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  1. I'm absolutely no PotD hero, I've never completed the game solo, never bothered to play any higher than Hard/Veteran. But right now I'm on Veteran (scale up only) with Expert and just about to head to Magrans Teeth, I think I've had about one or two characters get knocked out tops and only then when I got complacent and just auto attacked because I thought the enemy pod was trash. It's fairly easy tbh. I've also not come across any huge sort of boss or mini boss fights really either. By this point in PoE1 I'd already met the Adra dragon, gotten wiped by the Skaen priest under Dyrford, beaten Raedric with my father fingernails with about 2hp left and gotten wrecked being under levelled for some bounties.
  2. The lack of pyrite is doing my nut a bit. Mats being finite to get to legendary teir I have no problem with but superb is a bit harsh.
  3. Thanks for that, didn't realise. I'd still stand behind the original request though, I've seen it on plenty of other similar forums, I'm more surprised it isn't an option here than not tbf. I've not seen looked at these forums on the full screen skin in ages but I'm guessing it's a feature normally it's just missing off the mobile.
  4. Alright 1. you are advocating FOR having 4-5 abilities that basically do the same thing? That's not wasted space or potential in your mind? 2. While you certainly are free to hate on the class roles in other games, what I suggested is nothing like the swiss army knife you are implying. With my suggestions, they would still have no aoe, no healing. Just my thoughts I don't particularly agree that they all do the same thing. How are an interupt, a blind, a hobble and a finishing move the same thing? They're all melee attacks on a melee class but otherwise they all add different debuffs that have different tactical advantages and may be more or less applicable to different opponents. And I'm not "hating" on anything (come on, we're both adults, let's not descend to that level) but I'm happy that support classes have utility and damage classes do damage and I'm not particularly sure I'd agree we need to see any saturation of that dynamic. What you're advocating is giving rogues less moves that deal tidy damage and more "misc", I just don't particularly agree is all. I'm not really trying to convince you, so much as offer a contrasting opinion.
  5. Fab thanks whoever moved it. Apologies for that.
  6. Except romance can be quite endearing when done right. You don't need multiple entries, or sequels, to create meaningful romance. Some of my favorite romances come from dragon age origins. It's just here, the devs didn't have the talent to make good romance. In which case, they should have instead not opted for romance. I personally thought the DAO romances were pretty dire cheese to be honest. It's worth pointing out I'm a terrible cynic and I don't like Mills and Boon style sop. But they all seemed to be "I'm a bit damaged, we're on the road together, you've given me some emotional support so now I love you. Help me with this difficult thing in my life then we can shag by the camp fire." Thags not romance, it's titillation and fan service.
  7. I don't know, some of the companion interactions in both Pillars games have been very emotional and heartwarming. It's just that the romance parts seem to be forcibly inserted as if it's a simple on/off option during the conversation rather than developing organically. I think some of the platonic companion interactions are great. Eder in particular has some very touching moments with the watcher, there's a few nice bits with Sagani too. But writing some nice friendships is a world away from writing meaningful romance.
  8. Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to put this, I couldn't see a forum support sub. This has got to be one of the only forums I can think of that doesn't have a "first" and "last" page button when viewing a topic on the mobile skin. If I'm viewing a 29 page thread I can't see an obvious skip to end or skip to beginning button which would be very helpful. I can't imagine this is difficult to add to the skin given its pretty common forum functionality? Is it either something we can get added or something that already exists that I'm overlooking like a muppet? Full apologies if the latter.
  9. Soul Blade Assassin is unbelievably powerful. Open from stealth, cast soul annihilation, if anything is still alive use devastating blow and see you later.
  10. Ciphers never run out of spells, can stun, blind, charm, etc all day, cause raw damage for fun, get about +30% weapon damage. My assassin can kill almost anything before it's gotten an attack off. Rangers can, uh, have their pet play dead?
  11. I appreciate this doesn't help the OP at all but I turned Aloth in to a fighter mage and I'm absolutely loving it. I have him dual wielding with a whole load of defensive spells to make him virtually impossible to hit. Think it's a great class to multi with a melee dps. Not sure about on its first own mind.
  12. As a rogue player I generally disagree. I don't want to be a Swiss army knife, I want to be a bazooka. It's what I'm there for. If you want utility, it's what the multi class system is for. There are already plenty of support classes, the rogue is the best single target dps and it should probably stay that way. I dislike other RPGs that have taken the "every class can perform every role" approach, it defeats the point of having class variety in the first place. Of course that's really all just my opinion.
  13. Can't say I agree to be fair. Same old Eder to me. Him and Pallegina their old selves. Very fond.
  14. Romance in PC CRPG is crap shocker. They should have stuck to their guns and told the partisan minority to keep writing their own fanfiction. I know there's a very passionate little group of players that like the romances but being vocal doesn't make you a majority. They're terrible, they've always been terrible. It's not the writers fault, either, it's just that real romance doesn't happen in the space of five to ten scripted multiple choice conversations. You're never going to get real depth and feeling in that format, you're only ever going to get tacky cheese. That's exactly the argument Josh and Co used to exclude them in the first game and they were dead right to do it. Should have stuck to their guns. That said, they're easy to ignore I suppose so if it makes people happy then so be it. But don't complain when you finally do get romance but it's not quite good enough.
  15. The tavern music in the first game made me want to self harm. The ridiculously high pitched singer I think in the White March singing some terrible, mournful ballad especially was dreadful. I'm sure the girl who performed it normally sounds wonderful and whoever wrote it has done plenty of great work but I doubt either considers "she something or something in to her heart" as their finest. When I heard remixes of the same melody for Deadfire though, I had to chuckle. I liked that, it was a nice bit of self referencing.
  16. Berath Haul Away Faithful In that order. They seem to be most proud of Faithful, I get it constantly.
  17. Not gonna lie, my cipher assassin is bananas. Like, full on B A N A N A S (thanks Gwen.) I've actually taken very few cipher spells but soul annihilation is mental and there's quite a few class specific cipher passive talents that buff my damage output. I'm going to miss out on a few end game rogue abilities but tbh, the sheer amount of damage I do already is nuts. I was worried rolling assassin that I'd be struggling for means of re-entering stealth but I manage several times per combat and if I ever do run out of rogue power points then out come my few cipher spells.
  18. I think I've got five refined, so by that counting I've obviously missed one or two raw.
  19. Am I right in thinking, whatever we picked up in the battery is about our quota for durgan iron ingots? I've not missed any clever smelter anywhere? So if I released the souls and got the default value, my 5 or so ingots I need to choose to use wisely equipment wise?
  20. I released them as I'm totally Berath's right hand. #roleplaynerd
  21. I don't think a rural village in the Dyrwood would be rebuilding a temple to Eothas any time soon, whoever is in charge.
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