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  1. He/him can be used as gender neutral terms when you're making general statements that could apply to either gender (or if the gender is unknown). Example: "If a customer were to visit a Baskin-Robbins store, he would probably be there to buy ice cream." This doesn't somehow mean that the customer is automatically a male, it just means that the person's gender is indeterminate and that "he" is being used as a gender neutral term because, after all, the customer could just as easily be a female. It would be incredibly awkward to have to constantly use "he or she" when you can stick to the nice,
  2. Meh, it's only been a couple years... and since none of the characters said anything specific about either Jolee, Mission or Juhani, technically they could all still be alive. I'd like to see Jolee & Mission back in K3 (Jolee 'cause I love his humor & Mission, because I'd like to know what happened to her weasel of a brother Griff <snicker>).
  3. Clearly Vrook is actually my mother in disguise then! <ROFL> I think Vrook's kind of like Jolee... if you subtracted all of Jolee's humor and compassion but left in the grumpy old man personality and multiplied the stubborness factor by ten. <chuckle> Of course, I suppose that if, like Vrook, you had a former student suddenly decide to lead a war on the Mandalorians & then decide to take over the galaxy, it'd probably leave you more than a little pessimistic and suspicious about someone's (like the Exile or Revan) motivations. Perhaps it would make you overly, umm, judgemental
  4. Woot, the dream team of Carth & Atton! I'm using that icon way too often <snicker>, but thanks! Now I have something pleasant to stare at while I download the first part of a gigantic beta patch (hehe, 49.2k connection <sigh>)!
  5. I like Atton (second to his Carth-ness, whom I adore ), but Bao-Dur's got a nice voice. Now, if only he'd use it more often aside from that "Yes, General" line. <chuckle> Back to Bao's fate, maybe the fact that Kreia couldn't see anything about his future was due to the fact that she couldn't read his thoughts at all! If you will recall, during one of those telepathy lessons with Kreia you're able to hear Bao-Dur's thoughts whereas Kreia cannot. After the lesson, she mentions something about Bao-Dur's thoughts being too alien & whatnot, but you can tell her that you were able t
  6. Hmph, well I've always asked for proof (then he mentions the compartments) and agreed to give the Hawk back to him, but I haven't been able to find that @%(!ing compartment. I've just given up all hopes of ever seeing what's inside & console myself with the fact that whatever it was, it was probably a piece of crappy eq anyway!
  7. I want the Revan/Carth thing resolved once & for all! After the investment of time I put into their story, I want my frigging happy ending alright?! <snicker> Besides, I think we females are owed that much after being disappointed by Atton Rand (I liked the character, but he could've been a touch more communicative and/or romantic)... <chuckle> Hopefully, males will get some sort of equally satisfying ending with their preferred love object as well.
  8. Heh, the Carth runs away during the DS ending being out of character issue, thought I'd never see that one again! <chuckle> A lot of us went back & forth over that one at the BioWare boards a while back (Carth fans vs. Carth haters, natch ). My argument has always been that Carth running away is part of the DSF ending because Carth has to escape to make it to the Star Forge in an effort to save Revan/stop her (which would've worked even better if the DSF romance ending as originally planned had been in there, not that I would've seen it, still can't make myself go DS). Unfortunat
  9. Hmm, well I'm LS, but I'm guessing it ought to trigger more or less the same way. Assuming you've done all the other planets, somewhere along the way T3 should say that you have a message from Kelborn, so go back to Dxun to the Mandalorian encampment & hopefully events will properly unfold. You might want to hop from planet to planet a couple of times first & see if the scene triggers, if not just try heading straight to Dxun (can't hurt).
  10. That reminds me, RS was on Without a Trace ( one of my favorite shows) last season, ermm, maybe it was this season... at any rate, just keep an eye out for the episode about the guy who believes he was abducted by aliens if it ever comes up (I suppose you can catch it on TNT, as I think they air WaT repeats). Hmm, time to go check out that audio!
  11. I put down RPG of course, because I love them so, but if you could cross it with a GTA/Morrowind-type world environment(s) with a truer freedom of movement that would be cool (plus throw in more quests & interaction too, natch). Translation: Are your words the kindness/mercy of dreams, I wonder? Lies can hide all. It is unfair, isn't it? Out of curiosity: A) Am I close on that translation? B) Where is that from? I probably screwed up line two, but cut me some slack, it's been years since my last Japanese class! <chuckle>
  12. I did things in a slightly oddball manner this time around. I went to Dantooine first (as usual) because I wanted to try changing the salvager's will this time. Naughty me, but it was the one DS thing I was willing to do... I just didn't want it to impact my LS points later on, hehe. Plus, I like the crystal caves & hey, who doesn't want their own pet rock, err, personal lightsaber crystal! Then I went to Nar Shaddaa but switched up & hit Dxun/Onderon AFTER the confrontation with the Red Eclipse. What can I say, I was getting tired of the big city & wanted a change of scenery. Aft
  13. Unfortunately I have no screen shot of this, but it occured when I was in Iziz and met with Kavarr at the cantina. At the end, he & Tobin were supposed to run out the cantina, but I could see both of them stuck in the doorway like bugs in amber. <chuckle> Anyway, I went outside & then I went back in to check, but they were frozen in the entrance. Talk about weird!
  14. Uh, meant to be? I don't think so, because what we have right now is clearly NOT the ending that was meant to be. After an enjoyable two-thirds of the game, the ending just felt so wrong. Indeed, the final act completely fell apart & left me with numerous questions, which subsequently led me to visit the forums once again and read the missing content thread (wherein I found the answers I was looking for at least). Personally, I can't believe that OE actually meant to leave us hanging with the currently bewildering final act and its accompanying truncated (and equally bewildering) endin
  15. Personally, I prefer loads of content and a deep story with complex characters and don't give a hoot whether it's 2D/3D or what (still love Fallout series/BG series), but I think that having high-end graphics is a must for drawing in those who aren't RPG fans and may be a more casual gamers or FPS players (which is why I voted for graphics). As a RPG fan, I was happy enough with the current engine except for some of the cinematics, which really did look pretty low-res... I mean, even I've got my limits, hehe. If you've seen screen shots for Oblivion, Bethesda might pull it off and combine the
  16. Well, if you need a moderator I'm available as I have no life... I'm just not available when Lost is on and have absolutely zero experience moderating! <snicker> Seriously though, as others have pointed out it's been a fun place to hang out & discuss both the merits and the flaws of the game, so I hope the forums aren't shut down permanently. As a fan from back during the BIS/Interplay days, I do hope things work out on KoTOR 3 if Obsidian's handling it, but please work a little harder on the romances to make them fulfilling (especially for us female players) and add in more dialogue
  17. Ooo, finally a poll where I can vote for Carth! Yeah, I like Atton well enough, but I've gotta say that I worship his Carth-ness! <snicker> Seriously, how can you not vote for him? Waiting four long years for Revan, searching for the woman he loves, etc. Now THAT'S dedication (or obsession depending on how you look at it). Actually, I was always partial to the Candy-man myself, personally I liked his sense of honor & pragmatism as well (but I had to go with Carth). If Canderous had been a romantic option in KotOR 1 I think that it would've been quite interesting. It's a pity that
  18. Well, Visas you can pretty much leave on the ship. Talking to her in the dormitory on the Ebon Hawk will net you all the influence you need pretty much & she doesn't have all that much to contribute story-wise really (aside from the confrontation with you-know-who during the latter stages of the game).
  19. Ah, 16 INT, no wonder... I must go try that immediately! I have to say that I missed Jolee too, sigh, I hope that we find out what happened to him in KoTOR 3 (even if he's been killed, it's better to know than to not know).
  20. Hmm, well I have seen it in SWG. It is spelled "et chuta" or something to that effect as one of the socials/emotes. <chuckle>
  21. Yep you need your lightsaber(s) equipped, a clear path to your enemy (no obstructions whatsoever) and a fair amount of distance between you & the target. You MUST use regular attack as well to initiate the force jump (special attacks will only cause you to run towards your target as opposed to jumping them). That should solve your problems!
  22. Whaaaaat? T3's recording of Carth?! Doh, I missed that the first time around (didn't fix T3 up all the way)... Hmm, does this option come up right after you repair T3 fully, or is triggered by planet or something? I managed to fix him up completely this time (got the meditation option) but haven't seen any Carth holo yet. Sigh, Carth was the only guy who was could actually be called a romantic figure in KoTOR 2 as far as I'm concerned.
  23. Meh, I'd say force resistance/force immunity. I don't think I actually used it all in the game. Nobody seemed to be using force powers anyway except for my NPCs, talk about useless!
  24. Ah, now THAT'S why he seemed so familiar. The Disciple rather does resemble Charming physically now that I think about it (personality-wise, totally different <chuckle>). Addressing the Atton as psychopath thing, well he was obviously highly conflicted after the Mandalorian Wars, which twisted his views on Jedi & the Republic. Heck, even formerly respectable people like Saul Karath succumbed to the dark side... In the end though, Atton obviously changed after that incident with the female Jedi. Geez, people make it sound like he's some creepy raving lunatic serial-killer when he
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