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  1. My ship's crew simply started disappearing, despite good morale (70+), plenty of food and drinks, and no events/encounters that might have resulted in deaths. I must have lost about 10 crew members (active duty+reserves) in the last couple of hours of gameplay, and there are no new crew members to be recruited in any port/tavern. Any clue, anyone? Addendum - I noticed that the crew never falls below three members. Even if I hire new ones, they'll disappear within minutes, but 3 will remain. Savegame - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CmucjOaWTDB8bZ2I_0elF8C-WjISINRY
  2. Yeah, today I completed my first solo+potd run (paladin/fighter), and I did learn the hard way about all of that. Positioning, bottlenecks, rest bonuses, potions, encounter-specific gearing, all matters a lot, in this game mode. I should mention that I exclusively play turn-based mode, btw, which also adds a layer of thought to everything. So, would it be viable to roll a character one way (like, more balanced) get past Maje, and then respec it (does ToI allow that, btw)? As per your ultimate builds, where can I find them? (feel free DM me if you wish, since it's OT)
  3. Hmmm, I just tried it a bit in test-TCS (everything on except the ToI thing), and I died a bloody lot. Like you said, if it's just for the achievement, one could just cheese through the game with most builds really, avoiding all/most fights and just sneaking through everything basically. I'm not sure this build is for me, although TBH, I never played a cipher before so maybe there's stuff I need to get used to or just better at. And maybe I could tweak the build a bit (it's way too fragile as is, and Maje island is especially punishing), or just get the "+2 to all stats" BB (I haven't yet, but
  4. Has anyone tested this with 5.0? Seems like a great build and I'd like to give it a go for a TCS attempt...
  5. Late to the party, but I just tried out the 2H version of this build (#2), and wanted to share my experience/considerations. First off, I forgot to get Berath's Blessing, because I'm dumb. Also, I didn't get the GotM, nor the Effigy (is it even possible to get the latter, on a solo run?). Difficulty: PotD Solo: YES Turn-based: YES Trials of Iron: NO Scaling: NO Gear-wise, I got almost exactly what's indicated. Armor: Reckless Brigandine Weapon: Whispers of the Endless Paths (only upgraded to superb because I can't obtain 4 kraken's eyes, and with of
  6. Woooooah! What's with the hatred for Hiravias? Personality-wise, I will concede that he's a bit of a doorknob-with-an-attitude (inb4 famous Druidic rap lineup, D.W.A.), but functionality-wise, he's a one-man army. Buff, debuff, heal, aoe's, melee, you name it. "Better call Hiravias". Well, I was bored so that last line of mine gave me an idea and here, I drafted up a billboard thingie...
  7. This is also one of my critiques to the game. Defiance Bay feels "hollow", empty, both visually and content-wise. Even in the middle of the game's day, the districts really feel like everyone's at home, dozing off. There is not that much to see, do, or talk about. I was surprised to find that many inns, in Defiance Bay. In fact, considering how deserted the districts felt, whereas I was expecting them to be bustling with activities of their own, and things to do for me (Ondra's Gift is the only exception: it does feel acceptably populated and there are enough "things" going on). On the
  8. I never tried that myself, not after finding out that "stealing" from a house in which there's only backer ghosts still results in "getting caught" and losing reputation. Well spotted. Will "test" tonight.
  9. All considerations about the review apart, I have to disagree with you on this. From a "realism" and "coherence" standpoint, it really doesn't make sense that a non min-maxed character is only slightly behind a min-maxed one. I am not a fan of min-max'ing personally, and my critique to this system is that it really takes away a good part of the inherent meaning of attributes themselves. A min-maxed mercenary should be strong as hell and dumb as a doorknob, or strong as hell and slow as growing grass, and the balance should be found in those kind of tradeoffs (think Davide VS Goliath stereo
  10. I understand 86/100, but how's 4/5 different from 8/10? :D
  11. (haters gonna hate) Unfortunately, 2/5. Writing: ranges from average to mediocre, never really managing to stand out. It has a few decent/good moments, but they get overshadowed by the average-ness of the whole. Companions are forgettable (GM has a few "ooooooh" moments and Eder has a couple, but they're too scarce and spread over too much "nothing" to be noticeable). Main Plot: again, it failed to get me hooked up with what's going on. Being a "Watcher" could/should have been made more central and dramatic, IMHO. Quests: similarly, quests are never really engrossing, and soon
  12. So this guy went and played Dragon Age: Inquisition every time a loading screen came up?
  13. So I entered Galawain's Maw, and started exploring the area, without having received the quest yet. I went north-east by crossing the broken bridge with a grappling hook, and then pushed on in the same direction until I met the wall of brambles, which I also managed to get past with a skill check. So I found Sul and Irensi, and killed both after trying to come to reason with them (well, I did suggest the Bear was a more legitimate candidate, and they didn't take it well). So as soon as I did, my journal created the quest entry and updated it to the phase "Return to Desthwn at the front
  14. Dunno man, that's one of aspects I didn't quite like in PoE. C&C seem irrelevant, within 10 minutes of act3 I had the following happening ("translated" into spoiler-free speech): 1. NPC: please do this horrible thing for me Me (a holier-than-holy pally): No, I won't. [ending the dialogue] Quest journal: "New Quest: Do the horrible thing" That don't actually has anything to do with C&C it may be poor way to mark quests that you don't want to do in your journal, but it don't anyway impact on your choices and their consequences. If I choose not to do a quest, surely I
  15. Dunno man, that's one of aspects I didn't quite like in PoE. C&C seem irrelevant, within 10 minutes of act3 I had the following happening ("translated" into spoiler-free speech): 1. NPC: please do this horrible thing for me Me (a holier-than-holy pally): No, I won't. [ending the dialogue] Quest journal: "New Quest: Do the horrible thing" 2. NPC: oh it's you, the guy who did what he did back in that time and place I can't spoil! We meet again! Oh btw everything you did got nullified because Obsidian decided so... Me: D'uh, ok, I'll go back and fix it. Again. Both examples c
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