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Hello all!



Great work in this thread. I would like to ask kindly if anyone would be willing to do a water color version of this one below? The ingame version is atrocious.



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Found some nice fire ladies for portraits, though I haven't been able to find decent ones with horns + Fire Godlike's new metal/molten look. Someone mind helping me with the watercolors? They're kinda kicking my ass.

Well, after a few more shots, I think I have something relatively workable:




Totally using the one on the right for my FG Monk play through 

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For you, Khagmas :)



How are you doing these? Outlines and brushes in particular. The last 5 or 6 portraits you have done are really good. This one and the one at the top of page 24 are the closest I have seen to the style of the in game water colour portraits.


Photoshop + pen tablet  :thumbsup: 

Hard round brush for outlines ( size 2-4 )
Watercolor flat tip for painting (low opacity around 30-40%)

use original portrait from the game for color reference

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