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  1. Useful Hint Save you game near any store. I recommend the savepoint at Abbey of St. Hiram because the vendor there sells high-level equipment (level 3 tier - in Lucas's case, full platemail/tower shields/greaves). If you don't like what he sells, just reload the game and try again. Seems a bit cheesy, but it will certainly save you money, and I think one character gaining much more good equipment than the other isn't fair either
  2. Yeah, playing as Lucas requires a bit more strategy. He is more Focus-build rather than Power-build like Katarina. Being short on ranged attacks also requires more dodging/stunning strategies (and a good coordination when pressing PC/console buttons as well). But if one is patient and build him right, he
  3. SPOILERS The equipment mentioned above will always appear for Lucas even if he isn
  4. SPOILERS!! By the way, is Katarina the main char? If yes, that
  5. I would suggest a rebalance for random items in chests and drops from non-bosses. I think that
  6. And depending on how good your "blue" items are, some "epic" loot may seem weak in comparison to them. Though for me , the epic loot found in the DLC was pretty nice, especially for your sidekicks who have a much smaller chance to get good random items when compared to the main character. Some items in the DLC, once acquired, may last until the end of the game
  7. The main campaign was good overall. The DLC was great, too. There were some issues that could be improved, though. One of them was the camera - it was a pain when it suddenly zoomed right into the ground or over my character
  8. I used the special healing mostly as a " despair button" when my health was very low while being chased by hordes of undead. It also saved my companion's butt sometimes. I agree with you though, the specials are a double-edged sword . With Lucas, especially, you can refill his health bar by using live by the sword + some heavy-hitting, multi-target skill , and in top of of it, kill a lot of mobs and refill his power orbs...and with more power orbs, he can activate his graceful repose again, and again...
  9. I felt the same. I wanted to play the DLC with Katarina first, but the only save I had for her was level 30 at East Forest. Then I went there with Lucas (he was the only character for whom I had an earlier save, just after beating the Dapper Old Gent). Then today I started a new game with Kat (sigh)... but to my surprise, Bogdan (the bandit in front of the legion chapterhouse) dropped a Minor Warding Essence. Seems that if you start a new game with DLC installed, mobs (including those fought in earlier stages of the game) will drop Essences. Which is not so bad at all, since you can stock th
  10. No, the fire damage is instantaneous, as well as the healing spell. Their power depends on the number of full Power Spheres you have avalilable when you activate them (they eat up all your spheres, though). I used the Shield special power for just a while, I don
  11. The flame power does huge damage (interestingly , you can score criticals with it - 6k+ if you have 4 full power spheres- don
  12. I went with Lucas and the powers were also those you mentioned (column of fire, improved healing and a shield ability) so I guess they are the same for all 4 characters.
  13. Shift + 1 is still bearable, though. Fortunately, Heartseeking Shot is under this category, as is Lucas's shieldbash. Actually, those two offensive abilities in their empowered versions were the ones I used the most. Although I mastered Reinhart
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