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  1. Your expectations for customer satisfaction and company conduct are ridiculously romantic and idealized. That's all I can say, really, without trying to turn this into a philosophical debate. I've seen this argument enough times and will politely agree to disagree from the get go. Your attempt to impose a universal standard on what constitutes the value of a game is amusing, but hardly has any weight behind it. Bioshock was some of the most fantastic 60$ I ever spent, I finished it in 10 hours and never touched it again, nor ever will I. Team Fortress 2 cost me 5$ and I have over 300 hours
  2. Again, that's "not all they can do." That is the whole point of these "intellectually dishonest" responses. Outside of a lack of polish of the PC version (keybinds/camera controls) and total amount of content, the vast majority of the tears are oriented around how this game isn't enough like Dungeon Siege even though it has the title Dungeon Siege 3 slapped on it. But a cursory search and viewing of a gameplay video could have told you all of that. You know why I got interested in this game? Because it obviously was made to be something different than the first 2 Dungeon Sieges. Why i
  3. It's the consumer's fault for blindly buying a game when they have multiple ways of ascertaining the game's quality and whenever its a game fit to their taste. It doesn't take "research" to figure this out. You have google, you know game developers have forums where people post feedback and complaints about a game. Not using it is about the same level of blatant stupidity as driving at night with your lights off.
  4. That is probably the fairest criticism you can give this game. Which is also, incidentally, why you should want this game to sell well so Obsidian can get the time table/budget to give this game a real amount of content.
  5. DS2 is the only game in my memory that I quit half-way through simply because I got bored to tears. And I played tons and tons of Diablo/Titan Quest/etc. Something about this situation is suspicious.
  6. You should get a job at the U.N. as the universal arbitrator of quality.
  7. As a side note, yes, it is hell worth it. Empowered Abilities are basically "iwin" buttons. It seems to take takes about 200 casts for most of them, not sure what is the ratio is for timed abilities. Or maybe its per focus point spent. Either way, its takes a while to power them up. So don't be afraid to spam them at every opportunity. The only issue is that some empowered abilities are so good you might find it hard to resist from casting them every fight, which might make it difficult to empower other abilities.
  8. Yes, there is more to depth in combat than complexity of controls or number of basic actions a player can take; which is how I expect for Diablo 3 to make up for the deficiency of the simplistic interface and input - with intelligent monster (behaviors, abilities, group compositions) design, resource management that remains relevant through out the entire game, high enough difficulty so that you can't just spam your lolwin skill to victory. Interesting and impacting buffs/debuffs can play a strong role in the tactics, etc. etc. etc. But Diablo 2 has none of those things for the vast majori
  9. http://www.nowgamer.com/features/853/the-making-of-diablo Diablo's combat has been historically designed to be the simplest form of gameplay possible with a mouse. Nearly all requirements on the player lie with the knowledge of mechanics the player is expected to posses. While certain builds and PvP do ultimately have more of a physical skill and mental agility requirement than DS3, at its regular PvM Diablo's combat is dumber than a brick. Simple addition of the dodge and block actions with changes to the health/resource system make the fundamentals of combat in DS3 more complex than what
  10. Conclusion - I disagree with ME's implementation of NG+ just as I would disagree with an implementation of it (especially in the shallow format that ME did it) in DS3. Was that so hard a point to get? Furthermore - Dungeon Siege 3 and Mass Effect are generalized to a greater expect than regular action RPGs such as Diablo. Diablo likes specialize almost entirely in character building and typically end up neglecting the depth of combat as well as depth of story. DS3 and ME sacrificed the typical extent of character building focus in favor of implementing story elements and hybridizing the na
  11. Titan Quest was also quite possibly the most faithful Diablo clone out there, while this is not. ME's New Game + is trash. You replay the entire game for an achievement, a fraction of your levels for scaling, and no new items or designed difficulty mode.
  12. Poor Reinhart. He easily had my favorite introduction but looks like he gets last billing in every case.
  13. By the way, if you play as Katarina, who is the companion that joins you after you finish act 1 (right before the swamp), Lucas or Reinhart? Or neither and both join only in Stonebridge there? The way I understand the orders: LUCAS: Anjali (cage), Katarina (bridge), Reinhart(stonebridge) ANJALI: Lucas (cage), Katarina (bridge), Reinhart(stonebridge) REINHART: Anjali (cage), Katarina (bridge), Lucas (Stonebridge: Tomb of the Sacred Rose) KATARINA: Anjali (cage), ???, ??? Anyone knows?
  14. You get bonuses for reaching 25/50/75% of the bar. If I had to make an estimation, you can reach 75% influence with two allies and maybe 25-50% with the last towards the end of the game. I've maxed out Anjali and Katarina on separate playthroughs between halfway and three fourths into the game. Its rather simple to find how to raise influence - beating bosses or advancing past certain areas gives you influence to the current ally in party. You also get influence for making certain conversation choices - with Anjali you need to be militant (choose aggressive-justice-blunt oriented responses
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