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  1. As you may have guessed with the title, I am wondering if Obsidian will ever return to consoles and making "AAA" games? As much as I enjoy isometric games I really want Obsidian to deliver another game in the vein of New Vegas or Alpha Protocol, not another Fallout mind you (tho it would be nice if...) but something were I could grab a pad and play comfy on my couch.
  2. Slightly better stories? Please give me any TES or F3/4 who has a story "slightly" less good than the W3 Bloody Baron quest (one among many other great stories the game has). And slightly better visuals? My boy, any Witcher 3 village you cross feels more alive than the entire population of Fallout 4 together, let's not even talk about the city of Novigrad. Prove me wrong. You may have noticed that I didn't include New Vegas, because that's Obsidian, and they deliver good stories and memorable characters, Bethesda, on the other hand...
  3. Wut? Have you even played the game? The OP seems to be taking the lowest common denominator, and then drawing a high-level assessment. That can be fun I suppose, lemme try... Pillars of Eternity has a loading screen; in that aspect the game resembles Super Mario Bros. Ya that was exciting! *squeals of joy* You forgot to add AD&D in your post, strange since it must have deeply traumatized you for you to reference it a bunch of times in this topic. But hey, just keep posting "TC only bringz weaponz & AD&D huuuur duuuurr" it'll help you feel better. At least some people understood what I was trying to bring to attention, the rest can keep saying whatever they want, God forbid saying anything wrong to their beloved game.
  4. Which part of Pillars of Eternity lore states that all wizards come from a school?Which part of Pillars of Eternity lore states that wizards can't undergo training outside of that provided to them by a school? None, doesn't that bother you? Even for paladins, priests, monk & whatever? After all this game is kinda heavy with it's lore.
  5. And having all "classes" using the same gear & weapons is totally roleplaying no matter their background, suuuure "Giving a stronger identity to classes is so un-rpg..." Obsidian forums, 2015. At least this way you can roleplay however you want. You can say "my wizard cannot use 2-handed sword" and just never equip one to him/her. Same for any character. There you have it, problem solved for you. It really shouldn't be able unless a specific school would trains you for it.
  6. And having all "classes" using the same gear & weapons is totally roleplaying no matter their background, suuuure But all the characters have different gear & weapons depending on their background in PoE. If you player decide that they will change them to something else because roleplaying reasons that are valid you as player then it is roleplaying. If can prevents you doing such change then it isn't roleplaying it is just systemic limit. Yeah that was a bit of a goofy thing for someone to say. "Having all classes use the same gear" ... is simply rephrasing from "making the roleplaying decision to have all classes use the same gear." Basically, yoomazir thinks that if you use your own decision making process to change or alter your current role, then you are no longer engaging in the act of role-playing; "if you aren't playing this one predefined role, then you aren't playing any role." I assume then that any game with a dual- or multi-class system would cause his keyboard to lock up. I really shouldn't bother answering that kind of narrow minded post but I'd like to mention that I liked to play a pistol/hacker build in Shadowrun Chronicles, but I guess you don't care about that, just keep thinking that I just dislike diversity for the sake of disliking it, totally not about giving lore more consistency, good job bro.
  7. And having all "classes" using the same gear & weapons is totally roleplaying no matter their background, suuuure But all the characters have different gear & weapons depending on their background in PoE. If you player decide that they will change them to something else because roleplaying reasons that are valid you as player then it is roleplaying. If can prevents you doing such change then it isn't roleplaying it is just systemic limit. Yeah, that is true, but it's kinda strange that it's mostly land based, and sure each classes start with specific weapons which supposedly would give some identity to a class, sadly that means nothing since you can use anything else shortly after starting the game. In that aspect the games resembles to Dark Souls, basically the "classes" are just what gear & stuff you start with, later on you can be whatever you want to be, if PoE wants to be that fine, but it would be better for it to remove all classes and just give the player to chose the gear & abilities he wants to start with, why bother creating classes if they mean nothing.
  8. And having all "classes" using the same gear & weapons is totally roleplaying no matter their background, suuuure "Giving a stronger identity to classes is so un-rpg..." Obsidian forums, 2015.
  9. Then maybe instead of continuing this debate you should go play some AD&D games in order to see what happens when a game does as you suggest. I'm sure people who enjoy PoE's current system are equally tired of others suggesting that PoE become more AD&D. If all the AD&D argument is just about restrictive classes for you then more power to you. Otherwise, my point about classes & lore stands.
  10. You sound like you're completely stuck in the old AD&D way of thinking about classes. There is no reason to restrict classes to specific weapons and armor. If it irks you that a monk can dual wield axes, then don't build your monk that way. It being a single player game, the focus should be on the player's ability to have fun. And having no arbitrary (and yes, they're arbitrary) class restrictions on weapons and armor is certainly more fun for the vast majority of players than class restrictions. With the exception of a very few items, I think Obs got this right and I really would be disappointed if they decided to go further down the class restriction route. Man the whole AD&D argument some of you pull gets tiring since I never played those games, unless NWN2 applies to the formula, yet class based games do exists and when done right never had people complaining about it. Let's take Shadowrun for example, last games that came out are single player, it has classes that allow diversity yet don't go full derp "you can do anything YOLO" simply because it's a single player game, the rules are a little bit more grounded yet you can do plausible hybrid builds within the lore and they do RESPECT the lore, so what's the excuse with POE? Oh lore wasn't well defined or meant to be, the Goldpac paladins? Each individual members were so diverse in their attire and weaponry, same as the Shieldbearers, same as the monks, same as the chanters etc etc, hell I could tell you a story where brother Celsius, a Skaen priest, thought he had found is doppleganger in Erik, monk from the far away moutains of whaeteveryouwanttocallit, both of them had the same attire, armor and weaponry and were somehow doing the same role in their teams. As much as some think it would be, defining a little bit more the classes between them wouldn't be a life shattering experience for people who want to experiment builds.
  11. Saying that monks shouldn't be able to dual wield axes is arbitrary logic, could you then tell me the non arbitrary logic for them to dual wield said axes? Because... reasons, yeah? I'm just saying, if you are part of a faction, order, military group or whatever, usually they are trained in certain ways, if you come from a certain school you come with a somehow defined setting, to see them said setting be easely swapped because... reasons is kinda mindblowing "oh hey I trained for 20 years in a Shaolin kung fu temple but when I hit lvl 2 I'll go full dual wielding Uzis in full postman outfit while my special ops partner will swap to jazz teachings in a white tutu, our background story and lore? Pshe, who needs them anyway". If the mechanics and gameplay don't match the lore, then why even bother creating it? Just do a endless dungeon game and let the players mess around.
  12. Well that is an incredibly impressive logical leap. There is a word that helps resolve any confusion with customization, and that word is, "baseline." The mere existence of comparisons in no way implies a need to remove the starting point for those comparisons; which is what the OP is suggesting. For example, if we weren't talking about video game characters and instead talking about household pets - lol - then the logic in this request would be as follows: 1) We have customized breeds of dogs. 2) We have customized breeds of cats. 3) Why have categories of living organisms to begin with if we can customize a breed? A famous quote comes to mind, "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!" Case in point, we have classes in order to create a baseline for behavior and attributes; outside of that baseline, an impressive array of options become available. The options for character building reside on top of this baseline, and the existence of those options does not imply the need to remove that baseline. PoE shines in its ability to provide quality customization options coupled with a very distinctive, fun, innovative set of class baselines. Wanting this to change is one thing; but suggesting that a removal of the baseline is inherent due to the existence of the options is something entirely different, and whacka-doodly. Let me understand something, your baseline quote suggest a minimum or starting points for comparison, then you say that I'm suggesting a removal the "baseline", because the comparison between classes as of right now seems minimal to me my suggestion would be the contrary: adding more points to each class to compare them. Also about all that nonsensical breeding crap: can you breed a dog into a cat and vice versa? Now ask that same question about a monk and a paladin in this game, sure they will be differences but both of them can use heavy armor & blades, and perform equally with them (not sure about that tbh, like I said, started playing the game like a week ago). Coherency, yes, even in a computer fantasy game. Anyway back to clearing dat Raedric dungeon.
  13. Because every class has a unique mechanic or a set of mechanics which makes them special. Pillars of Eternity doesn't need restrictions on weapons and armor because classes are sufficiently varied even without these restrictions - a wizard in full plate plays very differently to a warrior in full plate. The reason why weapon restrictions are imposed on classes in other RPGs in the first place is so that these classes feel different. Since classes in Pillars are differenciated on a much lower level, they no longer need equipment restrictions. I mean, go ahead, create your own party consisting of a rogue, wizard, druid, monk, cipher and a chanter. Give them all the same equipment - full plate, pistols, two-handed swords. And tell me they all feel the same after playing them for some time. I would say some would be crappier than others, so why allow them to use all weapon types? Kinda reminds of Borderlands, among other games, you have rocket launchers as a weapon type, all classes could use them even if looking wise it didn't made much sense (skinny guy & girl running around with a 50+ kg weapon? Uh, okay...) but at least one particular class had a tree that benefited using them, there was a reason and it made sense and nobody complained about the "lack" of disversity. The same could go with PoE, ou don't want weapon or armor restrictions? Okay, but are you gonna tell me no class should benefit from a specific set of weapons/armors, come on. No bonus/malus on gear for all classes? No need for classes then, just go full Dark Souls style (be a magic user walking in full heavy armor and shooting lightning bolts with a wand), but for a game like POE I feel this isn't the way to go.
  14. But then why make classes to begin with if the player base want to mess around with the skills? Just open up all of the skills from the get go. Guys, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I like some coherency in general, I mean, when you are part of a faction, you are usually trained in a certain way ad then you may specialize in something more specific, if I was part of a paladin faction that trains their members in a sword & shield style, I would be very surprised to see my character naked with a spear/bow/whip screaming shamanic incantations @ lvl 2, it's not about roleplaying, it's about consistency in your world & lore that is present in the game. Now that being said, I totally understand if the playerbase just doesn't give a fudge about it and just want to mess around with the skills and stuff, another PoE (Path of Exile) did the same and players seemed to have fun with it, but for Pillars I wish the sequel makes the classes a little bit more unique in their way.
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