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  1. Does Perception increase accuracy? As far as i can recall its deflection, reflex and interrupt?
  2. But i gues that effect doest stack? If I keep attackong the target deep wounds would only get refreshed right? So the only benefit would be if i attack once and live it be to deep wounds to expire. Please correct me if im wrong.
  3. Hello there, I am playing PoE for a while now with barbarian but I wanted to try out rougue from the beginning again. The atributes I took for him (Death godlike) are: Might: 18 Con: 6 Dex: 20 Perc: 10 Int: 18 Cha: 6 But I am wondering now, isnt perception better for rogue instead of int? As far as I can see, the only ability that can really benefit from intellect is the first level blind attack. I am wondering either to swotch the hight int for high perception for interrupts. What are you opinions?
  4. I see... Well, I just wanted to finish off the (i think) 7th level of dungeon under the fortress and there are a lot of undeads. Wanted to enchant my justice 2h sword to deal additional damage to vessels.
  5. Thank you for answers guys. I havent been in the placed you specified yet. I think the fastest way for me now will be building the shop in the stronghold.
  6. Hello there, I am plaing PoE for couple weeks now casually but I really love the game and I am really happy that it was developed. But to the question- Are there any other ways of obtaining Binding Copper other than buying it from Hendyna ? I was able to buy only one because it didnt spawm even after 2 resting intervals and after completing the egg quest she gives. I need 2 of Binding copper to enchant a weapon. Is there any other way of getting another one? I Would aprichiate all help! Please forgive me if this topic was created in a wrong section.
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