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  1. Fact - It will be a Win32 application. Fact - It will fix some things. (note I did not say *all* cos I can't prove that)
  2. 1) Darth Vader. Darth Vader. Oh. Darth Vader. Darth Maul was kewl, nothing more. Yes he was pretty good at waving that stick around but. he is still dead, at the hands of a Jedi Padawan no less. He would have been better off going to raves and showing off with his lightsaber there, would have pulled a lot and lived a lot longer. Seriously though i am not being trite, by far the most asskicking sith is Darth Vader. The guy pretty much single handedly wipes out the Jedi Order. Darth Maul was a very well trained brute, with a lightsaber, but his abilities with the force were evidently lacking.. he lacked POWER. which is all that matters with the Sith. Vader would have smashed him off every wall in the room till his bones turned to pulp, and likely wouldn't even have draw his saber. 2) Exqueeze me? the ONLY Sith (arguments as to his right to own such a label aside) I can think of that not only actually succeeded in crushing the Jedi (albeit through his agent) AND in holding it together for decades, without his Servant turning upon him, or the whole thing crumbling into the usual self destructive debacle within a matter of months, and had it not been for Luke he probably would have lasted a LOT longer. He refined the arts of deception, stealth and guile the Sith practised to an art form, and applied it on a galactic scale. Plus seeing as you are so enamoured of Maul, lets not forget whose tune Maul was dancing to. 3) useful as it is a lightsaber and its use doesn't define a Jedi or Sith, really does it. its a tool, a mean to an end, but only one of a thousand more subtle ends that a force user could resort to. But yes you're probably right nobody else could wave it around quite as prettily. Pity he was both dumb and not possessed of much raw power. "
  3. Oh yeah and the eyes were a very pale yellow on my screen, think maybe your monitor is a little desaturated.
  4. Well, I don't know if they are Photoshoppe'd or not After seeing the number of doctored "modding" images for K2 alone so far, I hold out little hope that people aren't doctoring their personal images either <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gotta agree with the True Neutral, I think glowing Darth Maul type eyes belong in the Thriller video, not Star Wars. personally thought it was crap in the trailer too, It went too far, and I really hope that's just for the trailer... its not like everyone isn't going to know Anakin is turning to the dark side anyhow... Its like going AWOOOGA AWOOGA evil dude/dudette alert. how sith are meant to do the stealthy subtle manipulation **** they are supposedly famous for, kinda with dayglow pupils giving them away is beyond me. also thpought the blue veins were a little too much. grey pasty skin, yea, drawn cheeks, sunken eyes with deep blueish black rings under em, yea... but varicose veins? And, for the record, I too have grey eyes, just like my father before me, (who incidentally isn't a Jedi, or Sith... well he might be the latter) they are simply a very unsaturated shade of blue. which to all intents and purposes look grey. And lets be honest here, why on earth would someone lie about something like that?
  5. I Just assumed I beat him so fast cos I was so damn badass. Oh well "
  6. Broken Sword 1&2, Monkey Island 1&2, Baldur's Gate, Grim Fandango, Baldur's Gate, Myst, Operation Stealth, Cruise for a Corpse, Baldur's Gate, NWN series, Baldur's Gate. Final Fantasy VII (the others just had uninteresting characters imo, who didn't stifle a sob at the death of Aeris?), Fable (even though by their admission it wasn't what they set out to do), Black & White, Morrowind, Zelda - A Link to the Past, Super Contra 3 (Insanely difficult but such fun you kept coming back), Secret of Mana, Baldur's Gate, ICO (PS2 Users, if you have not played this GO BUY IT), Alone in the Dark, oh yeah... And Baldur's Gate.
  7. Well in an ideal world that would be nice... but just imagine FIVE years to develop a game? by the time the game was finished technology would have moved on and its standard would be obsolete before it was released, not to mention most companies tend to base their longterm strategies on a five year plan, the company might not even be in the same place cpmmercially in that time period. they simply wouldn't take that long to make a video game, not only would it cost an absolute fortune, which would therefore make them start thinking very seriously about upping the price, as if the game isn't a number one hit that stays at the tops of the charts for months, or ends up with a huge inline community that keeps it going for years, they will end up making a loss, or at the east struggling to break even. I'm all for them spending the time required to release a well baked product, but you have to be realistic. Even Lucasarse would go bankrupt if they worked consistently on such a development policy. It is true there have been a few games that broke this mold, but those games which then went on to do well are rarer than those which sank without a trace. NWN is one of the few I can think of that actually succeeded after, what a 4-5 year development time? Everyone expected it to fail, and to be fair it might well have done, it was the community which kept it going.
  8. dont try to diss me <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Your overconfidence is your weakness
  9. *whispers* Dude... never suggest to another PC user their PC is crap. ROFL (w00t) its a bit like suggesting their gf/bf is ugly :ph34r:
  10. (w00t) Oh no this is too silly. Now we have threads whining about people whining. *bounces off the walls*
  11. Well yeah, It would kind of be commercial suicide to release a press release saying ' Buy KOTOR2 It will suck ass ' not that i think it sucked ass, just illustrating a point
  12. Hordes of The Underdark was a fantastic upgrade, that one made it all worthwhile for me, finally a story where you could truly be evil and actually have plot diversions that backed it up, where you weren't forced to do something for the greater good just cos someone was in your way, you could end up being worse thatn the guys they wanted you to stop. I agree the original Content was a bit lame with respects to evil or chaotic characters, but to be fair it was HUGE. Still, not as huge as Baldurs gate was. And there was the unfeasibly dull introductory training part of the game and the hideous amounts of dialogeu you had to go through before you could actually get into the game proper.. I had to persevere for about 3 hours before i felt the game was starting to get interesting... then i was hooked. But I am obsessive like that aaaaanyway before we get way off topic.
  13. Corr well maybe KOTOR2 won't be the heap of crap you keep pointing out it is forever, cos I reckon SW fans are at LEAST as obsessive as D&D fans. I should know, I'm both. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, in Hades_One's defense, NWN seems alot easier to community fix than KOTOR 2, but maybe I speak out of ignorance. I'm no programmer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd imagine more due to Lucasarse content owenership standing than any real issues with the engine, seeing as its basically the same. Anyway i was just teasing :D
  14. Corr well maybe KOTOR2 won't be the heap of crap you keep pointing out it is forever, cos I reckon SW fans are at LEAST as obsessive as D&D fans. I should know, I'm both.
  15. MONKEY ISLAND what a classic! But to be fair a lot of those games were from a different era in Lucasarts history, when the original Monkey Island was released they had no interest in producing Star Wars games, and in fact, tended to be very clear about this when employing people. Lucasarts was originally intended to be about quality video games, especially adventure games, and not Star Wars franchises. And it showed. Monkey Island still stands as a classic, more than that, as a benchmark.. even if the 4th and 5th installments got a bit ropey and self referencing. Then they made brief forays in the form of X-Wing vs Tie fighter, Dark Forces... but generally. it wasn't about Star Wars.. Now it is about Star Wars... and its all about the mighty dollar before quality. or it seems that way to me.. Point in hand, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds... terrible game.. like they had to get together with Micro****e and see just how bad a Star Wars game they could make. There's a collaboration of two evils for you. Well some of you may have liked it, but you'd be wrong Frankly I think Lucasarse has a lot to prove before the general buying public will put the same trust in them as they might have done in the late 80s and early 90s. The day used to be when the Lucasarse label was one of guaranteed quality, not guaranteed Star Wars merchandising, with the occasional quality product slipping out amongst the quagmire. But then again, in those days no-one would have DARED release a buggy game. that would have been commercial suicide. Just because the internet is out there to facilitate downloads the whole culture has changed and now its considered OK to put things out before they are ready because you can fix it later. And there were probably MANY games in the past which had content dropped, and likely never had the opportunity to be restored, But at least they worked. I just think its a crying shame there even needs to be a content download, cos it just shows how far its gone, when not only are games released in such an unstable state, but also with plot holes like this. At least when content had to be dropped in years past it was done so cleanly. Frankly I think you're wise to wait. yes you are missing out on some damn good stuff, but why not hang on and get the full uncomplicated, and potentially uncut (or at least less cut) version of the game. All the rest of us will have to play the game AGAIN to get this. and much as I love it the replay appeal is only going to last for me for maybe 4-5 outings, if that. Sorry if I went a little off topic but the mention of Monkey Island kinda made me think how things have changed
  16. And if you're playing darkside you could speak down a cardboard tube or something. 'I find your lack of faith disturbing'
  17. That sand planet?... You Mean Tatooine, the planet Anakin was a slave on, the planet Luke Skywalker hailed from, the planet Obi Wan spent years hiding from the Jedi Purge? The planet with the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy? The planet Han Solo was sent to in carbonite? The planet the droids... oh I give up. *mumbles* after all it only crops up once or twice, its not like it was important to the story or anything... "
  18. Can't remember if they used the line 'You'll not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy' for KOTOR1, they ought to have, if not. And my vote for KOTOR3 'The Circle Is Now Complete....'
  19. Hmmm true, but then again in most cases i tend to find there's my opinion then theres the wrong opinion. But of course who am i to stop people being different?
  20. You think that's bad? Try a year and a half. That's the time it took Blizzard for Diablo 2's 1.10 patch. Meh. The patch'll be here (hopefully soon). Until then, I've got me a bunch of mods to spice up my Kotor2 gaming. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its so refreshing to hear the voice of reason. And as for Diablo 2, as I remember I bought the game second hand over a YEAR after it was released, and I still had to wait 4 months for a patch that got it working on my CD-Rom. Did I get my knickers ina twist? Nope. I just sat back, cos when they said, 'its done when its done'. I figured 'Well, you know, they probably *are* dealing with all the issues that need fixing, and i trust them if they have that answer, that they are probably gonna do a good job of it.. Ok...I suppose I could find something else to do with my life than pace around my room figuring out ways to berate them in a forum over how much my life has been ruined by this.' And YES. It is crap that a game has been released before it was ready, but welcome to the world of market research and seasonal sales targets and all that bull****. Its the way things are, and berating the companies that are as much beholden to this way of business as we the customers are is not going to change that. It goes much deeper. Basically what I'm suggesting is a revolution. Its gotta be more productive than floating around these forums for the rest of our lives. At the very least i feel we should take this further and write to our MPs or Governors saying they ought to do something about the way the world really sucks right now, and 'yes i know there's problems in Africa right now, but please get your priorities right and do something about the software industry.' Last one to bring society crashing down is a rotten egg. Who's with me? :D
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