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  1. I already did that after I got stuck......but I don't get a cut-scene afterwards though.
  2. Yes, I've already contacted kavar for the first time in the cantina. The only thing I didn't do at korriban, was to open the sealed door in the academy with explosives. Instead, I used the explosives to open the depot on Dxun. I've already exited the Ebon Hawk a hundred times on nar shaddaa
  3. Peragus, Telos, Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine, Dxun, Onderon and Korriban. *edit* Like KingofThieves suggested, I talked to everybody to see if I missed some conversation trees. I overlooked something with Kreia, I just saw the cut scene in which kreia reveals herself as a dark lord.
  4. I've finished the conversation tree with hanharr, kreia, bao-dur and mandalore. I haven't got the force sight ability from visas yet, I can't repair T3 because my computer and repair skills are too low, I mentioned to HK-47 that the navicomputer has been tampered with but he can't do anything about it. GO-To won't tell me about his base of operations (lack of influence) and carth won't tell me what happened after the mandalorian wars (lack of influence). Handmaiden won't give me the codes to the jedi academy on telos and won't speak about atris. What did I do on Korriban? I fought wit
  5. I agree, I just want to know if there is a solution to my problem instead of starting all over again.
  6. No, I'm sorry.... 1.I don't have the message in my journal 2. Nothing happens at the mandalorian camp....I talked to everybody. 3. I already tried that, but I'll try it again. I have previous save games, but I don't see why it should be different the next time? I'm really upset about it . I bought this game with my well-earned money and even though I played the game like it should be, I can't progress any further.
  7. I've already tried that. I just don't get the message from T3 from Kelborn......
  8. Yes, I've finished all the planets except for Onderon (I still have to kill master kavar).
  9. I really need help! (I'm playing dark) I'm stuck in the game. I'm at the point that , but nothing happens. I've read somewhere that this event is (real)time-based, but I think I've waited long enough (The save game tells me I've played for over 52 hours now). Can somebody tell me if it has something to do with my unfinished quests or that I have to wait longer for something to happen? These are my "active" quests: Please help me!
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