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  1. did that Meta, actually almost finished the mines (keep dieing to the spirit in lower levels) DEFINATELY not looking forward to all the trips back and forth from barmora to mines and back to loot the place and sell off the goods! What a hassle. Will take like 20 trips I think. Makes for a really good arguement about not having encumberance in games!
  2. Aye Hurl, Im on 3rd Fighters Guild mission but even they are boring me as no reason to them that I can see. Its strange, I can play a open ended MMORPG for hours and hours at a time with no complaints but expect ALOT more from a offline RPG in way of story and meaning!
  3. Okies so Im forcing myself to play Morrowind (as I bought it), have tried before but lost interest fast. So Im at a cross roads now. I have finished first town and half way through second one and STILL have no idea what the storyline is. Whats my agenda? My goals? Why am I doing all this? Someone explain it to me please. Now I admit I have started to skip reading stuff because 24 page books every 2 rooms and asking every NPC 30 different questions is just to much and to boring, if I wanted to read "War and Peace" , I would read "War and Peace". So my questions are" 1) Whats the story line as I have yet to see any patern or meaning form in the game? 2) Does the game get better or does it remain just ALOT of reading with no answers or meaning? (get quest, run quest, get quest, run quest for no other reason then doing them) Also I HATE HATE HATE the combat in Morrowind. Worst combat I have ever seen in a RPG to date. PS: About Oblivion if anyone knows. 1) Does it have a better combat system (auto targeting and REAL 3rd person option desperately needed) 2) Is its story line more straight forward the Morrowind? Thanks for answers in advance! PPS: KotOR1&2 and JE have really spoiled me far as storylines and user interfaces go. Can really see the problems in Morrowind after playing those 3 games.
  4. Ummm....how? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> by joining Li Its a silly but interesting ending! Leave you rather unfullfilled though!
  5. LOL guess im like Battlewookie, I read his opening and just thought about it rather then read his actual comparrisons! LOL Still say he has a point if speaking about k1 and je to some degree
  6. 1) Everyone from his party is alive( with possible exception of Bastila). Other characters of note you have to look to K2 to see if they survived like certain jedi and such. 2) who cares 3) alive for sure:Canderous, HK, T3 possibly alive/dead: Bastila, Wookie Dead: Mission, Jollee, Cat woman trapped on planet: carth 4)who cares 5)who cares 6) I actually forget, im sure someone will answer it fully 7)who cares everyone alive but kreia and goto Some folks think Bao dies but i prefer to think just his remote did 9) Well in light side ending the ebon hawk flies off so yes its possible to have the Ebon Hawk. How it got repaired so fast a totally different topic im afraid. PS: Sorry for who cares but refuse to answer female questions anymore as bored of gender topic, Revan and exile both male so thats all Ill answer as only relivant lines hope that helped
  7. Even then, it would only make sense if Bioware made both games! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> errr Bioware did make Kotor 1 and JE. Whats your point alan? (not being rude here, you seriously lost me on comment?)
  8. Yas know, the original poster has a point that many of the characters were infact similiar in ways but what the original poster misses is: WHO CARES???? Compared to the other crap that passes today as a RPG, if Bioware wants to follow the same fomula over and over, all the power to them! At least the games are fun and enjoyable! Im really hoping Bioware understands this for their Mass Effects game before they try and change the formula to much and end up with a Halo clone style game (time will tell). If it aint broke, dont fix it! Good words to live by!
  9. LOL, aye yas got point across, "if your not a non thinking lemming, your opinion doesnt matter". LOL, I wont argue Bastila more popular. But my comments were based on interesting story lines availability, not a popularity contest! I find from a story point of veiw thatthe K2 characters generally are more interesting. Its sorta like reading a book K1 = Jack and Jill K2 = War and Peace Actually thats fitting cause I bet more people have read JAck and Jill then War and Peace, just like K1 and K2. LOL
  10. I stil;l think Visas or Mira would be better female RPG storylines rather then Bastila. Bastila's story is just generic, striaght forward jedi story. Taken at young age, trained, yada yada yada, she doesnt really get interesting till start of K1 and even then its still generic jedi story. Mira on other hand was enslaved, released/excaped, learned to become a bounty hunter, became best bounty hunter on Nar Shaddar. Story has some meat to it and interesting aspects. Besides, Mira a billion times hotter looking then Bastila anyways! Same goes for Visas. Bastila and Handmaiden both (based on back stories we know) are pretty much generic UNTIL K1 (or 2) starts. Even Misson or cat woman would be more interesting as stories butthink both those characters would get hugely annoying over a full rpg game.
  11. My God...I'm telling you. Its. A. BUG. The game failed to remove the hologram after you talked to T3. What is so difficult to understand about that? Take it from someone who has played this game thousands of times and gotten this bug half of those playthroughs.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Did you watch the movie? She looks like that she could be talked to & be selectable, when i click on her she turn towards me but doesn't move. I don't doubt your word, please watch, its weird <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its not a force ghost. its a cool bug. She willhelp you kill intruders on the Ebon Hawk and thats about it.
  12. Ive seen lots of quoted postings from Win that were inaccurate or outright lies! Good example is their assumption on gender issues, they have made a few claims as to the CANNON gender of the Exile, last I checked, only LA can say if something is or is not cannon far as SW goes! And they simple have not as of yet! Heck, took them awhile before they admitted Revans Cannon gender was male which Win had posted differently on numerous occations prior to that! If its SW related, there is only one true source and if you dont hear it from LA, its not for sure accurate or considered cannon!
  13. Revan didnt succeed because thats the way Bioware wrote it really is no other answer to the question because stratagy and intellegence wise, Revan blew away all other Sith Lords!
  14. Agreed. i would really want Obsidian to do K3 too, but it is sadly up to LucasArts, and they can be... stiff-necked at times... If this game was made, i would be surprised, since it is just unlikely for LA to allow it. If it was good, then i would be extremely surprised, since it seems like it'd be hard to make it well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree but still dont understand what LA has against this franchise. Its been a big money maker for them (both games) and you would think they would want more games more often to keep the money flow going. Just makes me shake my head!
  15. I wasn't aware Hayden was a strong actor... The opposite actually. The guy who played Neo in the Matrix is Keanu Reeves. Malak : Christopher Walken Revan : Jake Gylhenhal(sp?) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> NOOOOOOOOO! Gawd I hate that actor (Jake Gyl). and yes I hated him before the gay cowboy movie! Agree that Hayden doesnt qualify as a strong actor though! For Malak I could see (a bulked up, CG inflated) Cristopher Walken For Revan: Hard one, Reeves doesnt sound bad or maybe Heath Ledger For Bastilla: Elizabeth Hurley For Canderous only one name comes to mind: (lol and name escaping me, was in sin city as the scared up guy, in Once apoun a Time in Mexico, and many others) Tough ones would be Jollee and Mission For K2: Exile: Christen Bale Kreia: would be tough (Joan Rivers? hehehe, no make up needed) Sion: Vin Desiel Nimus : Who cares, some thin guy Mira: Jessica Alba (to young to play bastilla or visas) Visas: some 30-35 year old English hottie Handmaiden: Thats a hard one Carth: ???? No idea
  16. COOL Hades, im klinda hopeing someone will do that for Dragon Age myself as its interface is the KotOR interface. NWN interface not the same obviously! heh, I asked Bio about that but they shot me down of course! Still have my fingures crossed!
  17. Like someone else said, Long as its not K3, its a great idea. I think it would actually sell and have a fan following. Reason I think that is if you look at all the people (mostly female players) DIEING for a RPG with a female lead out there, you have an instant sales base. Just look into the main character gender threads already out there for part one and two! And even JE, you see them ignoring alot of stuff to support their claim the lead character (be it Revan/Exile/ or how story plays out) was meant to be female. Obviously if you pay attention to the entire story none of these claims hold water but it does show clearly that there is a desire out there for a story written with a female lead in RPGs. Also, Im not really sure what developers could do with Bastilla as she is so one dimensional but SW is a great place for a RGP. Honestly I think a character like Mira or Visas would be more interesting but your right that Bastilla has a huge following and probably the best choice just on that fact alone!
  18. ROFL! I think anyone with a actual brain new JE would be successful! But you thinking your always right is the funny contradiction in your statement!
  19. IGN is a coperate fan based website that has gotten some good press and is popular for some reason. Personally I think 99% that comes from IGN (the vault network) is false to be honest and never pay attention to their predictions, rumors, or actual reviews. What you read on IGN is usually VERY different then what a game actually is.
  20. totally disagree! I liked Exile more then Revan because the Exile was MY character. You play him as you wish. With Revan its someone elses character from the get go and you just going through the motions! For that reason (and many more I wont go into) the Exile was a much stronger Player Character then Revan was.
  21. Because if you don't want to lose, you are forced to finish it before the AI does. Which is a forced, artificial endgame as soon as the technologies are discovered, as the AI goes for it even if it's painfully obvious they don't stand a chance. I don't much like space victory either. It keeps my industrial centers busy building useless crap when they could be building overwhelming amounts of stealth bombers... " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> bingo 213374U You disable it because yolu dont want to be forced to go the cheap route! I mean its a no brainer you can win with the space race but if you refuse to make the items, you lose regardless how far ahead you are. So disabling it makes the most sence.
  22. Well for me: The strenghts of K1 were: 1) Epic Story Line K1 definately had the more epic feeling storyline 2) New Star Wars Game K1 was something new and exciting in a genre that had gone all FPS. That alone is why so many say they prefer K1. It was the original. 3) Interesting side stories for NPC party members not related to the main storyline. Having the totally seperate stories helped form some of the party NPC characters like Missions Brother, Bastillas mother, Carths son, Jollees friends murder trial. K2s strenghts: 1) More character driven story. K2 lacked the grand epic feel K1 had but its characters played a much more interesting and important part in the main story then K1 NPC party members did. 2) Darker story. K2 was much more adult orientated, it had plots and sub plots were as with K1, what you saw is what you got. 3) Better romance: The Visas and Handmaiden romances totally blew away Bastilla's. Still Mira should have also been a option! (note: Handmaidens was the best by a long shot of any of them) 4) More interesting Villians: Malak in K1 was just a retried Darth Vader wanna be! Sion, Traya, Nimus were hands and tails better then Malak as a Villain. 5) being able to make your party members into jedi! Lets face it, the mass majority of people play these games for the jedi! So the more jedi in your group the better! And if the story is interesting to get them to jedi, all the better! Best of both worlds: I really hope if there is a part 3 it will continue with the party members having a part in the main story like K2 did BUT also having seperate non main storyline quests/stories like K1 did. Really think both games would have been better if this was added to both of them rather then either or type senario!
  23. Id say for a single fight, Malak was the hardest BUT the entire Acadamy was still harder then the entire Star Forge was.
  24. That's why you shouldn't play with random people. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL, not much choice when none of your freinds will play against yas anymore in the Civ games ! LOL Random People were the only option I had, but it got boring fast! Civ 3 MP really turned me off of MP games for the Civ line. Either they wanted games like I discribed or they would tell you up front about how great they are and they play at such and such setting, then soon as game started you realized they play at warlord or lower at the best and game was no challenge! Hense no fun!
  25. I don't know that I would call that a 'high' level. It ain't Settler, but it's definitely sub-Noble (Noble being the level where neither the player nor the AI get any advantages). You might find Civ 4 more challenging if you stop tilting the game in your favor with your settings. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL Enoch, Ill bite. how is playing at noble level definately sub noble level? Sorry yas totally lost me on that bit! As for the settings, gotta disagree, Barbs effect human players just as much and have now twice almost halted my early development (remember only played 3 complete games) because of them. So having raging barbs INCREASES, not decreases the game difficulty challenge. As for Space Race, I removed it SO I DIDNT WIN the cheap victory. At that point in the game its easy to match (at a minimum) or out do the computer. So removing the space race option eliminates a cheap win senario from the player. It doesnt eliminate a entire tech line as other items are included in those tech lines which are of great help. Just eliminates the "option" of winning the game cheaply for human players. Should point out, if the computer is actually beating you by using the space race victory, you shouldnt be commenting on others abilities and settings as you have a long way to go in learning the game! No one should EVER lose to the computer in a space race senario! EVER! Lastly, the more AI you play against, the less room to expand and the harder it is to stay ahead in tech. The computer loves to share techs with each other at a insane rate. If you limit the number of AI player you limit the computers ability to gain techs quickly. Making the game easier for yourself to stay ahead of them all. Perhaps you should try the settings before just deciding I made my settings so the game would be easier. I made those settings to INCREASE the game difficulty while still playing at NOBLE level setting. Give it a try, think you will be drastically surprised and probably quite fustrated!
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