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  1. *chuckles* yeah, and the whole thing was a hoax by Obi Wan to manipulate Anakin back to the light side. Actually one thing I ALWAYS look forward to with Star Wars films is that drum roll and fanfare with the 20th Century Fox logo. its odd but my juices get flowing the second I see that on the screen cos I know whats coming next.. The moment I see' 'a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...' I think I may need a change of underwear. As long as the opening crawl isn't as bad as TPM I'll be soaking in endorphins into the beginning of the film. I mean evil taxes and trade embargos? I almost fell asleep in that two minutes. I Thought that spoke volumes about what issues GL finds important in life these days.
  2. The Sith Lord follows on logically from consular, as both are pure force manipulators. so if you want the most out of it I'd start consular, but the advancement system changes recommended advances on the basis of your new class, so in the end you'll adapt towards your new character type, if you tend to follow suggestions. I don't apart from on Attributes.
  3. freelancer interested me for about a week. then it got monotonous as hell. frankly, I'm hoping (hopehopehope ) that if Elite 4 ever gets released it'll be something amazing and actually do what the others tried to. I also heard once upon a time that X2 was gonna be released as a multiplayer too. that had potential.
  4. Luke and Leia are born in this one? Who are their parents?
  5. *sings* Doom Doom Dooooom Doom Doom Dooooooom
  6. I also read, dolphins also have highly complex social structures, and it is a belief of some scientists who research their behaviour and communication habits that they retain awareness of familial relationships even through to the grandparent level, and have a form of naming that relates to their extended family members. I.e. they would call them the dolphin equivalent of grandma/grandpa
  7. Hey, no problem, just glad to hear a update and to find that progress is still being made. You folks would find that 90% of all the negativity expressed on this board and elsewhere concerning this game would vanish if only an occasional update on progress such as this one were made with some frequency. We understand that overcoming the problems caused by the time constraints imposed by LucasArts is a formidable task to say the least, we customers just want to be kept informed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah maybe. Honestly though i think even with regular updates if those updates were 'well we're still having problems, but we are definitely getting it released, still can't tell you when yet, sorry, but just be patient and all will be well in time' there will still be a large percentage of people who will not be happy. Some people thrive on not being happy, and like others to know they are not happy, and meet unhappy people like them. If there are not enough unhappy people around then they will spare all their efforts into making happy people unhappy too. I think the phrase is 'Misery loves company' plus.. I reckon you just made that 90% statistic up
  8. Everytime I see your title under your name I laugh. Someone at Obsidian has a cruel sense of humor. Either that or there's something disturbing about John in his personal life. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *spits tea over the screen* Damn Now I'm gonna have to buy one of those TFT cleaning kits (w00t)
  9. (w00t) The ramifications of it being the opposite are quite amusing.
  10. It's not. The archers used the famous two finger salute. Which is why it's always fun when France play Wales (especially this year :D ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's correct. (plus just trying to imagine drawing a long bow with the middle finger alone seems ludicrous to me. I thought I'd check this though. and i can see both where the confusion may have come and the further explanation as to the true origins of the middle finger It seems the source may be reputable, and the phallic connotation makes much more sense
  11. I think the most common understanding nowadays is that, rather than live or die, it had another meaning. Basically if defeated, the loser was expected to be killed, and the thumbs up or down sign merely indicated whether the soul went to hades or up to heaven
  12. I don't know what your job is, but in many careers, this is true that might be an option, though generally on a smaller scale. Within obsidian, perhaps an employee migt have taken that route with their piece of work. But ehre we are talking about a developer and a publisher. Lucasarts aren't obsidian's boss, they pretty much 'own' Obsidian in regards to this project. You can bet the amount of capital obsidian invested and the amount LA invested result to vastly different percentages of the companies toal equity. In most work environments the project would be extended if in a resonable extra period of time the goals might be achieved. In the end every major product created in the gaming industry attempts to push new boundaries. in this case the inlfuence system, and the sheer complexity of the story required to do so is mindboggling to me, I've had experience of the amount of thought and work that needs to go in to make a non linear product on a far smaller scale than this one, and its no walk in the park. Before you even get to the point of coding you need to have a clear idea on paper of every direction the storyline will go through, and need to take these factors into account. For something like KOTOR2 that would have been a mammoth task. Had they been working in another industry perhaps, where Xmas deadlines are not seen as so critical, then their publisher might have extended a deadline. When a project takes around 2 years you try to take into account unforseen circumstances, but every now and again things become more complicated than any could have forseen. These things happen. Had Obsidian had sole control over the project, I can bet you they'd have thought long and hard, and maybe would have given it a somewhat later release date, because in the end they'd want it to be as complete and bug free as possible, but I can bet you a lot of this material that was 'cut' would still have been cut. If their 'boss' says they can only have that period of time and they say 'get someone else to do it, cos I don't do half assed jobs'' they go bankrupt. there and then. they don't get a penny. and probably someone else does take the job and finish it, and they get to watch someone else make cash out of their hard work. Seems to me like its very easy to sit in the peanut gallery and throw aspersions, and i don't know what you do as a career, perhaps you do work in the industry, who knows. And I'm not criticising you in general, I just think a lot of ill feeling about the results of this project would have been better served elsewhere. And yeah the guys doing this restoration are truly deserving of praise because they are doing this out of love of the product alone, and its possible because they are have the abilty to do this, and because Bioware have been clever enough to create such a modable system. (so yeah kudos to you all) I doubt the finished product will be what 'Obsidian intended' nor do i think the product exactly as it is now is entirley as they had hoped it would be. But lets not forge, they are restoring material Obsidian created. that Obsidian put the inital legwork into. I wouldn't dismiss Obsidian so out of hand.
  13. John Kriscfalukis And I'd chain him in my cellar and force him to make Ren and Stimpy cartoons FOREVER :ph34r:
  14. Aww come on, be fair. People don't become video games developers out of a sinister urge to create substandard products. They do it because they have a PASSION for games. The way business works currently might force their hand into releasing heavily cut or unfinished products, but you can bet they always go into each project with the highest of expectations. If they didn't they wouldn't be doing it. end of story. Yeah and ya might be sayin it tongue in cheek, I am only being defensive cos its the industry I'm studying to get into, and trust me, nowhere have I seen evidence of such a mentality among devs, but I can speak for myself and every student on the course when i say passion and a desire to do great things is the most common trait all possess (And just for the record I am not an overexuberant 20yr old who's passionate about everything " I'm 30, and am quite jaded about a great many things. But this is not one of them ) Also , every company I have looked into, shares the same passion. its clear in everything they do. But I cannot speak for the publishers. :ph34r: I suspect your ire might apply more to some of them.. "
  15. Yeah they were Kiwi accents definitely I always thought Jango was just wearing Mandalorian Armor. Ya know what the problem is with all this Kiwi accent thing, it means all the stormtroopers ought to have that accent too, seeing as Boba was given one (I mean his dad dies when he's about 10, the chances of Boba retaining a clear accent through to his 30s was dubious at best, so I assumed they were suggesting it must be genetic Oh well, GL in his 'wisdom'. <_< (Personally I saw nothing wrong with Boba Fetts original voice, but he seems to be obsessed with fixing whats broken and fixed regardless of whether its actually necessary) I'm just glad he didn't take the extra step, cos if I was hearing 'there's one, set for stun' in kiwi accents I'd have probably thrown the DVDs out the window (w00t)
  16. You lost me for a moment I'm a 'goat'. I assume you're not using the names deliberately?
  17. I know what you mean, but in English the signs of the Zodiac have special words, e.g. Twin = Gemini, Lion = Leo etc. I thought of one! The Vietnamese for 'complicated' is phuc tap. So you could say the situation in Iraq now is phuc tap. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (w00t) Oh yeah V'signs were mentioned. The english V-sign, bak of hand facing towards the recipent fingers raised comes from the Hundred years war. As the English were famous for their longbowmen, the French soldiers would be paid a bonus if they cut the first two fingers of an archers right hands off, thus rendering them useless. The sign became used in battle as a symbol of defiance, i.e. 'come on then, take em if you're 'ard enough'
  18. *pats head* And maybe one day you will too.
  19. Do they really work? Err...I mean, why would I want those? :D :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I hope so, I already bought six crates " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> six vrates? whoa umm i'm glad i hate pills and such... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Pills? I assumed it would be cream. OMG :ph34r: Where do the Pills GO???
  20. Speaking of which. I noticed DS get special DS underwear (yeah how sweet) But never noticed anything particularly special with LS characters. Was I just not looking properly? :"> *mumbles* not that I was checking
  21. Do they really work? Err...I mean, why would I want those? :D :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I hope so, I already bought six crates "
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