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  1. I concur, to some extent. -I'm some 40 hours into the game, and personally I am not experiencing that much of a slowdown in the individual loading times (with the exception of the first load of every session: that one is clearly taking more time). Note that my pc is far from top-notch: it dates back to 2009, and usually can't run recent games very well. Yet, the individual loading times seem ok to me, per se. -What I agree on, is that there are way just too many loading times. Navigating Defiance Bay is, literally, a pain, and I stopped using the stronghold altogether after I realized it took me 3 loading screens just to get to my bed: given how easy it is to acquire money in the game, the local taverns always work just fine, for me. I do realize the amount of loading times is inevitable in this kind of game, though, and I would probably be less annoyed by it if I had a better machine.
  2. Personally, I'm not really bothered about their promising and not delivering: I never was into the pre-release hype or announcements, thus I was entirely unaware of such a promise to begin with. Yet, I am a little disappointed with Defiance Bay (I haven't gotten to Twin Elms yet). Premise: I am a big fan of urban environments in RPG, and I wet-dream about a city-only RPG being released, some day. I am quite happy with how much time the player is given the chance to spend in Defiance Bay, for example, and yet this is exactly what bring a couple of issues out in the open. Defiance Bay is a nice town, well rendered, with a lot going on in terms of quests, city dynamics, differently-"flavoured" districts, Yet, all these aspects don't really run deep, nor far. The city ultimately feels a little "empty": there aren't that many people about, not as many and as "busy" as I'd imagine in such a large and regionally-important city, which thus feels "dead", after a short while. What also gripes with me is that the whole town boils down to 5 districts/areas (a couple of which are quite limited, content- and size-wise), plus interiors and dungeons (which aren't that many, either): that isn't really much, to be honest, especially considering how shallow those areas feel after a short while. The districts lack "life", people doing things or even just being there. The feeling is that there are more backer-ghosts than actual citizens in DB. Reactivity to the world's events isn't much either: I would have appreciated some more comments (chat bubbles or background banter or customized "greetings" in conversations) reflecting the influence of the PC's actions. Considering the amount of quests going on in the city (quite a few, and which involve quite some backtracking between the five districts), those areas get a bit "trite" very soon and their limited number kind of begins coming across as a shortcoming. In all fairness, I would have been happy with a single major urban hub in the game (and, because of what I just mentioned, I can't force myself to accept DB as a candidate), and the inevitable subsidiary hamlets/villages (Gilded Vale/Dyrford, etc).
  3. Looks like many people cast their votes while thinking "which is my favourite race/class?", rather than the actual poll question. Albeit clearly the least popular race of choice, dwarves are vastly unrepresented when it comes to portraits, with barely a handful of portraits currently available.
  4. Not sure if serious or just trolling... If those are your preference, I'm afraid, Colwyn, that you picked the wrong game, and one made by the wrong company. This game was known before release to contain a lot of writing, and Obsidian and the team working on it was quite famous, and appreciated for, their previous titles which also featured a lot of writing and 10+ conversation options. PoE is (sort of) suspposed to be more about the narration of a story than it is about ploughing through hordes of enemies (which you get to do anyway), and that is probably why you're so disgruntled with it. And, to be fair, I find the dialogues in PoE to be more similar to those in IWD than to those from other, more writing-heavy games.
  5. It's a single sun in the sky as far as I can tell based on the lore provided in-game. However Eora does have two moons - with one that has a more irregular orbit. I wonder if two moons might have any significant impact on the calendar. I know, as I mentioned (in bold). It was just for the sake of speculation, really. Not sure about the moons, in our world the Moon really only influence tides and can double as an approximative counter for months. Maybe if Eora's moons were visible during the day as well as during the night, they might have a cultural impact upon the subdivisions of the day itself.
  6. I have to disagree. There are a few close-up spells, and a lot of long distance. There is generally a decent balance between single-target, aoe, and "cone/fan/trajectory" spells (directional aoe? not sure what to call these), depending on which caster class we're talking about. I find that there are enough long range spells, both single-target and aoe, to satisfy my appetite for destruction. I play as a melee and I keep GM and Hiravias as casters in my party: the former has some nice (read: devastating) single-target spells and the ultra-cool single-target-then-bounce Mind Blades, while the latter has a few very useful long-range aoe damage spells, a few healing ones, can shapeshift into a death-dealing beast, and is very very flexible in its usefulness. Otherwise, you can just use Aloth as the stereotypical "glass cannon": let your melees engage the enemies first, make sure you keep him way at the back (some mobs tend to rush casters no matter what, if they're "near-ish"), and once the fight has started let him drop fireball after fireball, or those magic missiles/necrotic lance (if you need single target). I personally don't like him as a companion and I find him way less flexible than GM or Hiravias, hence my decision to leave him out of the party, but that's personal preference really.
  7. Maybe Eora orbits around a twin-star, and the perceived trajectory of their sun(s) doesn't automatically set a "halfway" point the way our "noon" (the Sun's highest point in its arc) does. Or maybe their sun is just one (which is what appears to be the case from the wiki), but its arc isn't as defined as our Sun's, which makes dividing the daylight time into an even number of fractions, problematic. Hence Eorans preferred to divide the day in 27 hours (which, mind you, might not even be similar to Earth hours: they could be 40 minutes long, or 90 minutes long each). Even here on Earth, the day hasn't always been split into 24 hours. For example, many people in Europe divided the day in 7 "segments", during the middle ages (each segment corresponded to some religious moment/prayer/function). Let us not let our own habits and biases take over our perception of what's "different": of course a non-24-hours day sounds "weird" to us, but there might be lots of practical (well, fictionally so) reasons behind such choices. Ultimately, it makes sense to me to consider this choice just a "device" to give the world of Eora an "exotic/alien but relatable to/familiar" flair.
  8. Topic Title: Should discussion about The Poem be ... censored? Recently mentioned themes: Race, Systemic Oppression, Gender, Patriarchy, Marxism...
  9. I must admit, the soundtrack is probably my favourite aspect of the game, if I were to pick one. The background tracks are always spot-on, never intrusive (eg never "stealing" the attention from what's going on on-screen), and very fitting their respective scene. Even the menu theme is really enjoyable and I find myself leaving the menu screen on for a few seconds, rather than frantically and instantly clicking "load/continue", so that I can take in some more of that piece. The one piece that does stand out as vaguely meh is the combat theme which, given the amount of combat in the game (a lot), will be heard over and over again, ending up feeling a tad repetitive. But I'm nitpicking really. Good job on the music, it makes for a lovely soundtrack when leisurely driving around the mountains where I live.
  10. So, you're saying a fictional character in a fictional game isn't even fictionally free to prefer fictional women to fictional men. Duly (fictionally) noted. Seriously, it looks to me that it is you who can't see why the limerick isn't either transphobic nor misogynistic, but just, in fact, a limerick. If anything, it is your stance who is being heterophobic. You claim you're a SJW, and yet here you are, advocating that anyone who doesn't share your views is (and I quote) a homophobe or a bigot: you shouldn't really use the word "Justice" at all, if these are the foundations of your philosophy.
  11. All "serious" and "deep" (or "derp": it's up to you) discussions aside, (free speech, censorship, heterophobia, god, God, free will, specism, whatever), the memory of Firedorn has been (forever) engraved in cybernetic-stone, at some dark corner of the internet. "Late to the Party" Edit - in reply to the OP's poll, no, discussion should not be censored. It's not that big of an issue really, nor should it be made one.
  12. I second this entirely. I would really like a "stand guard", or "stand and fight" toggle. Disabling auto-attack just doesn't cut it, nor does the X button. I often find myself wanting my characters to stand where they are, and fight either their designated target or whoever's at range. Here are some reasons for this: - maintain a careful strategic positioning for mutual protection and party survival; - use the environment to the party advantage, eg doorways, rocks, bottlenecks etc; - don't be unnecessarily exposed to attacks of opportunity (well, whatever they'0re called in PoE); - avoid friendly fire damage, and maximize the effects of friendly beneficial AoE's or auras. Thus, I really hope something like this will be implemented, at some point.
  13. Not sure if known issue, I searched the forums but couldn't find mention of it. It's very low-key and doesn't really affect gameplay, but I thought I'd report it anyway. I saved Purnisc by killing all the mercs, but told Kaenra the truth about his dealings and advised her to stay away from him: at this point I got the quest reward and the quest was marked as completed in the journal. Out of curiosity, I then tried to talk to Kaenra again, to hear about what her intentions were now, but surprisingly, she instead asked me again if I had found Purnisc yet. My only reply option was then "I'm still looking into it", after which she asked me again "What happened with Purnisc? Did you give him the ring?", to which I can only reply "Not yet. I'll be back". This dialogue happens every time I talk to Kaenra, now.
  14. Yup. I just returned to the village (where I am considered a "Champion") talked to him, same welcome message, went to Inn, took a nap in the room, wen back to him and still the same. Resting did not solve it, reputation is not the issue as well. For me, it only worked after I recruited Aloth and then talked to Caldara de Berranzi. Not sure which of the two events was the condition, but I suspect it was the latter, as Eder does drop a comment or two on your conversation with Caldara, before giving you the chance to ask him to join.
  15. I also experienced this bug. Not really bothering me, nor do I know what triggered it. Tonight I'll play the game again and see if just having closed the game fixed the issue.
  16. Done. Im on a Win7/ 64. Link to the logs: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4vbh7mQxjDZfkRtT3kwZ2lvTFoxaVdRRENjWnlrMXhGR25xTElmYWprX1ZfODZjWXdHRms&usp=sharing Hi, along with the other users who reported it, I too am having the issue on a win7/64bit machine. Unofrtunately I can't attach my "bugged" savegames yet because I deleted them all and started the game anew, hoping not to incure in the bug any more. Should it still happen, I'll make sure to share a savegame. In any case, thanks for your reply.
  17. Ditto here. I can't even go back to the courtyard, nor backtrack the way I came from (Ihad jumped the moat and climbed up the ivy on the leftmost wall section). I guess I'll have to wait for a patch, or restart the game (and possibly be faced with the same bug?). I wonder what those people who are not experiencing the bug did right?
  18. I dunno. I only tried the PC version and found it completely unplayable. One of the worst ports I ever had the misfortune to waste time on. That said, from the gameplay videos around (console version), it looks like it's a "grinding" game, and progression in the game itself is supposed to be achieved through player skill improvement rather than through character progression (skills/gear/etc). So yeah, you have to try over and over again until you manage to land that "perfect fight" that allows you to get to the next bonfire. Not my cup of tea on console, a piece of crud on pc. Also, horribly low resolution textures.
  19. To be honest, Skyrim just feels like GTA, fantasy-style. The world is just beautiful, I occasionally just love riding around rather than using fat travel, maybe hunt some elk, or cause random havoc in town. But the game doesn't seem to have much of a "greater purpose", as in, a "story" to be told. The dumbed down side questlines, the meh skill system, the very weak main story/quest-line, everything feels just "corollary" to the exploration/hiking/exploring. It's like the most awesome sandbox ever made, with no friends to "play" it with. Ultimately, I still do like the game, though.
  20. I did really love D:OS for a while. Going around Cyseal, talking to everyone, picking everything, messing around with everything was really neat. The generic lighthearted and demi-humorous tone was also quite nice. Visuals are beautiful, too. It really felt like playing Ultima VII/VIII, it felt "old-school". Non scaled mobs and the open world added to the immersion and feeling of "credibility" the game world has. The story was being banal but still enjoyable. Then I got to act 2, and suddenly I completely lost all interest in the game, to the point of uninstalling it (which is very odd for me, I usually would fine any excuse to complete a game, even one I don't like that much). No interesting plot developments there, no interesting NPCs, not as great visuals (more "generic", less attention for details and eyecandy put into it), and fights that started to become trite, always more-or-less following the same sequence of spells/skills. The game just lost its entertaining value to me, and I wouldn't be so annoyed by this if said value hadn't been so high during ch.1. A real shame
  21. Banished, Under a Killing Moon, Shogun 2: TW, Morrowind.
  22. I do agree with OP on a couple of points. 1.Master of Every Guild. This was a bit of a letdown, I'd have expected guilds to be mutually exclusive, instead I found myself being the Master of them all. Furthermore, the player doesn't even have to be really proficient's in this or that guild's trade, to become its master. One can easily become the Companions' harbinger as a destruction mage, or the College's head as a backstabbing thief. Indeed, this was disappointing, especially considering how little effort is required to become a guild Master. Upon starting the game for the first time, I expected the "rise to power" to be somewhat slower and require dedication and effort, but found out quite to the contrary. Furthermore, there is not really much of a reward for becoming a guildmaster. No new guild-specific skills or spells, no "guild house" or something of the sort, no "monthly collectable revenue" kind of thing, no relevant pecuniary reward: becoming the guildmaster effectively determines the "end" of that guild, as far as its in-game "utility" and interesting-ness go. 2.Stormcloaks Rebellion. This was indeed a farce of a rebellion. Take a couple of cities, listen to a lot of phony motivational speeches, and there you go. And the moot to elect the new king doesn't even happer. Nor the Thalmor. Nor more Imperial troops. That's it. Kick the imps out, and then nobody cares anymore. In fact, this feels a bit like point #1, with the player quickly and easily becoming the leader of the organization only to be left with nothing to do with such power and title.
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