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  1. 1) Better control of the party members. I hate that they use up all the focus almost immediately in combat. 2) Overall view of the map. The mini map is fine, but I would like to see the rest of the world. You can use fog-of-war to blank out areas I have not yet explored, but I want to know where I have been sometimes. 3) Make it more like a real RPG. Let me choose what attributes to level up such as Agility, Will, Strength, etc. 4) Open up more of the terrain to explore. Staying on the road only is too Wizard of Oz like.
  2. Please enlighten us as to your inside info on "lack of sales." Is there a website of some kind that I could go to so I can monitor sales of any and all games?
  3. They seem to have tried too hard to make D3 "look" like D2. This restricted the lighting and any other spell effects that might have improved the game. I agree that if D3 had been released at least 1 or 2 years ago it would have been more acceptable. Now it just looks out dated. Guess I just wait for Skyrim and let D3 sit on the shelf until it becomes a bargain basement priced item.
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