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  1. I'm not against this, but that just isn't, even arguably, "an improvement". An improvement on something is similar but better. What you're proposing there is entirely different and essentially completely unrelated subsystem (which could actually co-exist with the current food system). It might be great. It's not an "improvement". Personally I think the whole "food as temporary buff" deal is kind of annoying to manage in Pillars 1, especially if you want everyone to have a food so have to carefully split the stacks and click them individually and so on. So I'd be happy to either see a big change like you've suggested (which could be an improvement or just tedious, pointless resource management, depending entirely on the precise design), or just an improvement to the way food is handled by the UI. Making the buffs last longer (even if they had to become smaller) would be good too (maybe "until rest"). The problem with your proposal, though, is that it overlaps with the current "camping supplies" design, which already (presumably) incorporates food, so that'd need looking at. The OP's suggestion isn't bad but it would seem like it was stretch-goal material, not merely a normal suggestion, as it'd have to be an entirely new and pretty big system, and require a ton of extra dialogue to be written and recorded. The most hilarious game for this is Fallout 4. A lot about the NPCs has been improved to make them seem less static, but with this they kind of went too far, because it seems to be triggered on area transition, so I've had bunches of NPCs want to have a serious conversation just as I zoned into a dungeon... Like, Piper, seriously, do you really want to talk about this in a radioactive storm-drain full of raiders? actually ,i have a lot to suggest ,but i know just adding something in the vain hope is not right,so this is basically a suggest to change the “dialogue environment” to some thing more sensible,most things are already there ,just to marry them together
  2. yeah i agreed, fallout 4 's survive mode is really annoying,it is basically sacrifice game-play to achieve some kind of realistic But I didn't suggest that,I think if we during a 60+hours game-play having more immersion elements should be good,if you looked what I said,this is not all about foods actually,I just thought INN and Camp system should be more interesting
  3. In POE the “resting system”mostly just for recharge the spells ... But it could be more fun and have more functions : 1.When team set up a camp fire we could have an option to progress a conversation with your teammates or skip it to rest , most random talking could happen in here this way we don‘t miss any of them by accident ,also can make the team interact with each other more often ,so we don't need to talk to them individually 2.when you do like the party-talking ,then you or teammates will gain some benefits e.g.: If you know what's their favorite food is ,you can let them eat that and they'll get more benefits form that kind of foods etc. 3.Inns should have more “darts game” elements . you can choose a table and order some foods and drinks then your teammates will say some funny things,if they don't like the foods that you dished then they definitely will let you know,just for fun,also can make the inn more alive(and Useable) 4. this all can be done by something like “”pic-dialogues“” which is how you interact with the world in POE Just some ideas and what 's you guys think on this ? ( as always ,sorry for my poor English )
  4. As a non-native English speaker(never used English in real life 。。in school may be).Just want to say it is really hard to read some of the text in this game(actually。。。most of them) but when a character have the voice acting somehow it make things easier . because the pauses, emotiones, tones in those sentences I cant be sure i got it right or not. as to those new-words 。。 curse me so bad。 But when gaming becoming a learning process ,i feel like I m really studying the world through the words , ,try to understand every single word as i could ,kind addictive,but when i finished part1(just bought this game) ,just feel exhausted
  5. some of those quests can still be there even Without a inn. Or in other words they lack the essential nature to make a inn what it is for adventurers ..i think
  6. Let them be themselves once a while do more interact with the world seeking quests that chould be fun
  7. Like i have to looking into a dictionary to understand some words you said.play pillars of eternity was hard for me. I think what i mean is quite simple. We can have a pets system then why not a party system or camping system .Because what make a great adventure memorable is after that what we can talk about .Maybe companions will challenge each other by compare the number of how many spiders they've killed.i mean the data is here .Just like to see more quarrels going on in the group.Go to a inn ,Having a table ,Siting around, laughing or arguing some trifles .maybe some drunk dude wants to start a fight ,Because there is so many different political views. So many things can happen in a tavern.Not just for standing sleep and some lost and found quests I think
  8. Only for sleep ,hiring, buying stuffs? how about dine party or something ,make drinks and foods necessary in some circumstances,May even open some quests, dialogues when parties gather together . that could be fun
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