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  1. I want 2 things 1 is to figure out the best cipher/rogue options. assassin + what? it can be focused on spells or sneak attacks or both its fine by me! 2. is to figure out if chanter / cipher is good and how to use it 2 again, to figure out what is the best summoner build that doesnt take forever to summon for every little fight. Thank you!
  2. i didnt play the first game. just a bit. and i liked cipher so i was thinking on: 1. cipher /rogue - but which subclasses? will it focus on spells or attacks? i want to do a spell caster and i heard u can deal massive damage, get your focus super high and then cast spells? so ascendant? 2. chanter? is it really that strong? is it a summoner? i like summoners... but they take a while to ramp up no? and what do i combine it with? does it attack with weapon or spells? is cipher a good option? maybe just do pure cipher / rogue/ chanter? also if im getting a npc thats one of those, maybe ill create my char to be something else? 1 last thing - do i get to pick sub class of npcs? thanks for the help!!
  3. Thanks guys! so it comes out on the 25th? cause i looked and couldnt find that diablo3 patch is on the 28th so i wanted to do something in the meanwhile i think i will Start a rogue. create a cipher as a hireling. and when iget to the cipher in the game i will switch.
  4. I've tried to read as much as i could about how to play the cipher (i like to min max and be op ) so i read and read and started the game. now i see that the draining whip no longer gives +2 on hit... can someone point me to an updated guide on this game? on ciphers in general (any reason to still take that gun?) in addition i have an issue with rogues... i want to play a rogue but i want to play a cipher as well. should i hire a mercenary?
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