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  1. In case others do not know like me http://www.siegeofdragonspear.com/
  2. It summons a dog to fight for you. Not very strong, but a good diversion. With all the figurines out there I do not consider it worth the money
  3. Ya weapons for rangers, I would go for warbow on two and hunting bow on the other one. Lenas Er is a very good hunting bow and does well on a ranger with Driving Fight to spread the debuff. You can also pick up Persistence early for that character. Borresaine and Cloupiercer for the other two (which forces you to play for Dozens) You might be able to trun the barbarian into an offtank. He has very low defelection but savage defiance can help a lot for heals at least, and you can support him with the druids. Alternatively I do not know how viable a druid can be as a tanky. But just max the defensive attributes and you should be ok.
  4. I would still stick a chanter and a paladin in there, the support and extra summons and stuns and heals and auras are really useful. And I would say rangers rather than fighters. Or like Raven said, 6 Ciphers, perma stun and mind contols, lol.
  5. Well that depends, it get re-applied every hit, so as long as you keep focusing on your target the duration of deep wounds does not matter since the damage is constant. If Per is going to affect accuracy now I would take it for a Rogue over intellect myself. But I dumped it on my rogue when it was for deflection.
  6. The thing is that the Doemenals' quests are easy to do with a low level party or even solo. Money is not scarce, but it helps you to get a lot of money easily right at the start of ACT II and allows you to buy a number of useful accessories or about two really strong weapons which sets you up nicely for other quests
  7. LOL, yes I saw that probably at the same time you were still writing you post. Laughed out loud for a few minutes and corrected it. I was obviously doing too many things at the same time thanks
  8. 1) All three have nice vendors and there is no reason not to unlock all three by doing the first quest for each faction. Crucible knights have a nice heavy armor set, a very good estoc, and the Shod in Faith Boots. Dozens have some really useful accessories which grant extra abilities or stats. Domeenals have stealth boots for a rogue and a cape of +3 Dex along with some exceptional firearms. For the Doemenal merchant (Bianca) there are three ways you can access her. Either via getting the letter in Copperlane about the robbery, siding with the Doemenals in the Ondra's Gift delivery quest from the warehouse, or via the Supply and demand quest if you choose to try and lower the price of bitter squash seeds. 2. Completing the last quest for each faction gives you a weapon. Crucible knights is a really bad sword called Shame or Glory: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Sword Dozens is a very nice bow called Cloudpiercer (best warbow in game imo, tied with Borresaine for me): http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/War_bow Doemenals gives you 20 000gold or Misery's End: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Stiletto 3. Talents only apply to the main character Crucible knights give you +2 DT when wearing armour which is really nice for a tank Dozens give you +5 Accuracy when attacking the same target as an ally which helps most classes Doemenals give you +30% crit damage which is ideal for a crit rogue.
  9. nope, I just did that while casting other spells. Once I conjure a weapon I loose that deflection, but all the conjured weapons have reach or range so I do not mind losing the shield and axe deflection. Also by the time I conjure my weapon I also have my deflection spell buff up. Wizards are very strong Enjoy!
  10. your equipped weapons have no effect on your summoned weapons whatsoever. You are swapping to the summoned weapon and only the stats and abilities of the summoned weapon are used (think of it as having that weapon in an alternate slot). In the same way then your weapon focus talents do affect the new weapon you equip via the spell. For my solo Wizard run I equipped a large shield and hatchet for spellcasting for maximum deflection and then cast the weapon I wanted to use for damage
  11. Always a good idea to upload your savegame so people can have a look. Please post it via a website like sendspace https://www.sendspace.com/ Nice portrait btw
  12. Jolting Touch has very weird and probably bugged interaction with Barbarian specifically. each Jolting Touch and jump triggers Carnage which in turn triggers another round of Jolting Touch. so every target in Carnage range gets hit with a Jolting Touch + a jump JT hit + a Carnage AoE from Jolting Touch. obviously it doesn't work that way with any other class. Lol thats awesome. And probably unintended as you stated. Give your barbarian some lore and equip 20 jolting touch scrolls. Better dps than any weapon vs groups
  13. RtrnofdMax just pointed out that one can get boots of speed in ACT 2 from Skaen Temple on day 9 of the month and I see it is also listed in adaxe's list. Highly recommended. Will make a number of difficult stealth areas much easier, and needing less stealth skill to complete.
  14. This is true to the point that I feel the game was designed in such a way that they made sure that the game could be completed solo PotD so people could get the achievement or something. Just played with a custom min-max party for the "No Rest for the Pro" achievement. Even with those resting restrictions it was insanely easy on PotD, I only needed 7 rests in the end. So, yes, you should be able to do it with any party if you rest enough, when using non-min-maxed party for a game which feels like it was designed for solo play is easy. I mean if I think back to a game like Baldur's Gate I think the game was designed to be played with a party and going solo was something a few players would attempt without any achievements to motivate them. I did BG2 with a Barbarian and I heard Kensei/Wizard was also solid, but I doubt it was designed that every class could do that on the hardest difficulty and a number of fights needed some fine co-ordination between party memebers. (I also did BG1 solo, but that was in the enhanced edition and I exploited bounty hunter traps... )
  15. Yeah, I was curious myself about how I got that slide. I was doing a custom party run so I just picked him up for his quest. So I went and picked him up after I got to Defiance Bay (no talking about Maerwald) and went to get his record, went to Ciliban Rilag, and straight to Brackenbury to have the item read. I picked the passionate response and dropped him. That was my only interaction with him. How did you handle Skaen cult? My theory is that those two are related since 1st ending talking about Eder expelling last remains of them. Killed them. Snapped the Girl's neck
  16. hahaha you beat me to it, just edited my post when I realized that I misread the first line
  17. 1. Where can you get boots of speed in act 2? 2 & 3. Well, that is no longer a minimum run then if you are doing bounties, it would defeat the point of my guide and goals to keep overall kills to minimum, so level 8 is still the max level for that area. I also do not think you would be get into the Cail the Silent cave without confusion or breaking stealth? 4. yeah it seems like you can finish the game by letting things kill each other then, which is interesting, some confusion scrolls for late game and you should be able to clear quite a lot that way Not sure if you can kill the Headman like that, Thaos will heal him often, and if you hit him with any maelstrom damage you will get the kill. (It was interesting that I got to 13 kills after my first try because I Killed my own Adra beetle with Maelstrom and it counted...) An interesting thing I found with Cail the Silent yesterday. I positioned by party and sent my Ranger's bear in for the pull. But once conversation starts the bear runs back to the ranger, which means that once dialogue ends you are not in combat at all. Sneak back with my Cipher and Tenacious Grasp Cail and lol.
  18. Yeah, I was curious myself about how I got that slide. I was doing a custom party run so I just picked him up for his quest. So I went and picked him up after I got to Defiance Bay (no talking about Maerwald) and went to get his record, went to Ciliban Rilag, and straight to Brackenbury to have the item read. I picked the passionate response and dropped him. That was my only interaction with him.
  19. I just finished the game supporting Knights of the Crucible. Not sure if I will play again so was wondering if there were alternatives. Feel free to post more outcomes for people who do not feel like playing through the whole game I supported Animancy at the hearings and encouraged Clyver to keep experimenting with the Forge Knights. In the end But if Animancy was not supported at the hearing or if I told Clyver to drop it I wonder if that outcome would change. I have also had three different results for Eder's ending. And the 3rd one actually explains something about how he related to his crises of faith after everything he saw: I am curious in relation to the Raedric Quests and the ending slides, Gilded Vale never seems to do too well
  20. Completed this just now: PotD Ironman 2 Darcozzi Paladins 1 Barbarian 1 Ranger (Bear) 1 Cipher 1 Chanter Only rested 7 times, left the Endless Paths alone, but did the first two rounds of bounties. Killed Thaos at level 11 with a lot of scrolls really. Paladins are sweet. Enjoyed playing them. Nice Accuracy buff. Solid Tanky support imo I never had problems with my ranger or the companion. I used Reviving Exhortation in a few fights on the bear, but he soaked up loads of damage and brought his part. The bear rarely died in battle, I just never sent him on suicide missions, but he as always in my front line with a paladin and a chanter. Lay on hands was a help to keep it alive, but did wonders for keeping my party in good health. Actually fairly happy with rangers myself. I understand when comparing it to other classes etc but the class did what I expected Barbarian was all the CC and AoE I needed with Tall Grass and jolting touch.
  21. level 10 paladin FoD grazing Vampyr, so depends what you are fighting. Select your targets well and you can kill off some of the enemies with lower deflection easily, or flank or use cc otherwise. Easy enough to calculate when you know the deflection of the enemies and the accuracy of the paladin at the level. But early game it is definitely really good.
  22. It was happening to me starting in 1.05. A new feature for me in 1.06 is that my chanter will always give the "frustrated" exclamation when summoning, as if they just seriously missed badly or something which is weird.
  23. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Animancer%27s_Boots Found on the body of an animancer as you enter Brackenbury after the hearings
  24. Well this is changing he topic of the thread with all the focus on jolting touch, but I got the Animancer boots and tried them out on my Barb (suicide run ). Exact same behavior, and you can do that 3 times per rest guaranteed (or even 3 times /combat if you like resting) which feels a bit strong. Wonder if it would work with any scrolls PS very happy with Dwarf Barb btw. Racial Bonus + Zealous Focus + Darcozzi Acc buff + Weapon focus = 37 Acc bonus. Which keeps Wilder and primordial prone with tall grass If I wielded Godansthunyr one handed against wilder that would be an additional 12 Acc for a total of 49 bonus Acc O_o Perma-stun anyone?
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