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  1. Any chances that some of the Soulbound's from POE1 could be included? Stormcaller, Unlaboured Blade, St. Ydwen's Blade etc. (in general any of them with normal requirements, not like Ryona's Breastplate which would be rather difficult to replicate). Thanks in advance!
  2. I do love this bug, and I think it is a new feature
  3. You mean like effects from two or more pets creating collisions unforseen by developers? I would assume it should be safe since there is Berath's Blessign allowing Eder to have a pet as well.
  4. Well I have this issue, like after Ashen Maw none of random events trigger. When I exited teh game and launched it again, I got the Assasin's so I could progress with Crown at least, but remaining events never occured, but some of them actually did occure before Hasongo, so I think issue might be based on main quest progression.
  5. Precisely. One have to remove or comment the DebuggerBrowsable lines. They are not necessary for the game and probably are leftovers from code testing in unity. do you know if pets lock is done the same way?
  6. I'd like to continue story, LivingLands or Aedyr, where you can secretly ascend yourself to god status providing you know most of the gods secrets, played with many strange devices etc. It would be cool culmination to gather that power and then either dispers it and enhance Kith or become god yourself and establish NWO.
  7. I tried that but I get this when I try to compile, I'm probably doing something wrong since I can't into programming Care to make a step by step guide or upload the file with helms for godlikes enabled? https://imgur.com/a/Q2W8bSx In the guide it is stated that you have to comment that if block, and then remove/comment two additional lines, Those are your errors, if you click on them (red error mesages) you will be taken to proper places and then you can comment those lines out. After that compile works perfectly and enjoy helmets for Tekehu and Palegina!
  8. - Grog's voice - One of teh sneaking phrases is my all-time favourite - Blazing Bridge rocks - Forgotten Sanctum is deliciously absurd
  9. Hi all, A quick question - do you think it would be possible to recreate all coulbound items from POE1 in POE2 somehow? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  10. Thanks for response. Hopefuly OBS will make it easier to tinker with areas in the future
  11. Hail all you great modders, a quick question - how difficult/possible would be to introduced new areas/map locations? Would it be possible to reuse POE1 background images for that? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  12. Hi , Soulbound Mace's first level requirements seem to be broken. It states to deal 250 to Judged enemies, and Judged on this should happen every hit. I used it for over 3/4 of my gameplay and managed to acquire just 160 damage. It looks like way too low and it can't be that hard to progress this on first level.
  13. To whom it may interest, a link to Unlabored Blade pre last Hotfix - https://www.dropbox.com/s/acwmpu1vaoo17f3/blade.zip?dl=0 extract that to assetbundles and it will work. Only issue is that model is missing, so you are running with pink dagger. Maybe some will find a way to fix that.
  14. Things that could be taken from Tyranny to POE2: - Story telling and story itself, I love also black company and all that nasty things you can legally pull off. This is Sparta stuff rules! - World reacting to your choices and loyalty/fear system adds a lot to the game play. It could be improved so you could not get fear and loyalty abilities at the same time for the same faction. - NPC's are brilliant IMHO, combine that with more POE banter and now we are talking - Spellcrafting, it could be improved but it is huge step in right direction - Combos, more of them please, especially ones that are unlocked through talking to NPC. - Personal motives of characters you encounter - gain enough loyalty with a powerful being and you can make them kneel with the right choice of words that get along with their motives, that is brilliant! - Combat on the contrary to most of the previous comments. Cooldown is not that bad if you consider that some abilities in POE were very limited in usage and very often I found myself not using them even once, because the right time was never now(plus interrupted attempt was a real pain; I'd prefer ). This also reflected on harder combats, let's call them unique encounters, in POE in my experience they often needed a cheesy opening trick from party which then set the tone(or not if it failed). Also in those combats, enemies usually made an opening statement which was devastating, and you have to recover from the beginning. In Tyranny those encounters start slowly and bosses pull their hard hitting tricks when the heat of battle is high. I think that POE2 could use a nice blend of both worlds, with some basic, mid powered things on cooldown, and then per rest/encounter exclusive skills that are blowing stuff around. This way early level fights could be much more interesting and manageable. I also like final battles from Tyranny, general concept and length of them is very nice I think that we are now in a very nice stretch of interesting RPG's, that could lead to creation of perfect isometric RPG
  15. It is in the house at the top of your screenshot. You have to be in stealth mode in order to locate it.
  16. @Sking - whatever the setting is, just keep them coming There is never enough good ISO RPG!
  17. Thanks for all the work on the Beta! Could you get some balance people to take a look at whether it might be worthwhile making Soulbound Weapons Enchantable with Durgan Steel? Try the newest ieMod, it enables enchanting for SoulBound items now - http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/?
  18. If anyone would be interested, the newest version of IE Mod(on Nexus) has support for enchanting SoulBound items
  19. Hi, So I played already a couple of times, gameplay is very nice. A couple things I found unclear about rules: 1. Hirelings - Can I recruit them as many as I can no matter how many Inn's/ Stronghold's I have? Or one per such building? 2. Does Gul's Overwhelming Stench kills instantly 1 Defense Troops/Heros ? 3. Does Harbor actually converts resources, or is it only to pay for something specific? In other words, can I transfer converted resource to next player?
  20. Given all events I'd bet that Ondra will attempt to erase main characters memories. Since character is a watcher and awakened, again something will go wrong and she will loose her memories as well(hell let's make every god loose their memories). Then all gods being lost will start wandering in Eora trying to establish who they are and what is their purpose. Their influence would diminish and that alone could be a very nice setup to start another story
  21. Well... If you consider crashing better than confident aim bug, then sure. Let's face it, there's no such thing as a bug-free cRPG which is also large enough. That bug is easily avoidable. And it seems to be the only consistently prevailing one in that game. Compare the thread there to the one here. Clearly this game has more bugs, unless everyone posting in the tech forums is deluded and is not really experiencing the bugs they report. This one: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88124-game-breaking-bug-cannot-change-party-303/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88127-bugbugs-change-party-and-brighthollow/ Is particularly bad, especially since this is the "last patch" wheras Larian seem to be intent upon continued updates, even if they are slow. If you go to bugs section and look for most recent report for confident aim, you'll see that sking replied there that this will be looked upon in next patch. So this is not the last patch.
  22. There are some things you have to skip before you can attend them (Bear in the Valewood Cave, Temple of Eothas - those Shades/Shadow are just crazy). In general you should get to Defiance Bay as quick as possible and follow every possible quest in there. Thats should get you enough levels and gear to be able to handle other parts. I'd say that until you reach level 8-10 WM I and II I would not go there. I found that the hardest part are all those ghosts in Caed Nua main hall.
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