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  1. I have heard scalping was introduced by the settlers, as most soldiers would be paid extra for each kill they made, much as in Europe one would take a hand of a fallen foes for a 'bonus'. In this case the scalp of an 'Indian' was considered enough proof one had killed. If I was informed correctly The Native Americans of certain tribes began to repeat this as a counter to this act of barbarism. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I believe it was the french who introduced "scalping" to North America. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thankyou, wasn't sure where i heard that. nice to be backed up
  2. I would express my pain through the medium of dance
  3. *nonchalantly inspecting nails while they stagger around gurgling* tsk. you do realise that is an Axminster carpet, don't you? Its evident by your lack of even the basic respect for anothers property that i was right to kill you.
  4. (w00t) (w00t) :D Thankyou. I've been going out of my mind trying to type this dissertation up. I've been laughing for 5 minutes.
  5. Take a chill pill, you're gonna have a heart attack at this rate. For the record I thought you made some good points.
  6. I just want to say... those lips... *goes for a cold shower*
  7. ^---- And they went trit trot tritting over the bridge "
  8. I have heard scalping was introduced by the settlers, as most soldiers would be paid extra for each kill they made, much as in Europe one would take a hand of a fallen foes for a 'bonus'. In this case the scalp of an 'Indian' was considered enough proof one had killed. If I was informed correctly The Native Americans of certain tribes began to repeat this as a counter to this act of barbarism.
  9. It could literally mean ON the millenium. Millenium Dome perhaps?
  10. Hmmm perhaps... if we share everything everyone on the forum knows, we WILL know everything.
  11. Lets be honest here, you are asking a bunch of geeks and nerds for what useless information they have? (w00t) This could go on forever. When the Ewoks first see C3PO they say 'Chumbawamba' Electrons can exist in two places at once. if you fire a stream of single electrons through a cathode ray tube at regular intervals, say 1 every second, passing through a slit the size of the electron, the electron acts in the same way as a beam of light passing through a gap of its wavelength, and splits. appearing in two places. Therefore electrons are particles and waves at the same time. I have seen this. it is true. beats me though. I once farted the first three notes to 2001 a space oddessy at a busstop. it was a magical moment, unfortunately the only one to share it with was a 70 yr old woman, and I don't think she was a music lover by the expression on her face. You can draw continuous line on a piece of paper without removing the tip, and covering BOTH sides, with the line meeting up at the beginning . Simply take a length of paper, say 12 inches by half an inch twist it once then join the ends in a loop. Good old Professor Mobius. If you stand Norway up on its end and let it fall in a southerly direction, the northern tip would land on Morocco. Alligators have no biologically programmed death. They die of disease or trauma, starvation and environmental conditions, but not old age it is concievable that alligators exist which have done so since prehistoric times. The Biro was invented for astronauts
  12. You can stick insects in the fridge and they hibernate, then when they warm up they start moving again. this is how scientists can weigh flies.
  13. My Left ear is slightly higher than my right one
  14. I always get immense satisfaction force pushing people off ledges and sending their rockets back at em but I agree they really out to think about not using the Quake engine again. that was unforgiveable. UT3 or Valve next time
  15. I tend to set aside 3-4 times the size of my phsyical Ram for swapfile. if possible set an entire partition aside just for this purpose, it prevents the swapfile being fragmented. use at least twice the physical ram size, unless like me you use a lot of graphics and 3d apps, then I'd say 3x minimum. I also point all my temp files away from the system drive weherever possible. one thing I hate about windows is how it hides all the junk away 2-3 levels deep, sometimes further.. I put it all on one partition, so I can get a fair idea how much junk is there in an instant
  16. Proud Statement: It seems my voice replication device is still working very effectively
  17. this story reminded me of one of those anecdotes you read about Buddhism, I wish i could remember who the guy was, but as his tale goes (I am relating as I remember it, so its not word for word, but we shall call him 'Bob'). Bob did pretty much the same, he went to visit some buddhist monks, Bob himself was a christian, but he respected the religion, and felt there was possibly much he could learn from them. He spent much of his time meditating, being alone, thinking, doing, experiencing life from the perspective the monks guided him towards seeing things. one day Bob was sat, having been alone woith his thoughts, or meditating as you will. how long I do not know, and he had something of an epiphany.. when he returned to the Master who had been guiding him, he told him of his experience.. the Master asked what he had felt.. Bob said (and I'm paraphrasing here) 'I felt all life around me, I felt peace and harmony, and I felt God surrounding me and within me I knew that all was well.' the Master nodded and smiled replying 'Good, you must continue, meditate longer on this and eventually given enough time, God will go away. and then there will just be Bob.'
  18. But what could they possibly hope to achive by doing that? the point of expanding territory is not to destroy the resources that they possess, but to claim them. Maybe if some scheming mastermind wanted to they may have caused famines to weaken the population in order to conquer them, but why do so when already in occupation? and to my knowledge understanding of disease was still very rudimentary during these times.. biological warfare in the 19th century?
  19. Long as we're telling our kids the truth. or alternatively, they should just put me in charge of the world. everything would be so much better.
  20. You know.. forma certain point of view. Democracy=Mob rule. And you can bet there's political minds out there that use it in such a way
  21. Its not about good and evil, to be honest most people have a relatively acceptable set of morals, but the problem is too many are not confident enough to make their own life decisions. that's the problem. And in fact we are raised to be that way. Every step of the way we are taught to listen to our elders, respect authority. Unquestioningly. Its extremely hard for some to break that. As a result it only takes a handful of bad apples. oooh lets say power hungry politicians. and the whole thing goes to pot
  22. Ok.. you'll have to excuse me if any of this is horribly misinformed because I didn't study history in the last 15 years. Nor do i claim to be confident on matters of politics... Don't forget Neville Chamberlain and the British government. or indeed every other government that formed part of the LoN and then the UN. I would argue that any one nation trying to take credit for such an endeavor is counterproductive. its not a game of oneupmanship. conversely much of American history is european, considering at its roots much of American society was formed from European nationals. so perhaps we can teach America something too. Secondly you mention history books. I refer you to my previous post on religious doctrinous texts. the difference here.. every country teaches slightly different things based on their perspective of world history. Its not as simplistic as that old phrase 'history is written by the victors in war'. what actually happens is much more insidious. I was horrified and somewhat shocked to read that American history in some states teaches the irish potato famine was an English plot to eradicate the Irish. But then i got thinking. For all I know that may be true, and our history books may simply be covering it up. the problem is... we'll never truly know about some things. Personally... I fear the current American government and its policies. Not the people. Most of the Americans I've met on an individual level seem fine. I can't speak for those who stay at home. Its the fundamentals that seem to be calling the shots, and to be fair.. they wouldn't be there if they weren't popular. it scares me when i read how they are attempting to take hold of the morals of the country. its almost as if they are trying to bind the country together against a common enemy. It seems the US is a nation in fear at present. and fear is not a good basis on which to make decisions on an international level. But finally. How the hell did we get onto US domestic and foreign policy?
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