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  1. Hands down to the OP of this thread, he is a Grand-Master troll. With the bare minimum effort of 2 posts, he turned this thread into 15 pages of void, meaningless and pointless "discussion".
  2. The devs already talked about this. It will be called "Magran's Fires". Oh now you're just making me excited...!
  3. Thanks for putting this together mate. I'd like to add a shower-thought this whole Berath Blessing(BB) thing gave me. In almost all the games i've played, "new game+" is always designed to be harder, but in BBs case they just make the game easier. I just wish there were more stuff other than convenience options; there's a lot of masochists who play these games for the challenge, something like Berath's curses would be a nice feature that adds even more replay value.
  4. I didn't make this, just have it saved from someone else but can't find the post right now.
  5. Thanks mate. I tried REALLY hard messing around with Wwise but gave up. I seems to me you need to understand how Wwise cooperates with unity, because just replacing a file name doesn't do anything. Here's a little more detailed post i made sometime ago with the stuff i tried. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101163-replacing-music-tracks-is-it-possible/?do=findComment&comment=2039564
  6. Nice find. I don't have the time to take a crack at it myself (and I'd probably botch it) so let's hope someone feels inspired by this pic. The image looks quite nice until I resize it to 90:141 and 76:96, it almost looks... blurry. Anyone know if that's avoidable? using GIMP
  7. Blurring the image at the start doesn't always work for me and the problem becomes very apparent at the final stage when resizing images into 90:141 and 76:96. Are there any other alternatives to "smooth out" the details?
  8. No, it doesn't. You guys have no real world evidence for your arguments. In fact, the real world evidence points in the opposite direction. But yall continue to assert that somehow it must be true. The fact of the matter is that Deadfire's nearly complete "per encounter" system makes it much more difficult to design *meaningful* encounters. I think this discussion about "difficulty" or "balance" is actually missing the point of why combat feels inferior in Deadfire. I laid out some of these arguments in this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99893-combat-is-now-mostly-a-dull-chore/ And I think those statements still hold up. But I'd like to add a little more here. Making combat *meaningful* in PoE1 and even the BG type games was much much easier. One of the simplest reasons is that every amount of damage mattered in some way. Players were naturally driven to rest as little as possible, since that wasn't the fun part of the game, so most players would try to push their parties to their limits. This was all the "challenge" ever was in these games. What this meant is that the designers had a broad window to design meaningful encounters. So long as encounters met some minimum threshold of causing damage or risking damage, player decisions within combat had the same choice and consequence dynamic that Obsidian is striving for in all aspects of its RPGs. This had all kinds of excellent downstream effects, by the way. You didn't need to mess with potions, food or scrolls to beat the game, even on POTD. However, if you did mess with those things, you would be rewarded by being able to clear out areas faster, resting less frequently, and often never having to worry about doing the hike of shame if you ran out of camping supplies. This isn't just true of consumables, but also carefully buying the right gear, enchantments, and discovering great individual character builds but also party synergies. And these investments had payoffs the player could feel almost regardless of the monster level. However, in Deadfire, because there is no health loss, and almost no per rest resources to burn (and recovering them is just too easy), encounters have to exist in a much much smaller window to be *meaningful*. They have to, at a very minimum, threaten to knockdown a party member. Encounters that don't do this are literally wasting the player's time. So, it's actually the exact opposite of what some of you are suggesting. Combat is actually harder to balance in Deadfire, and the real-world evidence agrees. Moreover, because so few combats feel *meaningful* players get little visible payoff from the investments I spoke about above. This is why the game feels ludicrously easy in comparison, even though the original PoE wasn't a particularly hard game. Man... I really like your points, but that "dull chore" clickbait flamebait title just ruins everything I wish I hadn't seen it.
  9. I've noticed the same. We either became much better at the game by playing Deadfire or something is off. I've repeatedly checked the options to confirm I'm playing potd.
  10. Im new at this and the blue/purple nature of colour threw me off completely. You can use it until someone else makes a better one
  11. Oh.. that's disappointing. Still a bit weird to completely remove the radius indicator though, was such useful feature.
  12. Played a ton of barb in PoE1 and I find it weird that there's no such thing (carnage highlight indicator) in PoE2. Barb feels... off in PoE2 but I can't put my finger on it on why exactly. Here's how it looks in PoE1 when you mouseover an enemy with a barb selected in your party: Here's how it looks in PoE2: And on that note, does Carnage feel weird or it's just me? Sometimes I hit a guy right in the middle of 3-4 guys and hits/misses just one from the surrounding guys. I'm sorry in case I'm missing something really obvious. Has carnage been nerfed to a tiny radius or something? They description is still the same but the skill feels so different
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