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The Thread of Manx

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I just completed a Hardcore run with Reinhart, lots of fun.

Playing on Hardcore really makes one appreciate the characters and the way they work more IMO, it's much more important to try and learn their intricacies.

However, I think it also highlights some problems. I play with keyboard and mouse and while I don't have any problem controlling the game any more (I'm pretty good at it now actually), one thing I consistently have problems with is placing Geometry of Annihilation. Sometimes it seems to place itself on Reinhart, even though I have an enemy targeted (his health bar showing means that he is targetted right?), and sometimes it drops on the enemy.

Did you guys use Clockwork Trap a lot? I used it a lot near the start of the game where your arsenal is limited but once you get into the more hectic parts of the game, I found it was pretty hard to place the trap effectively. Geometry of Annihilation is so big that it's bound to get *someone* in there, but I often found that my Clockwork Traps sputtered out because noone wanted to step in them.

Mirror Leap really helped out in some fights on Hardcore, had to rely on it quite a bit.

I used Clockwork Trap quite often, even in the later stages of the game (improved it with Force Magnification). It costs less focus than Geometry of Annihilation and is quicker to cast, thus reducing the amount of time that Reinhart stays vulnerable to enemy attacks. Just drop it in a cluster of enemies, dodge out of the way and have your partner (preferably Lucas or Anjali) cover your butt. Barrier Shield is useful for this strategy because enemies will hit you at least once. It worked well in fast-paced fights with hordes of enemies that surround you (the Dapper Old Gent battle and one of the battles with Jeyne and her supporters come to mind). Drop a Trap, roll, approach another cluster of mobs and so on. Lots of clockwork traps exploding everywhere, and huge damage output.

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Clockwork trap is fun to use and set up its empowered cast, but ultimately dulls in comparison to Reinhart's other spells in every way. High cast time contributes to high vulnerability time, low net DPS and is basically a novelty spell that distracts from his other abilities.

Please see my post below on Reinhart Manx.


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Hey guys, only just started playing. Have only used Reinhart, mainly cause i like to play as mages, When leveling up, whats the links to maximizing the abilities? like the healing and shadow step?

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