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  1. I guess we can take PoE as an example. Only a few characters had portraits. Now, think of the same situation, only characters that gave quests and didn't have a portrait now they'll have this. I don't think main characters will have a different style.
  2. The fact that they managed to use mature themes with, among others, a talking skull is something I would count as a merit. PS:T is the best written RPG I've played in my opinion. Pillars was good but the characters seemed a bit distant, sometimes unrelated to the present. More books than people. My favorite character was Durance, the way he changes along the game..., so yeah, another MCA fan over here. He'll be missed on Obsidian.
  3. Yup, those were great. On topic, I really like the artstyle but I hope they change the background. Anyway, I'll wait to see them in-game to judge.
  4. Well... Promising too muchs is counterproductive: they have to invest money, and worse, time, in some "extras" that they may or may not have in detriment of the "core" game. I would rather have this small improvements that make the overall game feel better. Dubbing a game is bloody expensive, and I think localizations are a must if they want to reach a wider audience. I would love to see a new companion on one of the next SG though. Changing subjetc, does anyone know if those watercolor portraits are definitive? I mean, I like the art but the background seems a bit... off with the rest of the game. Maybe if seen in-game they feel good, but that's my first impression.
  5. That is really similar to Darkest Dungeon system. You have to buy food before venturing on a dungeon. You can use it to heal a really small amount of health but sometimes your team will ask to stop to eat. Also, you can camp and eat to recover extra health. I don't know, I'm not thrilld by this. I really liked survival mode on FO:NV but I can't be sure something like that would be meaningful at all in this game. It sounds like it would be too easy to get plenty of food, or annoying to have to go back to town just to buy some supplies. I'm all for improving inns and having conversations during rest. The former is just improving the world, in general, so I don't think it's necessary to specifically point that out. The latter would be really interesting, since having conversations during rest feels more natural. It could be something like being in the Normandy in ME, where companions have different dialogues than on the field. It seems a bit silly to stop in the middle of some catacombs just to talk about your daddy issues or whatever.
  6. That is called fanservice and it's just cheap writing. Also, I really doubt half the fandom *shivers* is interested in a relationship with Edér. I don't know where you got your numbers and I think I do not want to know. And if you would have read the rest of the post, you would have seen that this is exactly why some people want to avoid romances at all in this game: people asking for them not for having deeper layers of interaction with our companions but to fulfill their fantasies. And soon the conversation will be "But I want to romance Durance" and "Why Edér doesn't want to romance an orlan?". So in the improbable case that they introduce romances, I hope they do it not listening to the fandom *shivers, again* and focused on doing better relationships in general and not romance minigames.
  7. Au contraire, that means one less thing to worry about if you do not share race, if you get me. I wouldn't mind (never minded) romances as long as they are not the priority. I think someone mentioned DOS:2 stretch goal, but it was not about romance, was about love/hate relationships. That stretch goal could be acceptable: deeper relationships, in general, and maybe, just maybe, one or two could end up in romance. That's what, in my opinion, PST did right: love relationship was not more special than a good friendship.
  8. ...or you if you didn't you start at level 16, reign in peace in Caed Nua and automatically win the game.
  9. As a firmly opposed to romances Obsidian fan, I feel like I have to reply. First, yes, I'll admit what you mentioned as "tribalism" may be a factor. But I think it is because how BW evolved: the more they shifted away from what many hardcore fans like, the more romances we got. It even started to be the main focus of the game. Just look at the recent announcements about companiones from MEA: it's all about who can you sleep with, before than we even know them. I don't want the companions to be seen as romantic interests rather than partners. Also, it means many times the developers trying to "balance" the options for both genders, making some characters possible to romance just to make things equal. About my personal view on romances in videogames: as you said, it something really personal, so it's difficult to write a romance that doesn't feel forced. Most times it's a matter of choosing the most obvious answers, independent of how your character is and how he behaves. This can be extended to videogames in general: sometimes the plot is fueled by a personal feeling leading many players to feel the whole motivation of the story silly. So there's that. Also, I get the exact opposite feeling as you do: I think love is forced in almost every piece of media to a point it's sickening and too predictable. In a 2h movie, the girl will go with the main character because it's the way it's supposed to be. That doesn't make the story better. I agree romance can play a good role in a story but it has to be a good story, to begin with. I don't want a romance because: if it fits, it could be there, but not for the sake of it. Also, romance is not the be all end all of the relationships. Playing PS:T I fel much more close to Dak'kon and Morte with a regular firendship than to Anna or Grace. My relationship with Viconia didn't feel special, just more time consuming. All in all, I want they to write deeper characters with more dialogue and a more personal story with the PC. If that would mean a character may get a romance, so be it, but for the love of the gods, please, don't force romances into the game just because people want them.
  10. I really don't like the idea of starting at lvl 1. If they had changed the main character, of course I wouldn't mind, but this... It feels a bit cheap even if it's justified by the story. On the other hand, maybe it would be even worse to have to suffer something like ToB all over again where everyone and their dog could cast time stop and the (apparently) huge change of system justifes starting at low level. The ideal solution would have been to start at a low-mid level like 4-6, where we could have some power without having to start by fighting wild animals. Anyway, it's not a dealbreaker for me and I'll forget about it 5 minutes in the game, so I won't give it much thought.
  11. I didn't get the mail, and I'm a backer of PoE. I'm not going to stop backing just for five dirty dollars, but I would like to have the disccount. I checked my mail and spam, I haven't changed it in a long time but still, I see no discount. Does anyone know the criteria to recieve the discount? Thanks.
  12. S Well, it won't be releasing tomorrow. You should build one, and do a run through of PoE1/TWM to prepare for it. I know I have a few plythroughs planned. A couple to finish up, and a couple to start fresh. Same here. Now I want a priest of Eothas, a philosopher, a Bleak walker, a Deadfire native...
  13. Interesting, since recently when he was asked where the pillars go, he said "that's a very good question, I'm not going to answer that". Maybe we'll go there? Although Hel being the Beyond sounds more likely.
  14. I guess this last one was to confirm the Watcher in the sequel. How many hours are left in the "official" countdown? It marks 15 for me.
  15. Where do these names come from? Kanonn Feesh sounds kinda made up. "Kinda" xD Yeah, it was somewhat fishy.
  16. I would say there are no chances of Obsidian developing a new Fallout. That said, it is very clear by the teasers (look at other threads of this forum) that Project Louisiana is, indeed, Pillars of Eternity 2. Sawyer has been vocal about the development of it, so it's impossible not be announced soon, and as evilcat pointed, it's highly doubtful that they have two teams to develop major games. So since they are a) definitely working on PoE2 and b) probably not dividing the team, if I were you I would forget about seeing a FO game by Obsidian.
  17. Found on another topic another use of "per complanca". I would say that White Phoenix got it right, it sounds something like "alas". Maybe in the teaser is used ironically.
  18. Maybe after the three known companions they are showing factions, not more companions. Last two are using plural.
  19. Pirate? Pirate hunter in any case, he's talking about "bringing order" and does not enjoy savagery. I would say an aumaua, maybe outsider (not from Deadfire)? Since he talks about "bringing".
  20. Durance is my favorite by far, but I find very unlikely to see him again. Other than him, I liked Edér and Hiravias, also Maneha to a lesser extent. Aloth was good, too, but not outstanding. I have to admit that I didn't change that much the party so I didn't gave the rest much of a chance.
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