to their party line. If anything Heaven and Hell are just states of mind. Plus... Prophets... Ever noticed how EVERY one of them went off into the wilderness for '40 days and 40 nights' befopre meeting 'God'. I challenge anhy one of you to bugger off in the middle of nowhere for 40 days and 40 nights and NOT meet God We ALL have the power to find divinity within ourselves, and to express it in our own way, that is why we are here. 'God' 'Goddess' the 'Great Architect' ' 'Buddha' 'Allah' isn't 'up there.. it is everything. all matter all energy. all existence sentient and non sentient life and death. It is you and me, every last one of you. we are all living life out in a subjective examining of ourself. WE are god. Of course that is just my opinion.
  10. Cor good question. I'd be the Guy in the Onderon Army, the one who gets sacked for making comments about those in charge
  11. Dungeon Quest was the closest thing to a Diablo clone I ever played. Don't get me wrong though I loved diablo
  12. Didn't have many problems, personally. the worst i had was the hideous load times for a malkavian. But the game had so many good points I was willing to forgive. And I loved the story and the endings I have seen so far were good. GREAT in fact... Brilliant twist that I didn't see coming for a change Would HAVE to put forward Deus Ex 2 as well, a lot like Bloodlines in its balance of rp and action, and like bloodlines, theres several factions you can join with. I loved playing it.
  13. Then again no-one ever died from buying an unfinished video game. Though I suspect there is a lot of raised blood pressure over this one, so.. " fingers crossed eh? (w00t)
  14. I agree, most of the multiplayer games I ended up in either consisted of a bunch of dweebs respawning just to fight each other to the death again, or you ended up running around trying to keep up with the others in the game, cos none of them actually gave a damn about the story, it just degenerated into a dungeon hack. Not really my cup of tea, I was looking forward to a roleplay experience
  15. If that's not proof that men should not be allowed into politics or organized religion I don't know what is. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A good argument, though in my experience Women in power aren't much better we had our own leader, Maggie Thatcher. She single handedly destroyed the concept of community in Britain and crippled the power of workers to challenge the governemnt. Plus she raised the kind of son who throws around money to buy rebel factions attack helicopters 'without thinking to check where it is going to be spent'. Personally I think all our political and religion decisions should be made by the people in my radiator.
  16. It's a proven fact that women have larger brains then men Wanna rethink that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> AHA (w00t) BUT *waggles index finger triumphantly* The Y chromosome is a mutant form of the X chromosome, and mutation is a part of evolution. Therefore Men are EVOLVED women
  17. *chuckles* perhaps, though I seem to remember a comedienne (wish i could remember her name). She was of the opinion there would be a nuclear war every month if women ruled. (w00t) :ph34r:
  18. women don't have souls? I always suspected. (w00t) SATIRE
  19. Yeah it is great movie I like that website by the way " I think I used to be a 'popular occultist'. Or maybe I might have become a real occultist once, had it not been all the 'popular occultists' putting me off. <_<
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